Married post-AIDS! Child with no HIV!!

RUPESH SAMANT (PTI), PANAJI | 29 March 2012 14:48 IST

Desmond Fernandes and Catherine (names changed) are no different from a regular couple, though married after confirming of having AIDS.

Living in the village of Quepem of South Goa district, the happily married couple is having a three year old girl child.

Alina, their daughter, is born after getting married. But she is negative, having no AIDS virus transferred to her.

In spite of knowing that their life is short, they decided to tie a wedding knot four years ago.

Both are HIV positive and had received the infection from different partners. Desmond is 43 and Catherine is 38.

Desmond, who runs a bar and restaurant in Quepem, is living with HIV since last 15 years.

“I was feeling lonely and needed a companion. Family was also pressuring me to get married. I sought a help of local NGO for a prospective partner,” he explains talking about his past.

That’s where Catherine came into picture. She was infected with HIV from her earlier marriage and living with it since last 15 years, too.

After remarrying Desmond, she conceived a child.

Thankfully with ART – the only available treatment to fight the HIV virus – their child Alina is born negative.

“There are abundant worries. We have short life. We have to think about future of our child,” said Catherine, who helps the family financially with the vegetable cultivation and also by preparing paper bags.

Medications, new infections, family issues and failing health are burdening the couple every passing day.

But the couple has fought back everything, holding hands of each other.

The marriages of HIV infected people has become a new trend in the state like Goa, which is also getting social acceptance gradually.

Goa reported the first case of HIV in the year 1987.

As per government-run Goa State Aids Control Society (GSACS), the maiden case in Goa was of a foreigner but following year, first Indian but a non-Goan was diagnosed to be positive in Goa.

In the year 1989, the first case of Goan student carrying HIV was identified.

Since then, the state has detected 14,223 HIV positive cases.

Last year, the number of deaths due to HIV were 90 while this year, till February itself 12 people died.

GSACS Director Dr Dipak Kabadi said that HIV infection is prevalent in all parts of Goa but majority cases are reported in the four coastal talukas – Salcete, Mormugao, Tiswadi and Bardez.

Kabadi said the disease is more prevalent amongst males than females.

The statistics reveals that out of every five cases detected, three were males.’

There are half a dozen NGOs working in the field of awareness about HIV and also helping the people living with disease from not being stigmatized.

“In supporting persons living with HIV to get married and have a family is an encouragement to help them lead a normal life,” said Maria Cardoso, Project Officer with UDDANT, a NGO working in the field of awareness about HIV.

Cardoso said many a times loneliness and lack of companionship leads to neglect of one’s health, so having a partner does create an environment for better future and longer life.  

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- Aminah, italy | 25 th January 2014 01:20


I appreciate their determination and courage. However, I would like to know about the ART treament.

I wish their daughter and her parents all the bright future and happy life.

- Kalidas Laxman, Panaji Goa | 29 th March 2012 18:44


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