Samajik Parishad demands act against superstitions

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Prabhkar Timble, Somu Rao & Radharao Gracias at 5th Samajik Parishad, Margao

The fifth Samajik Parishad held in Margao on 22 February appealed to the people to foster scientific temper, speak against menstrual exclusion, donate body and organs to the needy, enact legislation against superstition and to provide burial and cremation grounds in each village.

Besides these resolutions, the Parishad also condemned the brutal killing of Comrade Govind Pansare in Kolhapur and demanded stern action against the killers.

Following are the resolutions passed at the Parishad.  

Implement Organ Donation Act

The Samajik Parishad urges the Goa Government to immediately implement the Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 1994, which was enacted by the Parliament of India in response to the unanimous resolution passed by Goa Assembly two decades ago.

The Parishad also urges the government to facilitate all matters related to transplantation of organs and to build all the necessary infrastructure, including the Committees at all levels, Organs Retrieval and Transplantation Centres as well as designated surgical experts and doctors needed at every stage in the Government as well as Private Hospitals in order to save maximum number of lives in Goa as well as in the country. The Parishad also appeals to the Government of Goa to create a conducive atmosphere in the society by making fund provision for an aggressive campaign at all levels and sensitise the society for organ donation.

Proposed by: Shri Mahendra Alvares

Seconded by: Shri Mohandas Lolayekar

Appeal to make body & organ donation

The Samajik Parishad appeals to the people of Goa to come forward to donate their eyes after death and  organs at the brain-dead stage before the heart stops beating, so that our organs could save lives of hundreds of people who are struggling for survival. The Parishad thus appeals all its members to take up a campaign at individual level as well as institutional level, especially the educational institutes and social/cultural/literary institutions to create a culture in the Goan society that the biggest sublime service is to donate our organs when we die and save lives. The Parishad also urges its members in particular and the Goan society in general to fill necessary forms available with the Health authorities and convince their kin to follow the declaration to donate  organs after death.

The Parishad also appeals to Goans to donate their body after death to designated hospitals such as the Goa Medical College by filling the requisite forms and help spread of medical education.  

Proposed by: Shri Prasann Timble

Seconded by: Shri Shridhar Kamat

Enact legislation against superstition

Being fully aware of the evil effects of superstitions in the name of tradition, exploitation of illiterate and even the educated invoking black magic and supernatural powers, following unjust, uncivilized, uncultured customs including inhuman sacrifices of women, children and animals under the garb of ritual and tradition, the SAMAJIK PARISHAD makes a fervent appeal to the Government of Goa to enact a strong legislation making superstitions, black magic and sacrifices a criminal offence. The Samajik Parishad exhorts the government to take clues from the similar law (Jadu Tona) passed by the State of Maharashtra.

Proposed by: Adv. Cleofato Coutinho Almeida

Seconded by: Smt. Anjali Desai


Fostering Scientific Temper, Humanism, Spirit of inquiry and Reason

Understanding that a modern civilized society means one where the individual and community is based on reason, humanism and scientific attitude and taking inspiration from the teachings and writings of Swami Vivekananda, the SAMAJIK PARISHAD exhorts youth to reject blind faith (andhashradha) & prejudices largely based on religion and caste which blind reason and community relations and forces fomenting social intolerance and hatred.

The Samajik Parishad recognizes the difficulties involved in the spread of scientific attitude amongst the people and youth of this country. At the same time, the Parishad also underscores that it is only scientific temper and humanism that can take India and its youth forward.

The Samajik Parishad therefore appeals to all forums starting with the institution of family to encourage the spirit of questioning and inquiry in day to day life for full and healthy development of children. Educational institutions should play an activist role through promotion of science laboratories, films, astronomy clubs, study circles and teaching methodologies which support inculcation of scientific temper. The Samajik Parishad also exhorts the mass media to move vigorously and deliberately to a progressive role to foster scientific temper and denounce superstition and blind faith of all forms.

Proposed by: Shri Atul Naik

Seconded by: Shri Mahendra Kakule

Condemn glorification of superstitions and unscientific propaganda

The Samajik Parishad denounces the glorification of myths and fiction by regressive forces and vested interests as true history. The adoration of ‘Vastu Shashtra’, ‘Fengshui’, the veneration of astrology and the attempts to resurrect superstitions including omens, eclipses, ghosts etc as scientific truths flowing from religious texts and holy scriptures is strongly condemned by the Samajik Parishad.

Idiotic statements making claims of discovery of aeroplanes, plastic surgery and cures for incurable diseases in ancient India will pull our youth into a sea of ignorance and darkness of unscientific mind-sets. The Samajik Parishad notes with contempt such attempts by petty politicians and narrow-minded religious leaders of all religions including faith-healers and pseudo-gurus of all faiths and further expresses deep regrets and anguish at some sections of the mass media which acquiesce in such false pride. The Samajik Parishad notes with pain the indifferent attitude of the scientists community to glorification of superstitions and exhorts men of science to come forward forcefully for effective condemnation of such glorification.

Proposed by:  Ramakant Khalap

Seconded by:  Shri Prashant Naik

Salutes progressive forces and institutions

The Samajik Parishad recognizes the work of individual crusaders in Goa who are working full-time to spread scientific temper amongst youth and to liberate the youth of Goa from the prejudices of religion, caste and superstitions. The Samajik Parishad also records special appreciation for educational institutions and social organizations which are working with missionary zeal performing the fundamental duty as enshrined in the Constitution of India to foster scientific temper, humanism and spirit of inquiry. The Samajik Parishad considers its duty and honour to welcome inter-religious, inter-caste and inter-regional marriages as it is a powerful positive instrument to create agreeable social mind-sets and attitudes.

The Samajik Parishad fully knows the odds against such progressive forces due to the organized terror of fundamentalist and fanatic elements. The Samajik Parishad whilst expressing its gratitude to all such individuals and institutions articulates its solidarity with them.

Proposed by: Shri Dilip Prabhudessai

Seconded by: Prof. Anand Masur


Speak against Menstrual Exclusion

Prohibition and segregation of women on basis of “menstrual cycle” is one of the many uncultured, unscientific and inhuman traditions. This has become a ritual which is respected and worshipped by men and women. Segregation of women on this ground is not only a form of exploitation but it is a weapon of destroying self-esteem and identity of woman. What is critical to reproduction and existence of the human race is selectively chosen to make the woman feel socially inferior, disabled and handicapped.

The Samajik Parishad notes this with grave concern and vehemently holds that such segregation in family chores and community festivals should be condemned and opposed by any society which claims to have a glorious past and future to make the nation as the world superpower. The Samajik Parishad expresses its commitment with the cause and identifies itself with all the individuals and organizations asserting their rights against menstrual exclusion.

Proposed by: Shri Mrunal Lolayekar

Seconded by:  Shri Harsh Kamat

Crematoria & Burial Grounds

Absence of public crematorium & burial ground puts the families in great hardships to perform the final rites of the deceased members. These difficulties are compounded in most of the villages in Goa as the major section of the population does not own private lands/property.

The First Samajik Parishad held in 1992, had made the demand before the government to make provision for public crematoria & burial grounds in all villages wherein such facilities are totally absent. Very few Village Panchayats have made the provision so far, but no substantial improvement is seen in the situation.

This Samajik Parishad considers the provision of a public crematoria & burial places as a basic human necessity of civilized life and demands that the Government should provide crematoria/burial grounds for all communities in all villages and towns. Such public crematoria/burial grounds be kept open to all communities without any discrimination on basis of religion or caste.

The Samajik Parishad also demands setting up of public electrical crematorium at least in district headquarters i.e. Panaji & Margao, to be kept open for all communities.

Proposed by: Shri  Salil Kare 

Seconded by:  Shri  Sitaram Tengse is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Very sad to note that people in Goa still believe in too many superstitions.

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