94% say don’t pardon Mickky; What do you say?

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 09 August 2015 22:01 IST

The Aam Aadmi of Goa feels Nuvem MLA Mickky Pacheco should not be pardoned and left free from the jail.

It’s a survey finding of Aam Aadmi Party, conducted at five bus stands of Goa, across the state.

They were asked three simple questions, all related to Goa government’s recommendation to pardon Mickky, who is serving a six-month jail term for slapping a government official on duty.

Almost 94 per cent travellers – the real Aam Aadmi of Goa – have said Mickky should not be pardoned.

To be precise, 397 people out of 422 are dead against releasing the MLA from jail.

The questions, asked on 6 and 7 August, were related to each other:

1.     Do you support the decision of BJP led government’s cabinet to pardon the convicted criminal Mr Mickky Pacheco?

2.     In your opinion should the Hon. Governor of Goa give her consent to the petition of the cabinet to pardon the convicted criminal Mr Mickky Pacheco?

3.     If you are given the opportunity to decide, would you pardon convicted criminal like Mr Mickky Pacheco?

These are the exact findings:

The survey was conducted at bus stands of Panaji, Mapusa, Ponda, Canacona and Valpoi, a mix of city and village Goan, from deep North to extreme South.

Shripad Pednekar, who released the survey findings on behalf of AAP, said there were two reactions their volunteers got, which were common:

आमकां कोण माफ करतलो आसलो? (Who would have pardoned us?)

आज मिकी, फाल्यां आनीक कोण? (Mickky today, who is next?)


AAP fears that pardoning Mickky will set a dangerous precedent for other ministers and MLAs, who commit and crime and then escape using such loopholes.

The cabinet headed by BJP chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar has already recommended to Goa governor Mridula Sinha to pardon him. The ball is now in the court of the Governor.

(Readers can also give their comments below this news in this regard)

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Previous Comments

Pardon Mickky Pacheco and release him ASAP.

He has better things to do for Gaons and the Catholic Community.

Churchill Alemão should be warned and released and or asked to pay back and penalised...

He is a true Goan Leader for Goans as He has helped many down trodden Families in Goa without reservations...

- Jose Cunha, GOA(UK) | 24 th August 2015 07:03


I feel Government servants in general are no innocent. It is also surprising that this Engineer visited Minister’s residence without permission from his higher ups. Bunking offices and visiting ministers are habitual of all Govt employees. In our village panchayat, we have a Talathi who rarely visit the panchayat. He visits as and when he likes & too arrogant. People are put to hardship with several trips to Panchayat and thereby public temperature running high. If this is similar case, then I agree what Mickky did is correct and he should get pardon.

- D. Fernandes, Goa | 10 th August 2015 18:40


There is a saying he committed the crime he serves his time

- John, Scotland | 10 th August 2015 14:09


These criminals should not be excused at any cost.

- sangramkesharibbray, khurda,odisha | 10 th August 2015 12:29


Its rubbish to even think of pardoning Mickey, he being habitual offender

- its rubbish even to think of pardoning mickey he being a habitual offender., Curchorem | 10 th August 2015 11:29


Mickky should get the benefit of doubt since it is not a big murder case or a fraud/extortion case. there are so many people with even bigger cases than this roam freely and the law seems to turn a blind's eye. I assume he is being targeted. Why didnt AAP do the survey at Margao bus stand??? the percentage of pardon would have certainly dethroned the percentage gained!!!

- Francisco Fernandes, Dubai - UAE | 10 th August 2015 11:28


If Micky is Pardoned, then series of Pardons will commence. The common citizens Will loose faith in judiciary. God save India.

- Devidas Shankar Amonkar, Panaji | 10 th August 2015 07:18


Pardon me, It makes me puke when people talk of pardoning a serial offender (Some were serious in nature and even there was a girl who commited suicide and this persons name was as main culprit).

even a street dog would have felt ashamed of the ministers in and the ruling MLA's.

Does any one know how this person is a American Green card holder.

- sanjay, goa | 10 th August 2015 06:45


Let him face the court verdict. Govt should avoid such mistakes. 6 months is too short .but let's respect the high court and not to overrule the sentence.

- Costa domingo, borim ponda | 10 th August 2015 03:49



- Miki, Ponnje | 10 th August 2015 00:23


This survey and Aam Aadmi Party are big FRAUDS. In year 2014 Delhi Law Minister and AAP leader Somnath Bharti along with mob marched against African women charging them with prostitution and drug peddling. However the police said they found no criminal evidence against suspects they held under the politician’s pressure. The AAP mob forced their way into these women homes, passing racist remarks and molesting them. Other than this, AAP should better conduct survey on fake law degreea certificates held by their own Delhi legislator. What Mickky did is absolutely RIGHT!

- Goa for Goans, goa | 10 th August 2015 00:02


.as regards pardon the council of ministers on their they have decided to pardon.It is for Governor to decide now.

- onvicted.All | 09 th August 2015 23:38


I say please pardon Mikky, a very small issue, He has better things to do outside there. The intention was to correct the mistakes, take it easy.

what do you say?

- John W D'Souza, Margoa Goa | 09 th August 2015 22:43



- Mateus , Abu dhabi | 09 th August 2015 22:15


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