Cong to invite applications for Cortalim

PTI, PANAJI | 07 May 2012 17:30 IST

Congress in Goa will invite names of aspirants for the upcoming Cortalim bypolls scheduled on June 2, a senior functionary said today.

Goa Pradesh Congress Committee president Subhash Shirodkar told PTI that the state unit will appeal to the hopefuls, keen to contest the byelection, to apply with their profiles.

"The names would be collected and sent to the party high command for final decision," he said.

Congress lost Cortalim seat in the March 3 Assembly polls to former tourism minister and BJP candidate Matanhy Saldhana.

The bypoll was necessitated following Saldanha's death soon after the elections.

According to unconfirmed reports, Congress's observer for Goa, Jagmit Singh Brar, would arrive in the state, apparently to expedite the process.

Shirodkar, however, said that he had no intimation about any such visit by Brar.

The byelection is crucial for congress which was decimated to single digit in the assembly elections by the combination of BJP and Maharashtravadi Gomantak Party (MGP) which went on to form its government.

BJP has tipped off Saldanha's wife, Alina, as their candidate for the bypoll.

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They will not need Churchills profiles.He ( a well known traitor) is once again about to ditch the Congress Party in favour of the UGDP.He has invented another lame excuse to move over.

Once elected....but only "IF".. and should Congress come to power again (God Forbid), Churchill will come back to Congress.He will return to Congress on the condition, he gets the PWD portfolio and his daughter Valanka is given a prominent position.

However 5 years away from Politics is a long time.Considering Churchills health & age, he is most likely going to be like the "walking dead"!!

His chances of winning the by elections in Cortalim are as remote and improbable, as he being selected to be the very first Goan to fly on a NASA spaceship to planet Mars.

But with his usual buffoonery (like Idi Amin) and chicanery, he will claim that the imaginary and his hallucinatory "GOAN PEOPLE", would like him to be the first Goan on Planet Mars.

He claims to be a "SAVIOUR" of Dabolim airport.But all Goans are in wonderment as to where he has been sleeping or hibernating for the past 5 years,while in power.Does anyone have an answer to this riddle & connundrum?

Looks like Churchill has gone to the roguish and only interested in money UGDP,to have his wounds licked following the trouncing & decimation ,he and his family members got at the elections.

SHAMELESS, with all its true meaning,is the last word that appears in Churchills own Dictionary (made ,& compiled in Varca).

As for Radharao Gracias & Anacleto Viegas,Churchils new bed-fellows, most Goans view them as non-entities and irrelevant.Bark they may,bite they never will.But Goans in their usual humour , are happy for them to waste their breath.

- N.Fernandes, London | 07 th May 2012 22:30


Mr. Subash Shirodkar should hang his head in shame as the Congress is unable to even put up a candidate in Cortalim. This is what he has done to Congress Part by being its president and making Congress Party a laughing stock. Invite Applications ! What happened to the Constituency Committee and all the aspirants who were fighting to get the ticket in the last election.

Mr. Shirodkar don't be a fool. Who would like to spend crores of ruppes to fight the elections to sit in the opposition ? How are they suppose to recover the money when Mr. Parrikar is at the head of affairs. Better for Congress not to put a candidate against Alina Saldanha.

- A. Pinto, Olaulim | 07 th May 2012 19:39


Goans are fed up of names like Jagmit Singh Brar, Reddy etc and their visits to Goa.

- Goa for Goans, Goa | 07 th May 2012 17:55


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