Free power & water to poor, cheap loans to women & unemployed in Cong manifesto

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 20 February 2012 15:49 IST

Free water and electricity to economically weaker sections, stipend and soft loans for unemployed, Mediclaim up to Rs seven lakh and Dayanand Niradhar Yojana allowance risen to Rs 2500 are some of the major highlights of the Congress manifesto released today.

On the controversial issue of Regional Plan 2021, the Congress manfiesto plans to implement the existing plan only after addressing all the concerns of the people and taking all the stakeholders into confidence.

Similarly, on the other controversial issue of the Medium of Instruction, the Congress has stuck to its stance of giving choice of all mediums as well giving grants to English medium primary schools, along with regional languages.

In addition, the Congress has assured to make Konkani or Marathi a compulsory subject from standard I to X.

The ruling party plans to provide free water and electricity to the SC, OBC as well as other weaker sections of the society whose annual income is below Rs one lakh.

Contrary to the unemployment allowance assured by the BJP, the Congress offers subsistence stipend for educated youth having no source of income in the family.

In addition, it also plans to formulate long term soft loan for the unemployed.

The Dayanand Niradhar Yojana monthly allowance for senior citizens is also being assured to be hiked to Rs 2500, announced GPCC president Subhash Shirodkar. The manifesto however has printed an amount of Rs 1500.

Similarly, the women have been assured loan for the Self Help Groups up to Rs five lakh at a meager interest of five per cent as well as 50 per cent reservation for women in panchayats and municipal councils.

The retired seafarers have been promised monthly pension of Rs 2500.

Besides increasing income limit of Mediclaim up to Rs seven lakh, the Congress also assures to upgrade all the government hospitals and primary health centres as well as health centre in each village with an ambulance.

The Congress has assured slum-free Goa by rehabilitating the slum dwellers as well as 5000 flats and row houses in five years.

Besides decentralized garbage treatment plants, the ruling party has assured two-lane taluka roads, four-lane district roads and six-lane national highways passing through Goa.

The bridges promised are Zuari, Mandovi, Galgibag, Talpona, Madkai, Terekhol, Chodan, Diwar, Neura and Cavellossim-Assolna.

Interestingly, the Corona-Calvim bridge in Aldona does not figure in the manifesto.

Besides subsidized bus fare to the old people, disabled and students, the Congress plans to introduce KTC-run city buses in all the cities, multi-storied parking in the cities, railway shuttle service by KRC from Pedne to Canacona and introduction of river transport.

The Congress has also reiterated its plan to make Ponda a district.

The manifesto was released in the presence of campaign in-charge Oscar Fernandes, high command observers J S Brar and Sudhakar Reddy, chief minister Digambar Kamat, South Goa MP Francisco Sardinha and others.

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Hi dgn-USA. I agree with your proposition of 100 seats....or even more.One other criteria I would like to add, is that they must all have a long list of "serious criminal activity" or "criminal indictments", on their C.V.The more the grander.Furthermore, I would also like to add that a good & sound Education is not requred.Fake certificates and fake education will be acceptable.Completing you basic school education at the age of 50, without attendance, from Mohali in the Punjab will be highly desirable.A Degree in "GOONERY" & "THUGGERY" are , without a shadow of doubt highly prized qualifications.Finally each and every prospective candidate must have a Swiss Bank Account and another in Dubai.Another thing, a Frequent Flyer Pass to New Delhi,must be issued to all appointed Candidates.we can then label this as "TRUE & REAL action"

- N.Fernandes, London | 24 th February 2012 14:02


After coming to power, the first demand of the politicians should be to increase number of seats in assembly to 100. 40 is going to be too small count to accommodate their spouse, brothers, sisters, childrens, uncles, aunts etc.

Also rather than offering goodies like free water, electricity, stipend etc to economically weaker sections and unemployed, congress should offer them one MLA term. That is the fastest way to make sure that next 10 generations are taken care.

- dgn, USA | 24 th February 2012 07:54


In Goa, the Congress is spending crores on filling every individuals pocket - so how come, still, there are poor people in Goa? Why Congress is preparing such a manifesto keeping the trust of the Goans on bait? And most importantly, why are the people of Goa falling for such lures?

- Rahul, Ponda | 23 rd February 2012 02:14


PONDA as a district? I guess in next election I should ask my village to be declared as a Taluka... With this Govt, anything is possible.

I hope these guys are in these senses while preparing such manifesto...

- Pritam, Goa | 21 st February 2012 16:33


The Congress Manifesto is equivalent to a water bucket with a very big hole in it.Following the elections,if Congress wins with a majority,the dynamics will surely alter & change,specially since there may be a "Family Raj."These promises must be taken with a pinch of salt.Previous manifestos have not been fully fulfilled and are left collecting Goan Dust.With the Shah report dues nay moment,there could be a few MInisters implicated in criminal activity.Babuah Monserattes days are numbered , just as Col. Gadaffi`s was.Churchill along with Ravi Naik,will most likely be spending more time in Apollo Hospitals,hoping for eternal life.Valanka Alemao,in her usual style, will be barking up the wrong trees.

The Manifesto has forgotten to include an increase in Prostitution,garbage,drugs,illegal Mining,Road deaths,fake currency,self-serving RP2021,concretisation,Police crime & murder of inncent people,doubling of "HAFTA" rates,which will wipe out promised Pensions,burglaries of Churches & Temples,dirty smells in Goa,increase in migrants & ration cards,to name a few.

- N.Fernandes, London | 20 th February 2012 17:03


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