Mehbooba objects to Goa decision on Kashmiris

PTI, JAMMU | 30 March 2012 13:45 IST

Jammu and Kashmir’s Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) leader Mehooba Mufti has taken strong exception to the decision of Goa government to put Kashmiri businessmen on the "stranger roll".

Mufti today asked Jammu and Kashmir administration to take up the issue with the coastal state's authorities.

Raising the issue during the Zero Hour in the Assembly, Mehbooba expressed surprise that Kashmiri businessmen doing business in Goa have been distinguished from other residents of the country by tagging them as "stranger roll". 

She said Goa government's decision was not only "ridiculous but also insulting" for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. 

She warned such a step would increase alienation among the masses and would widen the gap between the people of Jammu and Kashmir and the rest of the country. 

She said Goa government's decision was also affecting the careers of students who are studying all over the country, traders and executives of Jammu and Kashmir. 

She asked the J&K government to immediately take up the matter with Goa government. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Looks like we Goans have put a dummy (pacifier) in Mehbooba's mouth. No wonder she is so silent!

- Tony Soares, Goa | 11 th May 2012 00:16


Hi Mehboobaa,

It looks like you are chain smoker carrying match box and lighter in your hand all the time and planning to put fire everywhere from one end to other end.

Take care of your own state,make it simple, wondeful and peaceful state. All other states will follow you. Don't point that bloody one finger to GOA and also don't forget that the balance 4 fingers are point back to Jammu & Kashmir.

All the drug peddlers in coastal area of Goa are from Kashmir. Come to Goa and take them back to Kashmir.We peace loving goans have accepted your peddlers, traders etc. Try sending them to Kerala,Chennai and tell me if they can survive there.


- Carmo Santos, Margao / Kuwait | 01 st April 2012 13:12


well said naresh...

- tom, usa | 31 st March 2012 21:28


Very strange

There is a saying that "Treat people the way you wished to be treated"

My fellow Indians cant buy land in Kashmir

But Kashmiris can buy land and set up shop in any corner of India!!

The minorities in Kashmire were killed and hounded out, term used is ethnic cleansing, while Kashmiris are spread out in India working and studying with minimal hassle.

So it seems one group is free to do as it likes, what it likes in their homeland with no respect for human rights to its minorities but when they are minorities in another land they want 100% equality, rights and dignity

The word which comes to my mind is -NOT FAIR-

This attitude is carried out by such groups across the globe whether in Europe or America



- Neel, London | 31 st March 2012 00:41


Well said Naresh. You hit the nail right on its head. Parrikar, do not bow down to the demands of people like Mehbooba--hypocrites to the core!!!!

- jaret de silva, overseas/chandor | 30 th March 2012 21:27


Mehooba Mufti should first allow other Indians to buy property and do business in Kashmir and than try to claim rights in other Indian territories. Why can't they do business in their own state. Goa's culture is different from yours Mufti.

- A. Pinto, Porvorim | 30 th March 2012 16:05


Naresh is absolutely correct. Mehbooba's double standard's are very well proved here. On one hand non-kashmiris cannot buy a single inch of land in kashmir and these kashmiri politicians bark as if injustice is done to them. They want all the goodies from India and dont want to be part of it. Our central govt also behaves like slaves of these people and also of countries which spread hate and terror.

Very pathetic state of our country.

- Raj, Margao | 30 th March 2012 15:18


Hello Mehbooba!

You want to have your cake and eat it too! Ha Ha! First climb down from your demand for Kashmir for Kashmiris; then pass a resolution in your Assembly to withdraw Article 356 of the Constitution; work towards making J&K an integral part of India; then & only THEN open your mouth about integrating Kashmiris in Goa or anywhere in India.

By the way WE THE PEOPLE OF GOA are PEACE LOVING and have integrated very well in the INDIAN culture & society although til 1960 we were under foriegn rule! But you guys are still behaving like outsiders even though you are part of the Union of India since 1947!!

Hope wiser counsel shall prevail.

- Naresh, Dona Paula | 30 th March 2012 14:09


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