Where am I connected? It’s BJP’s revenge politics: Digambar tells the court

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 13 August 2015 14:01 IST

Former chief minister Digambar Kamat has said police cannot ask for his custodial interrogation since neither he is in power today nor he had any powers to hold back JICA-related files when he was the chief minister.

Adv Surendra Desai today argued for over two hours, stating that the project of JICA-funded water supply and sewerage was awarded before Kamat came to power.

Similarly, he said, the Louis Berger International Inc. was granted consultancy project as per the guidelines of JICA under strict supervision of the oversees bank.

“The chief minister had nothing to do with the whole matter and the contract to Louis Berger was granted when Sudin Dhawalikar was the PWD minister, not Churchill Alemao”, argued Adv Desai.

The special court at Panaji, dealing with corruption cases, is hearing his anticipatory bail application since the crime branch of Goa police plans to the arrest the former Congress chief minister.

According to Kamat, the crime branch is falsely implicating him purely with a political vendetta since he is getting elected from Margao continuously even after leaving the BJP in 2005.

“The police are taking orders from its political bosses – the BJP – since they want to finish my client (Digambar Kamat) politically”, alleged Adv Desai.

Following is the chronology of events he submitted in the court:

* The contract of JICA-funded project was awarded on 7 June 2007 while Kamat was sworn in the chief minister on 8 June 2007.

* Bids for consultancy were opened on 26 March 2009 and the JICA officials negotiated with Louis Berger consultancy firm to bring down their quote from Rs 118 crore to Rs 75 crore – by Rs 40 crore.

* The contract to Louis Berger was executed by the PWD on 26 May 2009 when Sudin Dhawalikar was the PWD minister and work order was issued on 19 June.

* The whole cabinet decided to form various committees to execute the JICA –funded project with Dhawalikar as the chairman of it. CM was in no way connected with the project.

Where is the question of taking bribes in 2010 and 2011 when all the issues were finalised in 2009, asked Adv Desai.

He also quoted the reply to his RTI filed on 23 July, one day after the crime branch had taken all the files, stating that all the files pertaining to JICA project were taken by the crime branch.

“Why then police want custody of my client to search for the file when they have the files and my client (Digambar Kamat) is not in power for the last two years”, asked Adv Desai.

Kamat’s counsel also pointed out that the police are making a case on the basis of the confessions of ex-employees of Louis Berger but not getting the officers of Louis Berger like James McClang, who was actually monitoring the Goa project.

“The ex-employees are pressurised by the government and their statements sworn in before the magistrate are doctored and tailored”, he alleged.

He also pointed out that the statement under Section 164 CrPC (before the magistrate) of A M Wachasundar, project director of JICA-funded project, was recorded after he was sent to judicial custody and when he withdrew his anticipatory bail application.

“That speaks everything”, he said.

Adv Desai also said the intention of the police to defame Kamat is clear when they cite his involvement in the mining scam when Shah Commission does not name him anywhere and no action against him has been initiated against him after the Supreme Court disposed of the case.

The arguments would continue, with Adv Guruprasad Kirtani, the government counsel, placing forward the side of the police in the afternoon.

If the arguments continue till late, the verdict on the hearing would probably be delivered tomorrow. 

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Mining scam, and now Louis berger scam both took place at the time of congress lead govt. by CM Digambar Kamat and now he is saying he doesn't know at allabout it.... THEN WAT WAS HE EXACTLY CM OR DONKEY SITTING ON CHAIR??? ..... Seriously guys I have totally lost faith in Indian judiciary and this country ll definitely see worst days then Greeks

- Yuvraj Sinari, Margao | 14 th August 2015 00:10


Digambar Kamat is part of this JICA conspirancy and Adv.Dessai is all out to protect him in making Digambar as a clean man.

Adv.Dessai also trying to protect Chorchill Alemao and since BJP is in power all the JICA mess created by Digambar an Alemao now being pushed on Dhavlikar.

Indian judiciary must be fair and just.

- Cruz Rodrigues, Margao | 13 th August 2015 15:27


Very shrewd and corrupt thieving. If he was not in charge of affairs as CM, then what was he?

- Satu, Goa | 13 th August 2015 14:47


TRUE. He is getting elected from Margao continuously and they know he is surely going to be the CM again and get the party back to power. Hence...

- Goan observor, Goa | 13 th August 2015 14:29


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