Valpoi bye-poll on 18 Oct

PTI, NEW DELHI | 20 September 2010 22:43 IST

Bye-election to Valpoi Assembly constituency in Goa will be held on October 18, the Election Commission announced today.

The by-poll has been necessitated after independent MLA Vishwajit Rane resigned his seat and joined Congress.

According to the schedule, notification would be issued on September 22 and the last date for filing nominations would be September 29. 

Scrutiny would take place on October one and the last date for withdrawal of nominations would be October four.

Counting of votes would be taken up on October 21.

The polling would be conducted through Electronic Voting Machines and the Model Code of Conduct would come into force with immediate effect in the district in which the assembly constituency falls, the EC said in a press note.    

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The question is of bringing in a small amendment to constitution and nothing is new since we have already amended the constitution so many times!

Reducing the number of seats would be a great service to the people of Goa as it could save lot of wasteful expenditure and bring some sort of probity in the election process- making it a bit more difficult to take care of the larger number of voters- in the vote bank politics!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 22 nd September 2010 17:19


You are right Mr. Prabhudesai, why the increase on gaining Statehood ? In fact they should have reduced the number to suit the population. Then we would also have lesser number of ministers, who act like CM's anyway of allotted portfolios. Has anyone noticed lack of coordination between ministries/departments? Fighting over land acquired would be a pointer. Likewise the criteria opposite for allocating number of seats in the Parliament at least should be more, because two LS and one RS no one listens to them unless powerful national lobbies are in support. I would think that each State get certain equal number, irrespective of the territorial or population size.

- ludovico, Old-Goa | 22 nd September 2010 13:12


The common man wonders as to why at all 40 MLA s are needed for a small territory like Goa which is smaller than most of the districts of the bigger States in our country!

If 40 is the minimum number needed for a State then this norm itself is wrong and unethical and therefore needs correction by means of a Constitutional amendment. Our respected MPs would do a great service to the people of Goa if they could take the lead in moving the constitutional amendment to that effect and may be reduce the seats to about 10 to 12 maximum! This could save huge wasteful expenditure of public funds and trim the administration to make it more efficient and people friendly!

This could also make the winning of elections by money power a bit more difficult as the number of voters in a constituency would be larger making it slightly more difficult to take care of and feed their own vote bank for assured votes!

The Law Commission could also recommend this people friendly proposal aimed at stopping wasteful expenditure!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 21 st September 2010 18:32


It would be one more Carnival for the people to enjoy! The Chamchas of the candidates will have a good time may be with free liquor, free petrol for the vehicles, free chicken-pulao and lot of gifts under the table? Some of the supporters could also get funds under the guise of collecting votes etc. etc.The bar owners will also have nice business with steep rise in sale of liquor! When the elections come---everybody is happy! Long live our democracy! I wish why every month or every week, we have no elections! Democracy Zindabad!

- james silva, margao | 21 st September 2010 08:55


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