Drop casinos, golf courses, massage parlours: Church


In an open letter addressed to Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, articulating its concerns over State’s tourism policy and practices, Centre for Responsible Tourism (CRT), a Church affiliated body on Tuesday urged the State government to drop casinos and massage parlours, golf courses from proposed tourism master-plan.

The letter predominantly pertains to the State government’s announcement recently about a tourism master-plan, which is being drafted by a consortium of consultants. The master-plan is supposed to chart out a 25-year vision and a tourism framework for Goa.

Fr. Maverick Fernandes of CRT, which works for responsible tourism, released a copy of the letter which pleaded with the government to make the process of forming the master-plan transparent to ensure tourism in Goa is inclusive.

The letter laments that casinos and massage parlous have brought a bad name to the State and implores the government not to desist from generating revenue from vices.

It attacked the government for endorsing proposals like golf courses saying, “Already, the government is busy facilitating the sale of precious lands with tantalizing landscape in Tiracol in north Goa to a Delhi party. This huge resort with a golf course will spell doom for the villagers who have been duped into selling their lands with improper documents. Attempts to obtain valid information to challenge the government’s intent are being stonewalled”.

Goa has nearly 20 casinos. Flesh-trade and human trafficking growing in the costal tourist State under the garb of massage parlours has given tough time to genuine massage parlours and spa outlets and law enforcement agencies alike.

A government committee is expected to monitor the output put forward by the consultants on a regular basis.

The CRT which spearheaded the cause of the locals in tourism benefits has inter alia stated that the State government's plan to use public-private-partnership is “elitist”. The letter apprehends “there will soon be the great sale of Goa and the highest bidder will take home the product. Goa will be reduced to a mere commodity and the government will become the auctioneer.”

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Church should openly tell to its followers that Caste does not exists in Christianity. There is no Caste for Jesus Christ. Church should openly support anti-Mining activists (GF). They are the one who are fighting to preserve the nature created by God. They are the one who are fighting to give equal Mining share to all Goans, irrespective of involved or not involved in the Mining sector. Church should openly support anti-Mopa activists (GFDO). They are the one who are fighting to preserve the nature created by God. They are the one who are risking their lives to save guard the livelihood of poor Goans. They are the one who are out to save Fertile Land. Agriculture will be in trouble. Farmers will commit suicide and many unnatural things will happen. Curse will go to them who support Mopa Airport & illegal Mining.

- Mathew Dias, Goa | 13 th November 2014 14:19


Goa will never be a Caliphate...

- Jose Cunha, GOA(UK) | 12 th November 2014 04:01


@Jose Rod , Goa

Don't BLINDLY follow what Church or whoever it may be. Don't bankrupt your brain and thinking power. Use some of your gray matter, think and make your own decision.

- Abdulmia, Valpoi | 14 th August 2014 22:40


@Abdulmia. Church Is Telling To Their Followers. Then No Matter He/She Is Christian/Muslim/Hindu. If You Are Not Follower Of Church Then This Church Message Is Not For You. Church Is Not Forcing You To Follow. There Are Thousands Of Church Followers Who Will Listen To The Church.

- Jose Rod, Goa | 13 th August 2014 19:33


OK now the church will tell us what to and not to do ha?

Isn't it like the same thing the Govt. is doing right now. Church (or temple or mosque, whoever) should limit its advice only to its followers and matters related to faith only and not gets its feet wet in a potpourri of things.

- Abdulmia, Valpoi_Goa | 08 th August 2014 21:32


Church Must Demand To Pass Swaraj Act. Goans Must Know What MPs & MLAs Are Doing With That Funds. Goan Must Decide How To Use These MPs & MLAs Funds.

- Jose Rod, Goa | 07 th August 2014 20:56


The Goa Government may have difficulty, adhering to this request.

Nearly every Goan MLA has an interest in Goa`s Vice Trades ,Property Trades (fair or foul) and many other underground illegal trades.

They have a propensity to acquiring or amassing huge amounts of wealth, and are not bothered at what cost they make it.

Goan MLA`s put their worldly & material interests before the "welfare" & "social" & "Environmental" interests of Goans.

Goan MLA`s do not want a slum or Garbage dump in front of their homes. And they couldn't care less if there is one in your back Yard.

- N.Fernandes, London | 07 th August 2014 12:55


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