BJP also promises 'Smart Panaji', but silent on casinos

PTI, PANAJI | 02 February 2015 21:20 IST

The ruling BJP today promised to turn the state capital into 'a smart city', but its manifesto for the February 13 assembly by-election is mum on the controversial issue of shifting of the off-shore casinos.

The manifesto was released today by the state BJP chief Vinay Tendulkar in the presence of its candidate Siddharth Kuncalienker.

The manifesto talks about issues of environment, infrastructure, public utilities, disaster management, heritage, art and culture, etc.

The by-election became necessary after Manohar Parrikar resigned as the Chief Minister and joined the union cabinet.

Kuncalienker conceded that several promises in the 2012 election manifesto were yet to be fulfilled.

"We have been able to fuflill just 40 per cent of the promises. The current manifesto is continuation of the earlier document," he said.

However, while 2012 manifesto had promised to shift the off-shore casinos from Mandovi river-bank, this time the issue does not find a mention. The casinos are yet to be shifted.

"The cabinet has already taken a decision to shift them. There is no issue left now," said Kuncalienker.

Other candidates are Congress's Surendra Furtado and independents Samir Kelekar and Sadanand Vaingankar.

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All we hear from Mr Parrikar & Mr Parsekar is superlative words e.g., State of the Art, World class and now Smart.

Whatever next?.

Goans are being promised a Heaven, but the BJP is in reality, delivering HELL.

Looking around Goa, most Government owned establishments are in a state of decay. Many are crumbling.

Goa Police stations look like 3rd class sulabh Toilets.

Other complexes are not maintained.

Dabolim Airport ,Parrikars quoted state of the Art airport is dirty, habited by freely roaming stray dogs and there is more traffic chaos around. Toilets are dirty and plenty of crooks hang around.

I guess we should not expect much from 3rd WORLD

Politicians & 3rd class Politicians, that ae highly deluded & consider themselves, World Class or perhaps even State of the Art or now in 2014,Smart".

- N.Fernandes, London | 03 rd February 2015 21:00


Fooling people again.BJP could not make panjim into "'Smart Panaji'" in last 20 yrs inspite of having ITS CM from panjim .Could not handle garbage issue and now have fielded a garbage candidate.

- sunny, betul | 02 nd February 2015 23:43


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