Remo and Aires accuse each other; verbal war begins

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 02 January 2016 20:16 IST

No matter what the court finally decides about the case of verbally abusing a minor girl, a verbal war outside the court has begun between pop singer Remo Fernandes and lawyer-cum-complainant Aires Rodrigues.

As soon as he arrived in Goa from his ‘new country’ Portugal, Remo circulated an email, stating: ‘I am tired of keeping silent.”

In the email, he accused Aires of attempting to extort money from him, in connivance with the family of the injured girl, who was knocked down by his son Jonah in a car accident.

“Their aim is to extort money from me, but I will not succumb to such demands”, he stated.

Aires, on the other hand, has accused Remo of insulting the minor girl’s sister with accusations while warning that Remo is liable to be booked for further charges under Goa Children’s Act.

Fearing arrest, Remo has presently applied for an anticipatory bail before the Goa Children’s Act in connection with a complaint filed by Aires that the pop singer verbally abused the injured minor girl in the GMC hospital.

The bail plea would be heard on Tuesday, 5 January.


“I am on a war footing to expose the fabrications and lies which have been spread about me by Aires Rodrigues and others”, Remo begins his email with.

Stating that he has rendered a detailed version in his bail application before the Court, he is confident that eventually the police will arrive at the truth.

Remo in his application has said a buffalo came running from the field due to which the injured minor girl walking on the roadside suddenly came on the road in panic and the accident took place.

Terming it as an attempt to mislead the court through patently false statements, Aires alleges that the pop singer has told a fabricated story that a buffalo ran across the road.

While Remo claims that the buffalo story has been recorded by the police in the hospital, Aires says the entire police record of the accident case nowhere makes any mention of a buffalo crossing the road.


“It is a fake defence in an attempt to desperately try and save his son from the charges of rash and negligent driving”, alleges Aires.

The factual sequence of events of the high-handed conduct of Remo would be all placed before the court on 5 January, he adds.


According to Remo, Aires keeps changing the story while the Goan public showed disbelief that I - or anyone for that matter - could tell a wounded young woman "you should have died" at the scene of an accident.

“My sons have been raised to bring home sick abandoned kittens and puppies and wounded birds, as the people in my village well know”, claims the pop singer living in Siolim.

According to him, Aires has filed the complaint in connivance with the family of the injured and two or three individuals from Goa and Sindhudurg, who will be exposed soon. 

Aires, on the other hand, has vowed to expose the pop star for making phony and reckless accusations against the sister of the accident victim.

Remo however chases the past stating that within Goa, Aires is a household name known to chase false cases with a design to extort.

“What else does one say about this man who even withdrew allegations against those who assaulted him with swords, leaving him with two cut fingers in retaliation for apparent monetary consideration”, asks Remo.

Pending police investigation and the court hearing, the verbal war between a lawyer and a singer has made everybody curious about – the ultimate truth! is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Previous Comments

Remo and Aires are both chameleon .

Now let their best friend Francis De Tuem sing sometime on both.

- Romeo Rogtao, Dubai | 08 th January 2016 21:31



- MARIE D'SOUZA, DUBAI | 04 th January 2016 17:48



The beleaguered Pop Star and Padmashree Remo Fernandes is attempting to mislead the Court through patently false statements made in his Anticipatory bail application.

The entire contents of Remo Fernandes’s Anticipatory bail application is a loaded bunch of lies and false accusations. The Pop Star needs to be exposed and nailed for making phony and reckless accusations against the sister of the accident victim who is also a minor. By now also insulting the sister of the victim, Remo Fernandes is liable to be booked for further charges under the Goa Children’s Act.

The factual sequence of events of the very high-handed and cavalier misconduct of Remo Fernandes after that December 1st accident would be all placed before the Goa Children’s Court when his anticipatory bail application comes up for hearing on January 5th .

Despite all the evidence on record establishing beyond doubt that Remo Fernandes‘s son Jonah was driving the car in a very rash and negligent manner, the Pop Star who was seated in the car next to him, is now trying to fabricate a imaginary tale that some buffaloes ran across the road.

The entire police records of the accident case nowhere makes any mention of buffaloes crossing the road. Remo Fernandes has made-up this cock and bull story as a fake defence in an attempt to desperately try and save his son from the charges of rash and negligent driving.

By the way, can Remo Fernandes please enlighten us on which ancient Calculator did he use to deduce that Rs 25,000 to Rs 28,000 was the total expenses the very grievously injured victim would incur during her six months in bed recuperating from her injuries.

The girl will hopefully one day get well from those accident injuries but may never pull through Remo Fernandes’s verbal abuse. “Why are you alive? You should have died” is what Remo Fernandes is accused of having allegedly said while verbally abusing the minor girl at the Goa Medical College hospital at Bambolim.

Remo Fernandes has been booked under the very stringent Goa Children’s Act in which unlike other laws the onus is on the accused to prove that he is innocent.

After firing his initial burly Panaji lawyer, Remo Fernandes has now opted for a flamboyant one from South of the Zuari. One should not be surprised if Remo Fernandes now levels extortion charges against him too and then hunts for a third alternative legal eye. Stay tuned and keep watching the Remo Fernandes show. And for once it is indeed a Free Show !

- Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar | 03 rd January 2016 11:33


Whatever Aires and Remo say to defend themselves the truth lies somewhere in between.

- Parag Hede, Panaji,Goa. | 03 rd January 2016 10:08


The sister of the injured girl is a good decision maker even though she is poor and might be not well educated for claiming a fair amount of 3 lacks

In my opinion Remo could pay 3 times more than that amount for famous lawyers and court fines

- John W DSouza, Margoa Goa | 02 nd January 2016 21:49


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