The END?

By Pravin Sabnis
11 June 2012 12:28 IST

In Simla’s DAV public school, students were promoted to class XI before the board exam results were declared. Once the results were announced, some boys were sent back to class X. Surely; a worse form of humiliation did not exist. However, Anupam was confident of scraping through in his class X exams.


One day, right in the middle of the class, his father suddenly arrived to take him to Balji’s – a restaurant the family would visit only on special occasions. The boy wondered about the reason for the treat as his father ordered his favourite dishes. After a delicious meal, his father confided, “Son, you have failed your class X. This celebration was to prepare you for failure so that you are never scared of it.”


This priceless approach was indelibly etched in Anupam Kher’s mind. Later, it turned out that his father had seen the wrong result. Further on, the thespian just scrapped through for his degree. Yet his life has by no means been a failure. Rather it has been a journey of being undeterred by letdowns. He says it so well, ‘everything turns out just right at the end, and if does not, then you can be sure it is not the end.’


Too often, we let everyone’s opinion matter and herald the beginning of the end. Every time, we find ourselves at a seeming dead end, we must remind ourselves that optimism is the only way to live. Losers are not ones who fail… losers are ones who succumb to failure and give up. Actually, failures and failings are very much a matter of perception.


Do not let the illusion of a dead-end, make you wait
Let’s BE BETTER at crossing every failure’s gate!

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Inspiring thoughts, thanks Pravin.

- Jagan, Canada | 11 th June 2012 23:08


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