6 more ministers inducted in Parrikar cabinet

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 08 April 2012 16:57 IST

Goa Governor & CM with newly sworn in ministers

Six more ministers were inducted in the Manohar Parrikar cabinet today, in the second phase, leaving now only one seat vacant.

Four legislators of the BJP, one MGP and one independent were administered oath of secrecy by Governor K Sankarnarayanan at Raj Bhavan today evening.

The BJP ministers are Ramesh Tawadkar (Canacona), Mahadev Naik (Shiroda), Dilip Parulekar (Saligao) and Milind Naik (Mormugao).

All four are second-time MLAs.

The three-member MGP got another cabinet berth with Priol MLA Dipak Dhawalikar being sworn in.

With his induction, the Family Raj also got established in the Parrikar government, like the one in the ertswhile Digambar Kamat-led Congress government.

Dipak's elder brother Sudin is already the PWD minister.

Parrikar also inducted independent MLA Avertano Furtado, a giant killer who defeated Churchill Alemao in Navelim, in the cabinet.

Except Furtado in English, all the four MLAs took oath in Marathi, and none in the official language Konkani.

This leaves only one vacant seat in the cabinet as 40-member Goa Assembly is not allowed to have a cabinet beyond 12 members. 

The seat has fallen vacant after Matanhy Saldhana, who was inducted in the first phase on 8 March, suddenly died of heart attack on 21 March.

Sources claim that Parrikar may fill the vacancy by inducting Matanhy's wife Alina, after Month's Mind, as the BJP is reportedly planning to field her as a candidate in the Cortalim bye-election. 

The portfolios for the newly inducted ministers are expected by tomorrow.

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Hi Fernandes,

My sympathies also goes to Mr.Kieth Vaz ( MP) in London who was down in Goa during Goa elections to campaign from British politics to Goan Politics. Keith's presence in Goa did not help anybody.

Several losing MLAs had VCDs & CDs during elections which were distributed free of charge for their public meetings but all failed. Only CD which is called Kalveri-di .. di .. di. .. maka vote di..by Sidarth Buyao in praise of MLA Vijay Sardesai was the best and effective.

- Carmo Santos, Margao / Kuwait | 10 th April 2012 12:47


HI Jagan::: The only people that need to know what language the Oath was taken in is the "DEAF".

I am sure most other Goans will know, what language the Oath was taken in....unless it was from MARS,PLuto or Jupiter.

It looks like the spoken & written Press (media)think we are stupid....and need to be reminded

- N.Fernandes, London | 09 th April 2012 21:21


HI Carmo Santos::: I am sure some of the losers will need your heartfelt sympathies.Specially Churchill Alemao.He is very heart broken as he has been let down by 80% of Priests, Digamber Kamat and faulty EVM machines.He is rather inconsolable in his grief and has taken to consuming drinks & singing ,to tide him by.Here is a video of him.It is a must watch,by all Goans and specially his supporters.Enjoy yourselves....


- N.Fernandes, London | 09 th April 2012 20:28


Hi N.Fernandes , London,

Absolutely, that is the point. A guy from Pernem will be comfortable reading Marathi draft of the speech than the 'Bamnachi Konkni'.

Some of the Konki folks in media are creating absolute confusion.

e.g. 'माल्लो' means to hit or bit somebody. It is not a word to be used in formal announcements in sports for 'defeated'. But prudent media will use 'माल्लो' for anything and everything. Because they think ' पराभव' is Marathi, I guess, forgetting use of so many other Marathi related words in Konkani.

'Naik' becomes 'Naayak' in sunaparanti media

so also. 'Tendulkar' becomes 'Tendulkaar', or 'Mahadev' become 'Mhadev' what a travesty, can you play with 'proper names'? This all sounds 'गावठी' to me!

So-called Konkani Pundits on Prudent media cannot even speak a sentence in Konkani without polluting it in English.

Either speak absolutely in English or Konkani, not in Konglish.

I think the best person to learn from is Dr. Ajay Vaidya on Prudent, he is a gem!

- Jagan Kamat, Canada | 09 th April 2012 19:48


Congratulations to Mr. MP and his team. the MP had promised that he would give represantation to all the talukas, when he said all i think he means to exclude Quepem and Sanguem ( have given 3 out of 4 MLAs to BJP) secondly Sanguem has been represented by an minister only once for 18 month when pandu V. Naik made an hip hop and by tony fern for 5 years when sanguem was the part of Sanvordem Constituency. its fifty years from the independence and only 6 yrs of ministerial representation. this is the 4th consecutive time the Sanguekars have give the BJP MLA, against all odds we took the 4th and the last wickets of the Alemaos. sanguem has been backwards in all terms, and the ministerial berth coud have given the boost to the constituency, Should the Sanguenkars still back BJP? if yes then why

- Gurunath Naik, Sanguem | 09 th April 2012 18:59



to all the 40 winners and heartfelt sympathies to all the losers

- Carmo Santos, Margao / Kuwait | 09 th April 2012 16:38


Hi Jagan Kamat , Canada::: I think you make a very valid point.Goa is a multi-lingual State.By the Press & Journalists ,stating what language the Oath was taken,creates a bias,superiority and perhaps ethnic division amongst Goans .Canada where you reside has 2 main stream languages i.e English & French (Quebec).I have never heard them emphasise what language the Oath was taken in.It is irrelevant.A person takes an Oath in the Language he feels most confortable speaking in or one that he was brought up in.I do not see what purpose will be acheived or served, in the Press, mentioning what language the Oath was taken in.

- N.Fernandes, London | 09 th April 2012 13:26


hey Goa for Goans,

25% is the big number, 2nd ly , its clear that all BJP ministers are 2nd time winner, b'cos aver tan is supported by BJP, he is the only 1st timer, u need to understand that.

BJP is not communal, there style is little different, u will see during time to come, all these newly elected BJP MLA's will be given training, unlike any other party, u can ask any BJP's 2nd time MLA, he can tell u,

Also as an alliance partner MGP got 2 births, so ideally out of 9(exclude CM) BJP give 33% - and 30% (if CM is included) of representation in Cabinet, how much more u need? if all the communities starts to ask such type of representation its not appropriate, it should be Clearly on merits please do not compare any other party with BJP also communal, this word is obsolete now as far as BJP is concern.

- Purushottan, Ponda | 09 th April 2012 10:24


Let us be thankful we have Parrikar at the helm. In he we trust. The language is only a means of communication. It is better to have all hindu ministers then have five bad catholic ministers or vise versa. There are good and bad people only in all faiths. All relgions teach us to serve and be honest. There is no point to equate ones religion, caste or language to something evil. All governments will never be corrupt free but what we have now is the best deck of hands Goa has ever had in decades. People of Goa are breathing a sigh of relief from a Congress goverment that served Sonia/Delhi and us in Goa.

- Francisco, Toronto | 09 th April 2012 05:12


Congratulations to all the Ministers on their induction and especially Avertano Furtado for demolishing one of Goa`s most corrupt, demonic and devillish Ministers Churchill Alemao.Lest hopre Churchill is now confined to the dirty dustbin of history .

However Goans must keep watch on the 2 Dhavilikar brothers.They may be part of the BJP now,in a calculaed move..but they still bring along with them the Congress ethos of blatant corruption & loot.

Hopefully Mr Parrikar has cautioned the 2 brothers,that their previous excesses will not be tolerated.

In all probability, the Dhavilikar brothers will still be answerable for some of their previous "dereliction of duties" and bad management skills.The Transport dept is as corrupt and rusty as some of the Goan buses,still plying dangerously on Goan roads, with their worthiness approved by the RTO.

- N.Fernandes, London | 08 th April 2012 23:19


I don't understand why you 'highlight' the fact that some of them took oath in Marathi; you are saying it as if they took the oath in Swahili or Hebrew. Marathi has been the integral part of Goan Hindus for time immoral. It is only most of the us Bamons who tried to distort that fact and underestimate its relevance or importance, particularly among the bahujan class.

- Jagan kamat, Canada | 08 th April 2012 22:22


Current Catholic representation in Goa Assembly is 35%. The representation in current BJP rule govt is 29% (without Avertano & Benjamin) and 38% including those two. However representation of Catholics in cabinet is only 25% including Saldanha. Can BJP clarify why it is NOT Communal ?

- Goa for Goans, Goa | 08 th April 2012 20:24


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