Parrikar promises to shut 'illegal' casinos

PTI, PANAJI | 05 March 2011 18:50 IST

The BJP-supported panel which is contesting elections for Corporation of City of Panaji (CCP), has promised to shut down illegal casinos if voted to power.

Leader of Opposition and BJP leader Manohar Parrikar told reporters today that there would be a total ban on illegal casino operations within city limits, if the panel gained power.

CCP elections are slated for March 13. The BJP-supported 'Panaji First' panel will face off with the ruling panel backed by state education minister Babush Monseratte (Congress).

Mandovi River, which flows across the city, is a home to six off-shore casinos, which allegedly do not have proper licences.

The BJP-backed panel today unveiled its manifesto. "CCP polls are important for the state to judge the mood of the people," Parrikar said responding to a question.

He said the capital city, which has been turned into a "filthy bin", would be restored to its past glory by the panel.

"There has been utter mismanagement in last five years. We have given a clean panel with young faces," he claimed.

Ashok Naik, the BJP-backed panel's mayoral candidate, too was present on this occasion.

Parrikar also alleged that the corporators of the rival group were using money to lure voters.

"A few corporators are investing their money so that they can gain once they get elected. Our investment is our efforts," the former chief minister said.

Panaji First has also assured to solve the traffic woes, and work for bringing in a mass rapid transport system.

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Vishwas Bab, it has nothing to do with being educated or uneducated. The more educated one gets, the more stupid he or she becomes, and the people at large, want the stupid and the bold enough to get things done, as their leaders. Of the intelligentsia or learned people , who like to think and talk behind the scenes or shadow it can be said, "Dangerous or evil are those, who stand and watch and do nothing". It was reported, after the 1971 war with Pakistan, that Gen. Yahya Khan, was rounding up all the intelligentsia, to make the country free of them, after Bangladesh was liberated. Even Zulfikar Bhutto was made to dig his own grave to be shot, before he was rescued. And you get the drift...

- Ludovico, Old-Goa | 13 th March 2011 12:26


The voters of Panaji are supposed to be educated and aware of their social obligations. Will they vote for honesty and probity in public life or sell their votes to one who gives them gifts, liquor and other doles...??

It is really unfortunate that the religious institutions are all silent on the falling standards of morality, values and ethics in public life. They too prefer to remain silent instead of educating the masses and raising their voice against the corruption, crimes, liquor/drug proliferation, gambling and other social evils. Instead they too are seen toeing the line of the corrupt and immoral -may be for their own selfish motives.

Does it indicate that the time for the disintegration of the society is fast approaching...????

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 12 th March 2011 09:58


Don`t forget to place Mickky Pacheco Matthew Diniz, Alexio Sequeira,Mauvin Godinha,Ravi Naik and the other MLA`s in the "Bulk Heads" and float them off Goa, never to return.

- N.Fernandes, London | 11 th March 2011 21:41


Politicians like to play with words. Why only "illegal" Casinos? Why not all Casinos and gambling dens? How long does it take to convert "illegal" to 'legal'? Do Goans want any casinos in Goa? Throw all of them out!

- Dr. Ferdinando dos Reis Falcão. , Margão | 11 th March 2011 09:31


People need to hit at something that hits back. The Baina people were helpless lot. When Parrikar did the evacuation, it was virtual, a mirage, the problem did not go away, the malady blended with the rest of the population. This is the world's oldest profession, no one has been able to stamp it out, or eradicate it like the UNO's program with regard to smallpox. In other por cities and towns around the world or in Europe or the Far East, the sex workers are not hounded out but proper hygienic centres are provided, medically secured. In Goa, it is very difficult, if not impossible to achieve progress unless the people are taken into confidence and the political masters are seen to be doing work cleanly and transparently, without loot of the nation. Most important, there should be a legitimate route to raise public funds for poll expenses, not for distribution of goodies and money and wealth. We got to start somewhere.

- Ludovico, Old-Goa | 09 th March 2011 19:21


Did anybody imagine that Baina red light area can be demolished? rest is known to all.

i feel we should give one more oppurtunity to manohar parrikar, because only he has the capacity to take decisions and implement them.

- Deepak Datar, Goa | 09 th March 2011 11:47


As Panjim MLA for at least three terms, and in between being the Leader of Opposition and as the head of a coalition, he could not resolve the issue of the Casinos, who can in the right mind believe he will achieve this goal ? It is food for thought. That people wanting to be elected are using money, but now in crores of rupees in place of hundred, is a well known fact, even among the labourers and vagrants.

- Ludovico, Old-Goa | 08 th March 2011 10:36


In Panchayati Raj and Municipalities, they are supposed to be local self-government and with no party politics involved. Then what is the intent and purpose of that requirement when panels are supported by local MLA's? It simply makes no sense.

- Ludovico, Old-Goa | 06 th March 2011 10:00


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