Church is 'indirectly' responsible for Fr Bismarque's death: Fr Michael

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 17 November 2015 18:18 IST

An outspoken colleague within the clergy is holding the Church authorities indirectly responsible for the fate of Fr Bismarque Dias, who was found dead in the creek at his St Estevam village last week.

Fr Michael Fernandes, a fighter himself, has also asked why the Church has officially not come out with a single statement on Fr Bismarque’s death in suspicious circumstances.

“I am not saying that the Church authorities are involved in killing Fr Bismarque. But he was not protected by the Church when he was fighting the sell-out of Goa”, Fr Fernandes told

A practicing lawyer since 1990, Fr Fernandes has also been fighting people’s issues and taking up court cases of the exploited and helpless class of the society in the port town of Vasco.

It all started, according to him, when Fr Bismarque found out that the Church had sold out a gifted land at Vaxim Island to a Bangalore-based party to build a resort and a golf course etc.

As he recalls, Fr Bismarque was at that time living in a rented room and looking after the construction of a building of Blessed Sacrament Society at Alto St Cruz.

As he started mobilising the people against the sell-out of the Church land to the hotelier, the Church of Goa immediately transferred him to the USA in 2010.

As a result, says Fr Fernandes, his fighter colleague had preferred to stop preaching and fighting public issues by living in his St Estevam village rather than going to the USA, obeying the Church order.

After two years, two opposite opinions emerged within the Church when Fr Bismarque decided to contest Assembly election from Cumbarjua as an independent candidate.

Fr Mousinho Ataide, an expert on Canon Law and professor at Rachol Seminary, had ruled that there is no prohibition on a priest contesting Assembly election and Fr Bismarque need not take permission from the Church.

As he recalls, Fr Ataide had also stated that he would require to take permission of the Church only if he gets elected and not to fight election.

Fr Eremito Rebello, convenor of Goa for Dabolim Only, had expressed difference of opinion on Fr Ataide’s view, but could not provide a second opinion, quoting the Canon Law.

He also disclosed that Fr Bismarque was once again getting himself prepared to fight the forthcoming Assembly election in 2017 from the same constituency, with a larger public support.

In fact Fr Fernandes alleges that the priest candidate was defeated by his own senior colleagues within the clergy, who secretly pressurised the priests in Cumbarjua constituency (including Old Goa) to tell the people not to vote for him.

While Fr Bismarque was fighting the real estate barons and the government authorities in his village, Pernem taluka and all over Goa, Fr Fernandes feels the Church did not protect the fighting priest.

According to him, the priests are today supporting the public meetings and candle light vigils at personal level and the Church has not given any official directive to support the public protests, not even through the Council for Social Justice and Peace.

He also alleges that the police are not probing Fr Bismarque’s death case from all the angles when he had been receiving threats to his life.

Fr Fernandes has been transferred to Clergy Home of aged priests with only two inmates by creating a new post – Assistant to the Director.

He has challenged this transfer as well as the creation of this post since the Clergy Home of two inmates is being looked after by two senior priests.

Fr Fernandes presently lives at his own Vasco flat, as a practicing lawyer. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Previous Comments

Yes it should not be said CHURCH but the WISE MEN of " The Archdiocese of Goa " . Our Mother Church is going in the good direction under our beloved Pope Francis with Cleaning up and the way he is living his simple life.

Keep it up Fr. Michael Fernandes your good work and always to the truth. Bcoz we all know that Truth is BITTER.

- Savio Fernandes, Sharjah | 17 th February 2016 11:19


i agree with Fr, michael.

- paresh kolwalkar, mumbai | 31 st January 2016 05:09


It's a shame that the bishop sold the propertty at a throw away price clearly raising questions how much did the bishop make not for the church but for himself . If he is a true man he should step down and resume once his actions are proved correct. Also no word of support for Fr. Bismarque shows the church politics ugly face

- Willy, Goa | 21 st December 2015 19:52


First of all our heartfelt condolences to Fr Bismarque's family. What I don't understand is that how the Goa Police are making statements about Fr Bismarque's death without proper investigation. HAVE THEY BEEN BRIBED BY THE MURDERERS OF FR BISMARQUE ?



And why is the Church so silent ? Archbiship Felipe Neri, why is there no statement from him ?

It is no wonder that catholics in Goa are leaving in droves and joining cults. The Goan clergy must follow our Pope, an excellent human human.

I hope Fr Bismarque receives justice. I mourn for Goa. I am an authentic Goan and am a frequent visitor to Goa. It is a shame that Goa has reached such a low level. I hope the so-called freedom fighters who supposedly fought for Goa, will hang their heads in shame!!!!!

Fr Bismarque was killed because he stood up for Goa.



My response to the YP what does he mean by Holy Cow Church. The church is people not COW.

- Nazario S D'souza, Fujairah UAE | 20 th November 2015 01:13


Dear Padri.Micheal fernandes, I am confused with your thoughts, I was an acquaintance of SCREAM years back, when Mr. Reggie Gomes was the group's co ordinator.

The priest Bismark who was ordained by the church when he had professed obedience to his superiors (besides being poor and chaste....) had disobeyed the church's order for not going to USA in the year 2010. In fact he stopped preaching the Gospel ( as you have quoted) and started fighting public issues which was against his ordination " sacremental vows". He could have done exemplary justice from the pulpit. My question is was he excomunicated? by the church? OR not? When I say church I mean the diocease where he is under/ Rome or was he living a double standard of life. And if so then the church keeping him at arms length is justified.

I further read that you have challenged your transfer, well I hope better sense prevails.

- Nazario S D'souza, Fujairah, UAE | 20 th November 2015 00:49


Brother Francis, Margao,

When it comes to religion, please remember, when you point a finger to the other religion, four fingers are pointing in your direction.

"Science has taken us to the moon; religion has flown us into buildings."


- Caitano, Goa | 19 th November 2015 23:33


YP from Panaji. Whoever you are and whichever religion you belong to, mind your words. Christains are not communal, but everybody knows which religion practices communalism. people like you are scum of goan society.

- Francis, Margao | 19 th November 2015 16:25


I am glad that Fr. Michael came out with the truth finally about the Church in Goa.

- Maurisa Monteiro, JUA | 19 th November 2015 16:20


Please pray that Fr Bismarque gets justice.

My sincere apologies to the bereaved family.

Hope the culprits are brought to book.

- Priscilla D'Souza, Porvorim | 18 th November 2015 16:15


Fr. Fernandes is an excellent priest, indeed i am privilegrd that he celbrant my nuptial as well as the birth if my first child. A priest simple, helpful and lives by example and does god' s work Tk cre tanya .

- Ms Tanya Mascarenhas, Benaulim | 18 th November 2015 15:10


The illegalities that are rampant within the CHURCH is unimaginable. Parents are being harassed by Parish Priests of various parishes around Goa , when it comes to the time of receiving Holy Communion and Conirmation. Similarly, couples wishing to get married in the Church are forced to have their ceremony in their own Parish and in the mother tongue and are made to run from pilar to posts by CORRUPT PARISH PRIESTS in order that they have their own way. I don't think CHRIST'S teachings support any of the above behaviour, nor does the HOLY BIBLE insist on practising one's religion at a particular Church and a particular language. It's about time all CHURCH SUPPORT from people of all PARISHES are sent to BISHOP'S HOUSE and from there distributed to the various Parishes in Goa, as per collection received and CATHOLICS are given the freedom to practice their religion and receive the HOLY SACRAMENTS at the CHURCH of their choice in much the same manner are HINDU BRETHREN practice their religion at any temple around the world.

- Ashley Fernandes, Margao, Goa | 18 th November 2015 10:15


I strongly protest with the title of this Article.

The Church and its teaching is universal.Please keep the church out of this. A better phrase to use would be "Filip Neri Ferrao indirectly responsible of father's murder".

- Klain Simoes, Panaji | 17 th November 2015 20:45


I have been given to understand that As per d canon law of d church, that we d laiety are d life support giving oxygen in full steem to keep d good work of our church leaders going on in d true n honest as per d teachings of christs himself.His down to earth attitude, wit great humility as professed in his teahings n works amongst his disciples, are being openly spoken by our present Pope Francis.Here,d church leaders in Goa should come out openly wit out any fear or backlash n clarify on d issues that father bismark stood n fought in d spirit of justice in he was born, belonged to n died for by taking up very adverse n important illegal issues even if some were mistakenly or unauthorisedly carried out by a few corrupt members of d church of jesus christ teachings 2000 years back.It seems in todays world d churh authorities n its few of its laiety members r in connivance wit some top builers

- Wilbur f ticlo, Porvorim ,carrem, socorro | 17 th November 2015 19:01


how come no comments from communal christians as holy cow church no body wants to comments !! how hypcritical

- yp, panaji | 17 th November 2015 18:52


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