Goa hikes OBC quota to 27%, Bhandari benefits

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 15 January 2014 21:57 IST

Goa government today granted 27 per cent reservation to the Other Backward Classes in government service and education, with a rise of 7.5 per cent in the existing quota.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has thus fulfilled long-pending demand of the OBC, especially the Bhandari community, a major vote bank for any political party in the state, on the eve of forthcoming Lok Sabha election.

Chief minister Manohar Parrikar today announced the cabinet decision, in the presence of the fleet of his ministers and MLAs belonging to the OBC.

Though OBC has total 19 communities with a population of 3.58 lakhs, the Bhandari community among it comprises of 2.18 lakhs or 61 per cent of the total OBC population.

The findings of the survey conducted by the Goa State Commission for Backward Classes were also released on the occasion.

The OBC was already getting 19.5 per cent reservation till date.

However, the survey findings indicate that OBC comprises of 26.26 per cent of Goa’s total population.

With this, the reservations granted to communities become 41 per cent, with 12 per cent to the Scheduled Tribe (Gawada, Kunbi and Velip) and two per cent to the Scheduled Caste.

With five per cent reservations in other categories and two per cent to the children of freedom fighters, the total seats reserved in the government service would be 51 per cent.

“We have taken a decision in adherence with Article 16(4) of the Constitution, which does not allow reservations to exceed 50 per cent of the population”, said Parrikar.

Supreme Court had delivered a judgment in this regard while accepting the Mandal Commission report.

This is the second time Goa government is deciding to increase the quota to 27 per cent, as one such attempt during the Congress regime was reversed as no procedures were followed.

The quota percentage was reduced to 19.5 per cent in 2003, after three communities – Gawada, Kunbi and Velip – were declared as the ST.

The ST was given 7.5 per cent reservation, which was later increased to 12 per cent after conducting survey, indicating that the ST community represents 12 per cent of Goa’s total population.

The matter of increasing OBC quota to 27 per cent was however pending since then as there was no survey conducted of the OBC communities.

Initially, only the three present ST communities and Dhangar were considered Goa’s OBC.

But later, in 1997, seven communities were included in it – Bhandari, Dhobi (including Christian Dhobi), Nhavi, Koli, Kharvi (including Christian Kharvi), Nathjogi and Gosavi.

Nine more communities were then included in 2000 – Kumbhar (including Christian Kumbhar), Teli, Shimpi, Christian Mahar, Kalaikar, Pagi/Gabit, Christian Barber, Satarkar and Bhandari Naik.

In 2006, two more communities were included – Thakar and Vishwakarma/Chari/Mest.

The OBC today comprises of total 19 communities.

Following Bhandari, which is 61 per cent, comes the Kharvi (including Christian Kharvi), which is 12.36 per cent.

The other major communities are Dhangar (3.84%), Vishwakarma/Chari/Mest (3.15 %), Kumbhar (2.55%) and Satarkar (2.54%).

While these seven major communities comprise 85.44 per cent of total OBC population, the rest 13 communities comprise of only 14.56 per cent.

Parrikar addressed the press conference along with ministers Mahadev Naik, Dayanand Mandrekar, Milind Naik, Avertan Furtado, deputy speaker Anant Shet, MLAs Kiran Kandolkar and Lavoo Mamledar as well as Commission chairman Vishwas Satarkar. 

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