Goa Govt blasts Goa Foundation, blames of creating eco-unrest

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 01 December 2015 22:12 IST

Goa government has literally blasted Goa Foundation for challenging 88 mining leases, alleging that the organisation led by Dr Claude Alvares has an agenda to create unrest in Goan economy.

In a counter affidavit filed before the Supreme Court, the state government has also expressed fear of law and order problem in the state if interim relief is granted by staying the lease renewals.

Goa Foundation has challenged renewal of 88 mining leases and granting it to the same lease holders instead of auctioning the leases.

“The points raised by the petitioner like renewal cannot be granted and mines be auctioned were all matters argued and rejected earlier by the honourable Supreme Court”, stated the affidavit, filed by Mines Director Prasanna Acharya.

“Granting interim relief to the plea made by Goa Foundation would severely affect the people, who are directly and indirectly dependent upon the mining industry in Goa as well as the state in terms of revenue, power to undertake projects, schemes etc and ultimately create a law and order situation”, stated the affidavit.

Goa government has also termed the petition as an attempt to reopen, re-visit and re-agitate the issues, which were conclusively heard and decided or rejected by the court.

The attitude and approach of Goa Foundation, states the affidavit, has convinced the state government that it has essentially an ulterior agenda of not only halting the economic progress, obstructing the development of the state and the nation, but also a kind of discreet agenda with some ulterior motives.

According to Goa government, the organisation has approached the court nine months after the renewal orders were issued with a malice and having an agenda to create unrest in the economy.


The mining department has also questioned why Goa Foundation did not approach the court when the mining policy was framed in November last year or when the leases were granted.

The state has also denied the allegation made by Goa Foundation that leases were renewed in one day, stating that the whole exercise was carried out between 5 November last year to 12 January this year – total 37 days.

The renewal applications were filed in 2006 while they were processed at various and different points of time, claims Goa government.

While accusing Goa Foundation for making false statement to cause prejudice, the affidavit states that Goa Foundation has filed a general kind of challenge making very casual, irresponsible and baseless allegations against the State Government, ought not to be entertained by the court.

Though the affidavit does not specify what is the agenda and ulterior motive of Goa Foundation, it has listed out several other attempts of Goa Foundation to stall Goa’s development and progress.

In order to justify it, examples are placed before the court that include Goa Foundation’s petition challenging construction of new Mandovi bridge built to ease increasing traffic congestion, petition against Terekhol bridge demanded by the Panchayat and targeting garbage treatment plant, claiming it to be eco-friendly. 


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"An Open Letter to the BJP government, the CM and especially Cabral and Phaldessai, If the once in 100 year flood that has devastated Chennai , which by any stretch of imagination is definitely a Man Made Disaster, does not open your eyes to the destruction your wrong policies and errant actions are going to cause to Goa and its citizens, then nothing will. Are you who live in GLASS houses throwing stones at the very Goa Foundation that has over the years fought day in and day out to protect the environment that you and your families have enjoyed over the years and are now with your potent, vulgar greed and shortsightedness destroying ? Whilst you and your breed of greed enjoy the luxurious perks afforded to you by the exchequer/Peoples taxes, Claude and Norma travel by buses and trains to the various courts in the country, they eat samosas and drink Tea, many times at road side stalls, travel in rickshas, they live with friends to save up on bills. A visit to their office will show you that they do not even have an AC when it is hot and your inefficient electricity dept. plays havoc with even the fans. They COMPLAIN NOT. They are passionate and love what they do. None of YOU will EVER MATCH UP to them. Your grouse against them is that they are cutting off your illegal incomes. Before you find fault with them, examine your own actions and find out if you the legislators yourselves follow the very laws, rules regulations that you yourselves legislate.

I CHALLENGE YOU TO SHOW US ONE PROJECT THAT YOU HAVE COME UP WITH WHEREIN YOU HAVE FOLLOWED THE LAWS OF THE LAND. The intelligent people of Goa are watching you and will teach you a befitting lesson in 2016 - 17. You dare not underestimate us the people of Goa."_ Ms. Judith B. Almeida [ https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008412493485&fref=nf ]

- Joaozinho Martins, Orlim, Salcete, Goa | 04 th December 2015 00:50


The plan to go ahead with the third bridge over the Mandovi river smacks of a desperate attempt by the BJP led Goa govt to raise resources for the Goa assembly elections due in 2017. The sudden spurt in projects being cleared smells a rat. It's obvious that the BJP is out to raise funds by hook or by crook for the upcoming elections.

- Albert Colaco, Goa | 03 rd December 2015 19:00


The Goa Foundation has raised pertinent issues, which the Goa govt is shying away from answering. By resorting to attacking the NGO and raising extraneous issues like probable economic unrest, social disturbances etc if an interim stay as sought by the petitioner is given by the court shows that the govt is on a weak wicket. It's counter affidavit smacks of frustration, desperation and downright pettiness.

- Albert Colaco, Goa | 03 rd December 2015 18:55


Goa govt.frustrated and desperste.Resorting to diverting attention from the main issue of renewing of licences by violating norms. Raising the bogey.of possible unrest, if mining is not resumed, the Goa govt is foist with its own petard..After making illegal mining under the Congress regime one of the main election.issues in 2012, it has now realised.that it needs the support of the so-called mining affected populace to have any chance of being reelected in 2017. One more major U-turn by the party.with a 'difference',

- Albert Colaco, Goa | 02 nd December 2015 19:11


BJP in Goa as well as Karnataka is funded by Mining Mafia

- Goa for Goans, Goa | 02 nd December 2015 00:07


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