Measure of Love

By Pravin Sabnis
11 February 2013 07:01 IST

She worked sincerely for many years for her organisation, but never got the expected raise in salary. Her husband encouraged her to speak to her boss and demand the well-deserved raise. Though she was apprehensive, she gathered her guts to approach her employer. To her pleasant surprise, the boss immediately agreed to enhance her salary.

 She arrived home to a meal prepared by her husband who had come home early. He had hand-crafted a card that read: ‘I knew you would get the raise you deserved! This treat is to tell you how much I love you.’ After dinner, as her husband went into the kitchen to clean up, she noticed another card fall from his pocket. She noticed another set of words: ‘Don't be sad about not getting the raise you deserved! This treat is to tell you how much I love you."

 The man demonstrates total acceptance and love for his spouse, whether she succeeds or fails. His love celebrates her triumphs and seeks to sooth her wounds. He stands steadfastly with her, no matter what vagaries life throws in their direction. His response is constantly aligned to unconditional love.

 If you truly care for someone, you don't look for blemishes. You accept faults and overlook excuses. You accept that at some points they will falter and fail. Most importantly, you accept that love cannot be slave to the situation. Love cannot wax and wane due to changing times.

 St. Francois de Sales said it so famously that ‘the measure of love is to love without measure.’ So often, our actions may not be in sync with our original emotion of altruistic love. It is not enough to love... we need to be better at steadfastness in sentiment and resoluteness in response... we need to be better at loving without measure!

 Let’s BE BETTER at truly loving without measure

Resoluteness in response ensures real treasure!

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Absolutely. A wonderful thought, Pravinbab.

- Dr. Soniya Sirsat, Parra | 12 th February 2013 00:20


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