Calvim search stops; political allegations begin

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 19 February 2012 22:25 IST

The Calvim bus submergence tragedy took a political turn today while the police and other agencies stopped the search of the seventh suspected victim.

It is believed that the bus was carrying only six passengers, including four girl students.

The driver and conductor had swum across to the shore but other passengers in the bus were killed in the tragic accident.

The driver is arrested but the police are still on a lookout for the conductor.

The agitated villagers have demanded building of the bridge while also demanding implementation of the long-pending Gram Sabha resolution to put up speed breakers at the ferry jetty at Corona.

Some people however condemned government action of giving compensation of Rs two lakh to the families of the victims.

“We will not allow chief minister Digambar Kamat to come here”, announced one villager.

Opposition leader Manohar Parrikar, who visited the site once again today, promised the villagers to build the bridge by March 2013, if the BJP comes to power.

Similarly, some of the angry villagers also asked why the local MLA Dayanand Narvekar did not succeed in constructing the bridge.

They recalled that Narvekar had announced not to contest election if the bridge was not built.

Narvekar is contesting the forthcoming election from Aldona.

Meanwhile, Bus Owners’ Association president Sudip Tamhankar preferred to target former transport minister Sudin Dhawalikar as well as transport director Arun Desai for giving the bus passing certificate six month ago.

“Both of them should be booked under murder charges”, he said.

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hope BJP will not forget the promis made to the people of calvim about bridge of calvim...

in case they forget, let people decide who should be next to rule goa....

- mahendra govenkar, dubai | 07 th March 2012 15:02


I am a resident from calvim and i am 100% sure that the bus was not in the hands of the driver but with the conductor or the cleaner whoever it is who escaped with the driver. This route is frequently used as a training route by these idiots and i also say that the public is at fault for allowing these trainee drivers without licences to take over a public bus. The police should take this angle and arrest the conductor or cleaner and give him some third degree to get the truth out of these idiots.

- crispino, dubai | 25 th February 2012 14:03


Sitting here I can tell that this is not a brake failure case. I know the location in bits and there's no reason that drivers would take a chance to speed or try any stunts here. If so, then there is something seriously wrong. The concerned should not be spared and must pay the price for taking these innocent lives. This is not a mistake. Instead, there could be something sitting deep down somewhere. Come on Goa Police, prove your commitment to the civil society.

- Joe, Canada | 21 st February 2012 17:19


The Goa RTO is not interested in the safety of the PUBLIC.They are more interested in the amount of BRIBES they will get.Every vehicle owning Goan has complained about this office and its methods.As I write this, you can rest assured another bribe is being collected.

- N.Fernandes, London | 21 st February 2012 14:30


first and foremost the information that the driver and conductor swam across is the wrong news as they did not even think of touching the waters of Calvim river so both of them junped off before the bus touching the water. secondly till today no inquiry is been made who was the actual driver at the time of the accident because in Aldona the actual drivers have the habbit of handing over the bus to the learner and going for lunch during the afternoon hours. so please do not receive wrong information as innocent life has paid the price who knows if no attention is paid today our children may be the next victims.

- sebastian fernandes, carona aldona | 21 st February 2012 13:05


way to go bus owners, as stated in herald when the bus was sent for passing its handbreak cable was broken inspite of this fitness certificate was issued to the bus owner ,why?may be the driver in panick tried to pull hand break ,which was not working the, RTO officers who issued the fitness certificate are also responsible for this cause b,cos hand break is not used only when main breaks fail but at any emergency, so people ,them along with the driver and conductor should be behind bars for this tragedy

- orfern, madgoa | 21 st February 2012 09:50


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