A Party You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

Om Dcosta | 22 November 2017 16:49 IST

The Party is one of the finest comedies of 2017, and is an uncommon example of a masterfully produced black comedy. The plot revolves around the elevation of Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas), a politician of the Opposition party, as the shadow minister for health, and the celebrations that ensue on the arrival of her friends, one after the other.

Rating – 4.5 /5 stars

From the get go, one notices that it has been filmed in monochrome, which, at the risk of coming off as clichéd, is similar to wine, in the sense that the older monochrome gets, the more nostalgia it evokes from people.

The banter between Bill (Timothy Spall) and Gottfried (Bruno Ganz) will have you in splits.                                               Each and every one of the main cast plays out their role to perfection, but the star of the film is Kristin Thomas. Also, a bonus for fans of ‘The Newsroom’ is the presence of the ever amazing Emily Mortimer as Jinny.

The choice of clothing for the cast is well thought out, especially in the case of Tom (Cillian Murphy) and the bespoke, striking suit he has on. The inclusion of minimal background music is more than made up throughout the movie, courtesy of DJ Bill.

The editing of the film is noteworthy, and at no point of time does the viewer feel bored, or that the film is progressing too slowly.

In a rapidly changing world with a steadily developing “adapt-or-perish” mentality, self-preservation has become the objective of the hour.

The Party is a hilarious, accurate and enthralling story linking modern times with Post Brexit politics. Whether or not you are interested in politics, you will definitely enjoy the 70 minute long gem that is the Party. It premiered in India at MAMI 2017, and its inclusion at IFFI is, therefore, only its second screening in India. It’s next show at IFFI is on 23rd November at 5:15 PM.

The showstopping performance of the actors, Kristin Scott Thomas in particular, along with the fabulous screenplay cum meticulous direction by Sally Mortimer, makes this film a must watch.

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