Fr Bismarque goes missing; did he drown?

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 06 November 2015 21:12 IST

Fr Bismarque Dias, a priest-turned-activist of Goa, has gone missing since last night.

The police have already started search operations all along the river from his St Estevam village since he did not return from a swim he had gone post-midnight, after having drinks.

North Goa SP Umesh Gaonkar told they have already alerted the coastal police and the police boats are searching, fearing that he might have drowned.

The Old Goa police have reached this conclusion after recording statements of two boys accompanying him last night, from the village to Babhol Manos (the sluice gate) where he had gone swimming.

The missing complaint was filed today morning when the boys found his clothes and mobile phone at the river bank.

The village boys – Ganesh Koli (17) and Darren Vaz (18) – have told the police that they were together since 3.30 pm and were on a drinking spree.

According to police, they had over two cartons of beer till midnight, after which Fr Bismarque went swimming, twice, keeping his clothes and mobile phone on the river bank.

When Fr Bismarque went for a swim for the second time after having beer again, the boys went to sleep in a hut at the sluice gate and came back to the village today morning, presuming that he might have gone home.

Though they found his clothes and mobile phone lying on the river bank, the boys told the police that they never thought of him getting drowned since he was a good swimmer.

The sluice gate owner lifted the call made by Fr Bismarque’s sister-in-law in the morning since he had not returned home the whole night.   

The villagers, after enquiring with two boys, went to the river bank to find his clothes and mobiles, which the local church priest took it in his possession.

Though people on social media started predicting a foul play into Fr Bismarque going missing, SP Gaonkar said they are concentrating on tracing him all along the river, which joins River Mandovi.

When called up some villagers of St Estevam, they also narrated a similar story told by the boys to the police.

Fr Bismarque was quite active in the village, protesting against several illegalities and had also contested last Assembly election.

He was also actively supporting several issues other villagers were fighting, like against the Terekhol golf course and the Raheja project coming up in Carmona village, through musical awareness programmes. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Rumors and hearsay fly, facts snail-walk.

- Jon Abreau, Goa | 11 th November 2015 05:47


1) why would he hang out with teen age boys and that to be on a drinking spree with them?

2) How can it be accepted to believe that Fr. being a priest would teach the youth of today how to drink so much?

3) When everyone knows Fr. Bismark was out to make a better Goa for the Goans and for the future of Goans, how can this story told by the 2 immature boys be believed.


- Nikita, Kuwait | 10 th November 2015 17:53


Is parikar involved in this murder? use a lie dectecor machine on him n all the ministers which our father was fighting against for justice. i bet this wont happen because this is goa. This case need to been taken serious its a pre planned murder. This is politicies corruption because opposite party knew he would get definatley elect ghis coming election for there loss the over his game and this few police are pressured to things look like Without postmortem they say he was drowned how come its a pre planned muder dirty policticies and some goan people are mixed in this case i request the police to take the two boys in custody before they are shooted

- Romeo fernandes, Mumbai | 09 th November 2015 07:32


It's a cold blooded murder.... it's a work of the evil.... ppl who were threatened to be exposed by him killed him... he was a thorn in their dirty work... I am sure high ranking officials and Politicians are involved in this pre planned murder of Fr. Bismarque... Are those two youth (Ganesh Koli (17) and Darren Vaz (18) ) from our village as well???? was some one keeping a watch over him? his daily routine what he was and where he was going... when they finally got a chance .. when they finally met him alone..they killed him somewhere else and drown his body in our village river to make locals believe that he got drowned? many questions arises at the moment....... those youth to be interrogated by the cops until the truth comes out............ He fought for Justice.. yes now he needs justice... Until He gets justice.. St. Estevan bro's n sis's fight out to your last...the Blood he shed.. His life he gave for GOA fighting his last breath crying for Justice now... Fr. Bismarque your work will not go in waste... another Fr. Bismarque will arise to carry on what was undone still........ Eternal Rest grant unto him Oh lord and Perpetual light shine upon him... May his soul R.I.P. Amen!

- Nadine Dias, St. Estevan - Kuwait | 08 th November 2015 17:48


The priest has got its reward for supporting humanity. I don't expect any politicians will call CBI investigation coz Christians, Muslim or any other minority has lost their identity under this active government who is dominated by RSS. Shame on BJP government who has no control on RSS after getting majority. BJP government belongs to corporates not for aam aadmi. Fr. Bismark is just the beginning. There is no life for honest people. Raheja's n other corporate are safe under BJP. No one can do anything.

- wilson Fernandes , benaulim. | 07 th November 2015 18:31


I am shocked to hear about Rev. Fr.Bismarque. I know him as a priest who stood for justice! In case this is a foul play the persons involved will pay the price not only this generation but also their descendants! They have soiled their hands annointed man of God!

- Valerie Godinho, Bangalore | 07 th November 2015 17:54


Wonderful explanation!!! ... if this news report turns out to be false...please be prepared to issue the family a personal apology for defaming a dead person

- Anthony, Mumbai | 07 th November 2015 14:18


Certain things don't add up..

e.g. Why socially active Bismarque go on a drinking spree with young boys of 18 and below?

Why he would go for swim after drinking (a lot)?

- Joe, Agassaim | 07 th November 2015 02:41


Shame on you you cheap paperwalas.

- Sudeep , Dalvi | 07 th November 2015 00:36




- Roque manuel Coutinho, Quepem Goa | 06 th November 2015 23:28


Get all the facts right before people prematurely coming to conclusions one way or the other.

- JP, Goa | 06 th November 2015 23:22


If AAP wants to Govern then AAP should book the culprits

and deliver Justice to whole Humanity.

Jesus Christ was killed the same way but on the Cross...

Why Goa Church has not filled a Case or have they...?

- Jose Cunha, GOA(UK) | 06 th November 2015 22:13


was this murder pre planned ?

- Jose Cunha, GOA(UK) | 06 th November 2015 21:42


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