Digambar appeals to celebrate Holi as Victory of Good over evil

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 07 March 2012 18:15 IST

Digambar Kamat, the caretaker chief minister, has appealed to the Goans to celebrated Holi tomorrow as a victory of Good over Evil.

His Holi message becomes significant in the background of the victory of Goan electorate who, across the board, came out in large numbers to vote out the evil forces contesting the Assembly election.

The Congress, in the bargain, was washed away, though Digambar along with eight other colleagues survived.

While speaking to the media after he was elected, Digambar had expressed his annoyance over the way tickets were distributed by the central Congress leadership.

His two strong suggestions – Vijay Sardesai in Fatorda and Vijay Pai Khot in Canacona – were also rejected.

“Results would have been different if I was projected as the leader”, he had claimed.

But the results showed otherwise. In fact large number of Goan youth had taken to streets over his medium of instruction policy.

In the meanwhile, Governor  K Shankarnarayanan has also greeted Goans on the eve of Holi.

“Holi, the festival of colours, is a unique and important occasion in the socio-cultural tapestry of our country. We should celebrate Holi and other social, spiritual and cultural festivals with greater sense of participative spirit and friendship, not only for social entertainment, but also for national unity and progress”, he has said.

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The first time voters came out & voted in large numbers.This is a group that cannot be convinced by plain election talk, they saw the looting of Goa & gave a lot of first timers a chance to do something about it.

Also,in a lighter vein, the party which cancels Carnival is not elected in the coming elections. Its become a pattern!

- Mrs. Seema Nirmal, Chicalim-Goa | 07 th March 2012 20:42


Sure Mr Kamat, it is a victory of good over the evil kangress and many of its narkasurs are burried down in the mining goo, and I hope they will not see the light of the day-- ever. Wish you also could have joined those.

Remember? Mr Kamat use to say 'I will study the matter' whenever any discrepancies were brought to his notice, now he has all the time in the world, he can study for ever and ever. Rest in peace Mr Kamat, do some introspection (chintan, manan) as to how much damage you have caused to state of Goa and its people. And if possible do some 'Punya kaam' to get over all those 'papkarmas' you did for over 10 years!

- Jagan Kamat, Canada | 07 th March 2012 20:34


He is right when he claims that results would have been different if he had been projected as the leader. Congress would have not even got 9 seats. :p

- Arvind, Bangalore | 07 th March 2012 19:25


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