Parrikar 'thinks' of retiring, but not leaving 'responsibility' halfway

PTI, PANAJI | 30 November 2015 17:17 IST

Defence minister Manohar Parrikar has once again browsed the topic of retiring from politics, but this time not till the ‘present responsibility’ is accomplished.

He however did not specify which responsibility, as the defence minister or the Rajya Sabha MP.

The term of Narendra Modi government ends in May 2019 while Parrikar’s term as the Rajya Sabha MP ends in November 2021.

“I don’t think I should take any big burden. But I will accomplish what I have been doing, will not leave it halfway”, he assured while speaking in his home town of Mapusa yesterday.

Parrikar is completing 60 years on 13 December, for which an extravagant celebration is being organised in his Goa state.

“It is obvious that you think of retirement when you complete 60. I have been thinking of retirement for the last 2-3 years. It would be intensified now”, he said.

He was speaking after opening 200th branch of the Lokmanya Cooperative Bank.

“But that does not mean I will leave my job halfway. Whatever I have done, I have done it wholeheartedly and I will accomplish it”, he assured amidst applause.

Parrikar, Goa’s former chief minister, also ‘gave a guarantee’ to Goans to bring the state government on a track, in case it goes off track.

To take up a responsibility in the central cabinet, Parrikar had resigned in November last year, after sweeping the Assembly election in 2012 and ruling the state for two years eight months.

Being a small state, he said Goa faces a problem of quality leadership but told the audience not to worry about it as he will always be observing Goa.


Parrikar has been in active politics for the last 24 years, combining his entry with the controversial Ramjanamabhoomi issue.

He lost two Lok Sabha elections from North Goa, in 1991 and 1996, but made his debut in the Assembly in 1994.

It was also a debut of the BJP in the Goa Assembly with total four legislators.

Since then, Parrikar has consistently won Panaji seat five times.

After he vacated Panaji last year to take up responsibility at the centre, his close aide Siddharth Kuncalienker is the Panaji MLA.


Following is the verbatim Konkani speech of Parrikar, where he browsed the topic of retirement once again:

60 जाले काय रिटायरमेंटाचो विचार करचो पडटा. आऩी 13 डिसेंबरा म्हाका 60 जातात. रिटायरमेंटाचो विचार 2-3 वर्सां पयलींच सुरू केल्लो. तो आतां चड इण्टेसिफाय जातलो. खूब मोटीं बर्डनां म्हज्या माथ्यार घेवचीं अशें म्हाका दिसना. जें कितें केलां तें मनापासून केलां, तें करतलों, तें पुर्ण करतलों, अर्दवट दवरचों ना खंयचेंच.

गोंयकारांनी चिंता करपाची गरज ना. गोंयची गाडी जाग्यार... शेवटीं ल्हान राज्य. खूब मनीस आमकां मेळटले, लीडरशीप आशिल्ले क्वॉलिटी, हाजे संदर्भांत थोडोसो क्वॅश्चन मार्क उरता. पूण एक गोश्ट सांगतां, म्हजें लक्ष गोंयांचेर आसतलें. आनी हांव गोंयांत सरकार चुकिच्या मार्गार वचूंक लागलें काय ताका योग्य मार्गार हाडपाची गॅरँटी गोंयकारांक दिवंक शकतां. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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