BBSM ready for a public debate on MoI; but not with FORCE

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 16 December 2015 17:44 IST

Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch is ready for a public debate on the issue of Medium of Instruction, but with the government authorities, not with those demanding grants to English medium primary schools.

Forum for the Right of Children’s Education (FORCE) had recently thrown an open challenge to the BBSM leaders to have an open debate on Lohia Maidan in Margao tomorrow on the issue of government giving grants to English medium primary schools.

The BBSM is presently up in arms over Bharatiya Janata Party government’s plan to make it a law of its policy of continuing government grants to Church-run English medium primary schools.

FORCE had initiated an agitation, making this demand, which the Congress government agreed to in 2011 while the BJP, after opposing it before 2012 election, followed the same policy.

“Let BBSM leaders Uday Bhembre or Aravind Bhatikar come to have an open debate on how studying in English affects the culture and why parents can’t have a choice of choosing the MoI of their children”, FORCE leader Savio Lopes had said recently.

Reacting to this open challenge, Bhatikar said he would not like to have a debate with Lopes, who is Diploma in Food Technology from Government Polytechnic and has worked for many years on cruiser ships.

“I would love to debate the issue either with Smriti Irani (central HRD minister), who does not seem to be aware of the grant-in-aid mess in Goa or with Manohar Parrikar (Goa’s former CM), who is responsible for this mess or with Laxmikant Parsekar (Goa CM), who has failed so far to clear the mess”, said Bhatikar in a press note.

He also stated that, during his career in the Indian Administrative Service, he has considerable experience in formulation and implementation of Educational policies over a number of years.

The retired IAS officer from Tami Nadu cadre also stated that it is futile for two laymen to debate the issue in public when so many experts over the last 65 years have recommended that primary education should take place in the mother tongue of the child.


Bhatikar, also the chairman of Model English High School in Margao, in his press note has also listed out several opinions of educational experts on the issue of MoI as follows:

The UNESCO (United Nations Economic, Social and Cultural Organisation), after conducting a research in various Asian and African countries through educational experts, has brought out many reports on the subject recommending that primary education should be in the mother tongue of the child or the language closest to the mother tongue if facilities to impart education in mother tongue are not available.

The government of India's reports on the National Education Framework (NEF) also clearly states that primary education should take place in the child's mother tongue. In fact, the NEF even recommends education up to University level in the state or regional language.

The government of India sent a committee of experts to Goa immediately after liberation to study the MoI issue for primary education in Goa. The committee, of which the late Prof. Armando Menezes was a member, recommended that primary education in Goa should be in Konkani.

8 out of 11 members of the Expert Committee appointed by the BJP government two years ago recommended that government give grant-in-aid only to the primary schools where the mother tongue of the child is MoI and that in Goa, it should be Konkani and other Indian languages which are declared by the parents as the child's mother tongue.

Before that the erstwhile Congress government had appointed a committee to study the issue of primary education and the committee under the chairmanship of Prof M S Kamat had also recommended the same as above. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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These likes of Bastodkars always throw dust in the eyes of people by fabricating false stories of Golden era in India like their predecessors. These are the same guys who survived only by creating false Gods and instilling fear of those false Gods in the minds of Bahujans. Their position in the social hierarchy offered them the monopoly in education till Peshwa rule and even during British/ Portuguese rule. Obviously they twisted facts to suit their own interests. These are the same elements who ridiculed reformers like Phule and Raja ram Mohan Roy; forced lower caste man to do menial jobs, opposed bhaujan women from wearing blouses and burnt their own women too in the name of sati. After the fall of Peshwai they became insecure and formed RSS and chose to be British spies to monitor the activities of freedom fighters.

It is interesting to note that so called veteran freedom fighters like Nagesh Karmali are sharing platform with the successors of traitors. It is a mystery as why these Konkani stalwarts who claimed to have secular and liberal credentials chose to seek asylum in the stable of communal RSS masters during the sunset of their lives.

Comparatively, one must appreciate the younger brigade that represents Konkani Bhasha Mandal who opposed communalization of MOI issue.

Like of Bastodkar must be feeling like pariahs with the empowerment of bahujans. They must realize that bahujans are not vindictive like them and will not mistreat them like the forefathers of this brahminical class. (Not everyone born in the Brahmin caste but only a few who survived by concocting cock and bull fables, without doing any productive work).

- Rupesh Jhalmi, Malbhat, Margao | 17 th December 2015 19:52


Did someone here pointed out to bramhinical attitude? My god, the total eradication of bramhinical attitude has ruined this nation. If Bhatikar desires to revive it let us welcome.

- Madhav Bastodker, Ponda | 17 th December 2015 13:46


Such important issues can never be debated with those having muscle power, money power and ballot power. These powers in India are invincible. Wise people should abandon such places.

- Madhav Bastodker, Ponda | 17 th December 2015 09:30


Cowards and Psychopath BBSM.Some of this members ran english schools before.others have their close relatives in english medium private schools.

This stupid peoples mentality is that of cowards and Psychopaths.

- Santosh, goa | 16 th December 2015 23:08


Goa Su-Raj Party agrees that MOI in government primary schools should be in Goa's Mother Tongue which is KONKANI, both in Romi & Devanagri scripts with English Language as a Master Subject to afford easy transition from primary to secondary levels.

Therefore any other school/s like DSE schools etc which agree to have MOI as Konkani in their primary levels with English as the Master subject shall get the Goa government grants. Those schools which do not agree to Konkani as MOI shall not get Goa Government grants.

Marathi is not Goa's mother tongue. Therefore marathi primary schools shall not get Goa Government grants.

Is Mr. Arvind Bhatikar agreable to this??


- FLORIANO LOBO, Moira | 16 th December 2015 19:52


If Mr.Bhatikar has the guts let him come for a debate on 17 December. Will expose each and every lie of his issued through the press note.

- Savio lopes, chinchinim | 16 th December 2015 18:42


Bhatikar clearly shows his bias and brahminical attitude in ridiculing Lopes' educational qualifications. Shame on him.

These BBSM oldies from Konkani movement have lost the plot.

And what is this UNESCO report? Where one can get the full text of this report.?

Also all those countries imparting primary education in mother tongue continue to do so even at the higher level and do not shift to English after primary level.

These pseudo intellectuals from Konkani movement and stand completely exposed. They are now flaunting their caste and religious superiority . Such mediocre leaders are jeopardizing the future of our Goan children, Beware of them and throw them in the dustbin of history.

- Rupesh Jhalmi, Malbhat , Margao | 16 th December 2015 18:24


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