Fr Bismarque died due to drowning, states autopsy report

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 07 November 2015 18:38 IST

The Babhol Manos where Fr Bismarque went for swim

The autopsy report has revealed that priest-turned-activist Fr Bismarque Dias died due to drowning.

Fr Bismarque had gone missing since Thursday midnight and his body was found floating in the river at his village of St Estevam today morning.

Some social organisations have already demanded thorough probe into his sudden death, claiming that he was receiving threats to his life due to several public protests he was involved in.

North Goa SP Umesh Gaonkar however told that the autopsy conducted by the Goa Medical College Hospital has stated the cause of death as ‘asphyxia (suffocation) due to drowning in the water.’

He also said there are some marks found on his body, which the autopsy report has stated as ‘marks of aquatic creatures’.

However, the police have preserved his body and the viscera would be sent to Hyderabad Laboratory for further investigation.

While several social activists rushed to the GMC when dead body of Fr Bismarque was brought, SP Gaonkar said they have taken two activists close to him – Sudeep Dalvi and Florian Lobo – as witnesses for the inquest panchanama conducted before the post-mortem.

The probe would continue in the case till the cause of his death is fully established, said the police officer. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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All what we goans know is to ask questions without waiting for the investigations to reveal the truth. If you'll are so concerned then go to the police station and ask police the questions rather than writing on the internet.

- Francis, Margao | 08 th November 2015 14:41


Forwarded as received.

As written by a well wisher:


The story the two youths are telling, is a fabricated lie. I think these two youths are actually plants, palced in position by the main conspirator, to lead us in a differrent track all togehter.

We have only the words of these two boys, that Fr. Bismark, had some beers and then went for a swim at midnight, is a brilliant move desgined to lead us into beliving that bismark died due to accidental drowning.

Having seen the site where the boys sat down, and where Fr. Bisamarks body is found, I arrive to the conclusion that Baismark was murderd at the place where his body was found today....which is much earlier then the hut , where the beer bottles and his clothes were found. Maybe even the beer botles were added later to suggest that bismark was drinking and hence drowned.

Today , a pen belonging to Fr. Bismark was seen in the river where his body was found. If Fr. Bismark went for a swim , as the boys suggest, then how comw his pen is found at the palce where is body came up? If Fr. Bismark removed his clothes at the hut, then his pen should also be at the hut, where his clotes and mobile was found.

Secondly, the boys say that he went into the water one time, and then came up again, and then went into the water a second time.....and then they went searching for him in the water. However we saw no footprints of any one in the river muck. Further more , if they had not found him,they should have come up in the village and informed the villagers. however they choose to sleep and conduct the saerch in the morning....sounds to far fetched to believe.

The police must do proper investigation into the matter. The case has been to given to Serafino, I suuggest that the case be taken away form him, and given to Nelson.

THE BATTLE IS NOT OVER....ITS JUST BEGINING!!!! Forward let others know.

- Joel Cardozo, Goa | 08 th November 2015 11:33


On reading the internet version of what the police have said, there appear to be questions that must be asked.

Firstly, how did the police know Bismarck died due to drowning even before the autopsy report was out?

How did the police know Bismarck drank beer even before the viscereal report is out?

Have the police been to eager (for some reason) to tarnish the name of Bismarck, and merely give supposed heed to what the "boys" told them?

If the boys stated that the three of them were drinking from 3 pm Thursday noon till midnight, why is there no mention made about meals? Did they not eat at all, till midnight? If they did, who was it that procured the meals for them? Surprisingly this did not appear in the police version?

Have the police secured the mobile phones or traced the calls on the phones of the "boys"?

If the boys knew Bismarck was drunk at midnight, would it be probable that they yet allowed him to go swimming?

When he did not return (from swimming) the boys just went off to sleep. They did not look for him because they were afraid of the water. But then, neither did they raise an alarm then, that night!

Next morning, seeing he was not there they just presumed he had gone home. What made them change their mind? Did they not immediately see his bike and clothes as soon as they awoke?

Questions, questions, questions!!! No answers to anyone's satisfaction, I think.

Polygraph test needed.

Bring in the CBI, or who else, please suggest.

- zeferino fernandes, seraulim, goa | 07 th November 2015 23:14


It's shocking what has happened, I pray that a very thorough investigation takes place and that those who are responsible Wii have the courage to speak the truth. May Justice be done and may he rest in peace

- dorothy fernandes, Patna | 07 th November 2015 20:42


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