Sheila justifies family tickets

PTI, PANAJI | 24 February 2012 23:29 IST

Delhi Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Sheila Dixit, who is here to campaign for March 3 Goa assembly polls, today justified more than one tickets going to the same family.

Congress, which is contesting 33 seats in Goa, has given 12 tickets to four families. 

Minister Churchill Alemao's family alone has bagged four tickets. 

When asked if similar phenomenon would be seen in Delhi assembly polls, Dixit said, "If there are applications like that, you can't reject them." 

She said it was upto the voters to decide whether to accept or reject such candidates. 

"If doctors' children become doctors, why should not politicians' children take up politics," she said.

She also added that an aspiring candidate can not be disqualified only because he or she is related to a politician. 

The main opposition BJP has taken up "family Raj" within Congress as an issue, pointing out that ruling party has given more than one third of tickets to people from same families.


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If this pace continues, how many more years will it take for all 40 seats being distributed in few families?

Is this Family Raj being promoted so that the money collected remains in the family itself?

By the way what happens to the thousands of crores of tax payers' money being misused in CWG? Is Kalmadi alone responsible for bursting the Budgetary allocation by many times and structures collapsing even before erected?

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 25 th February 2012 19:41


Congress-NCP was the most corrupt govt in the history in Goa. Their achievement is loot, corruption and scams such illegal mining, manipulation of tenders in PWD & Health, SEZ IDC land scams. RP 2021 favoring Builder lobby wherein kickbacks worth 24.75 crores was accepted by Monserate to convert large chunks of agricultural land in 11 prime locations, money laundering e.g. Mumbai Customs nabbing of Monserate allegedly carrying 1000 crores, in both Indian and foreign currencies. Raping of Minor German by Monserrate son, Panaji police station attack by Monserrate. Drug nexus involving Home minister Ravi & his son. Ravi’s support to CIPRIANO’s murder case. Jose Philip/Mauvin pocketing crores by denotification of airport land. Jose Philip negligence in Vasco Naphta fire resulting death of minors. Housing Board land scam by Nilkhant. Job Scams in power dept and pollution board by Alexio Sequira’s and his involvement in land scams wherein poor ST communities land was acquired to promote SEZ favoring MNCs in Verna Plateau and 20 point program to promote migrant votebank in Verna and Lotulim. IDC land and funds scams by Kavlekar. SUDA scam and looting land of poor farmers by Joaquim Alemao in Madel, Davondem, Fatorda, Cuncolim with excuse of urban development. Alemaos are involved in demolishing houses of Orlim locals, through bribe worth crores, to accommodate 10 meters roads access for 60 apartment housing project in Orlim promoted by Mumbai based Real Estate developer. Chorchill achievement in Navelim is only two bridges through kickbacks. Promotion of prostitution and drugs by Agnelo Fernandes in Calangute. CM Digambar, also a promoter of illegal mining worth 6000 crores, is involved in legalizing part of Cidade de Goa in spite of Supreme court order for demolition. Promoting migrant vote bank through dual ration cards. All congress ministers amassed unaccounted wealth which they have transferred through black money to Dubai and Swiss Banks. Shyam Satardekar’s and Joaquim Alemao savings through Govt loot is Rs.1.5 lakh per day to accumulate wealth of 40 crores for past 5 years. Majority of Congress ministers are listed as Goondas in police records. RP 2021, MOI, Garbage issues remain unsolved. Their party chairperson, Sonia Gandhi, is a big liar on Special Status for Goa and promoter of dynastic politics in Goa. Congress NCP is not due for our valuable votes and their candidates, who are murderers and rapist of Goa, need to be thrown out in Garbage in upcoming assembly election.

- Goa for Goans, Goa | 25 th February 2012 19:30


Ms. Sheila Dixit’s defence on' 'family raj' policy by saying that doctor become doctors, lawyers become lawyers, teachers become teachers etc . Seems she is ignorant on original profession of Churchill (Seamen & listed Goonda), Ravi Naik (Bar owner) Monserate (Goonda) and all who joined politics to loot Goa.

- Goa for Goans, Goa | 25 th February 2012 19:21


Good justification. So now politics is turned out to be family profession. We have now to forget about democracy in India..

- Diddy, Goa | 25 th February 2012 18:39


After the Commonwealth Games fiasco,scams and ineptitudes,mis-appropration,jailings ...can Sheila Dixshit be trusted with her views?Birds of the same feather usualy flock together.

- N.Fernandes, London | 25 th February 2012 14:47


The Party which is born and survives on Family name is well justified in advocating Family Raj. Yes the analogy of a Doctor's son trying to become a Doctor of a thief's son trying to become a thief also holds good.

The question is about criminalization of politics and the loot of thousands of crores of the Country being resorted to by the Politicians......

The 2-G scam , the CWG scam where thousands of crores of poor man's money has been swindled and the culprit not yet effectively nailed---speaks of the disgrace that the country is into....Time for the intellectual class to wake up from the deep slumber and look as to what is his obligation to the society.....

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 25 th February 2012 11:25


Dear Sheilaji,

You have rightly pointed out that in India Dr. son / daughter becomes Dr., Bajaj takes over by next Bajaj, Birla’s takes over by next Birla, so on and so forth, but the main point is, these are all Businesses.

Does that mean for congress, politics also have become Business?????? If you or any politician from congress party gives answer for this, I think not only Goa but entire India’s doubts will be cleared.

- Purushottam, Pernem | 25 th February 2012 08:32


Doctors children do not get a pass to become doctors, they have to study and pass exams to become doctors.

What great service did Ms. Monseratte, the Alemao puppies and Ravi Naik peddlers did for the Goan society to warrant tickets from a national party? it is clear nepotism and dynastic politics which is the antitheses of democracy. What can you expect from kangress who are drooling over dynastic white skin.

Sheila Dixit should also explain the corruption charges level against her during the Commonwealth games, instead of going to UP and elsewhere to follow BJPs corruption, explain first the kickbacks received my Monster-de-talegao, miner-de-margao and chor-de-valpoi during the kangress regime in Goa.

- Jagan, Canada | 25 th February 2012 02:42


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