Alina almost certain as BJP candidate

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 24 April 2012 21:41 IST

Alina Saldanha

Alina Saldanha, wife of former Cortalim MLA late Matanhy, is almost certain as the candidate of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party for the Cortalim bye-election scheduled on 2 June.

The opposition Congress however is yet to decide its candidate. It was pushed down to third position in last election.

The announcement in this regard however would be made after seeking formal approval from the central BJP leadership.

On the day of Matanhy’s funeral, Alina had assured the gathering to take ahead Matanhy’s work and accomplish his unfulfilled tasks.

Chief minister Manohar Parrikar has still kept a ministerial berth vacant in his cabinet, after tourism minister Matanhy suddenly died of a heart attack on 21 March.

He died hardly 12 days after the Parrikar cabinet was sworn in on 9 March with Matanhy as the minister for tourism, environment and forests.

Meanwhile, the UGDP has decided to once again field Ramakant Borkar from Cortalim.

It is not known whether Nuvem MLA Mickky Pacheco’s Save Goa Party, which is supporting the BJP government, would also field the candidate once again.

GVP candidate Nelly Rodrigues was second among the five candidates in the last election.

Matanhy had won the seat by 2269 votes in spite of having three strong opponents.

The results of the last Assembly election, held on 3 March, were as follows:




Matanhy Saldhana



Nelly Rodrigues



Caetano Xavier



Ramakant Borkar



Tolentino D’Souza



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I really hope Alina wins . I really do not understand why people are against Mopa.our Goans are well travelled and surely know that Dabolim doesn;t have the infrastructure of an international airport inspite of Goa being an international destination.In the present times we are attracting the wrong kind of tourists.I was in goa last November and all i saw at the shacks and well renowned hotels were waiters who couldn't speal konkani,lamanis and kashmiris doing business.Is this tourism?Even if Dabolim is extended it would only congest the already congested goa .Mopa is way out and not far from Panaji therefore not that far from cavelossim. If we can make the journey from gatwick or Heathrow to swindon. I really do not know what is all the fuss about.England is slightly bigger than maharashtra and we have several airports dotted around its periphery. Airports is a part of the service industry It creates jobs .If one lands at heathrow you could easily speak konkani and make your way through.(We have lots of goans working not only at heathrow,but gatwick and stanstead.)Let us look at goa 20years from now.

Let us not be shortsighted and communalise issues. if we go by statistics it is only us christians who will sell our land to non goans and yet we moan about others.

We are blessed with the best beaches in the world and guaranteed sunshine ,therefore if we keep our beaches clean,have good sanitation,and clean roads, drug free shacks we can attract good tourist s all year round. I personally think Mopa is better location than having to wait several hours in mumbai before boarding a plane to goa.What happens when the present mumbai airport is only for domestic use and the new one will be an international one.

- iona, uk | 09 th May 2012 21:44


Alina deserves to represent the people of Cortalim.

Let her fulfill the promises made by Matanhy.

I hope and wish that people will vote and elect Alina Saldanha so that she can continue the good work of her husband.

Manohar Parrikar is doing good work and Goans, wherever they are, are proud of our Chief Minister.

I am sure he will do what he has promised.

- Francisco G. Lourenco, England | 09 th May 2012 13:57


BJP Government Goa are doing well. under dynamic

leader Mr. Parrikar, we hope and praise him not to put

his hand in dirty projects which is like Mopa etc. Hear

Goans no need this mopa airport, Dabolim is most

favourable airport for the world. This mopa is not

benefit for Goans only Mahrashtraa.This project was

adopted and proposed by Congress government to

to cheat and make bucks those goonda ministers

and leaders. The congress government in Goa

finished and like money box is empty, like Churchill

Alemao konkan railways tenders and say he is not

involved such projects.Congress is number one

corrupt party and its leaders are buchers like sex

scandles, othewise check with Singvi. Our new CM

Mr. Parikkar drop mopa project ingored the congress

projects. You will not benefit nor do party because

congress got what they want under tenders.

So, we ask our CM ignored Mopa Airport drop idea

and burn the tenders.

- Sanjay Kumar, Goa | 26 th April 2012 15:44


Cortalim people must oppose any candidates who

stand against Alina Saldhana (BJP). Some parties

try to jeopardize and try to play games for nothing.

These parties has nothing to do only play empty drum.

People of Cortalim must elect Alina as fresh face

in Parikkar government . We request our Cortalim

voters to give valuable vote to Alina and elect her as

BJP candidates.

- Domnick Rodrigues, Verna | 25 th April 2012 15:17


the BJP has given fodder in the form of MOPA airport to the congress, which could be a major byepoll issue and Congress bar their infighting could capitalise on this issue, iam sure even late mathany was against MOPA airport

do ve see a north- south divide here

- thomas gracias, cortalim | 25 th April 2012 12:27


I am sure every right minded or right thinking Goan and ,especially those from the Constituecy of Cortalim, will be very happy to see Alina Saldanha contest the by - elections

Ramakant Borkar, the UGDP candidate, while deputy Sarpanch, is alledged to have accrued wealth, dis-proportionate to his known income sources. To add to his "BAD REPORT SHEET", he also has a criminal case pending,where his has been accused of using deadly weapons.He has being charged under several Criminal codes.

Nelly Furtado, has some Panchayat & Zilla Panchayat experience.However,there are rumours that she has fallen out with GVP Supremo, Miccky Pacheco as he did not fund her campaign sufficiently,and that was her reason for losing, and, she had to seek assistance from Miccky `s arch enemy Churchll Alemao after the elections,to replenish her lost expenses and cover some loans too.I have heard of 3rd time lucky. I am not so sure of 2 nd time lucky.

The Congress candidate will most likely be Raymond d`sa,the paid news candidate.,who tried to "hype" himself.The ST candidate Caetano Xavier will probably be hung out to dry.BUt also in the fray could be the wife of Mauvin Godinho.THe COngress PArty do not always learn from their mistakes or listen to the voice of the people.They will probably still hold onto their infamous solgans of,Family Raj and Winability.A few Rs crores,stuffed in Samsonite suitacases, from Mauvin Godinho to the Congress Chieftains, and the CAT (Mauvins wife)WILL BE IN THE BAG!!!

Any other Independents,deciding to contest, are obviously happy to waste their,probably ill-earned money.

Finally , please keep an eye on Churchill Alemao, Goa`s famous weather-cock and his foul mouthed and tantrum throwing daughter, Valanka.God and the people and forsook him at the last elections.I wonder what will prompt him to contest? Could it be the imaginary "Peoples Ticket"? or the 14 day ,useless ex CM of Goa?

- N.Fernandes, London | 25 th April 2012 00:27


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