Dr Oscar, Dean, Fr Bismark also join AAP

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 29 December 2013 12:57 IST

Following Remo, leading social activists of Goa have started joining Aam Aadmi Party with former Goa Bachao Abhiyan convenor Dr Oscar Rebello leading the mission.

“AAP stands for inclusiveness, pluralism, accountability as well as preserving our land, heritage and environment. This is what we wanted”, said Dr Rebello after joining AAP.

Valmiki Naik, the local leader of AAP, said : “We just get a party membership form filled by paying Rs 10”.

Dr Rebello had become the face of fighting Goa in 2007 when the then Congress government introduced a draft Regional Plan, converting most of its green pastures into concrete jungles.

This had led to a statewide movement led by Dr Rebello, thus forcing the government to scrap the plan.

Even after drafting a new Regional Plan 2021 by getting suggestions at Gram Sabha level, the finality of the plan is still pending while Goa witnessed two successive governments led by Digambar Kamat and Manohar Parrikar.

Dr Rebello however said he has no plans to contest election on AAP ticket but has joined as an ordinary member.

Dean D’Cruz, who actually initiated formation of the GBA by exposing the destructive Regional Plan in 2007 and later became of the part of Task Force team to draft new RP21, also joined the AAP.

Fr Bismark Dias, another priest-turned-social activist, who had unsuccessfully contested 2012 Assembly election from Cumbarjua, has now joined hands with AAP.

Rajendra Kakodkar, who is presently part of the leading team fighting against Mopa air port, has also joined the AAP along with few supporters last week.

“There are many more to follow”, discloses Naik. 

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Wake up Goans, we need to set an example. Time is running out for corrupt politicians who promise a lot during election campaining but deliver nothing once in power. The Government run hospitals need to function in a better way, garbage disposal has to be tackled on a war footing. All major rivers are getting choked from plastic waste. New hi-tech plants have to be setup to process this waste into compost and electricity. In Florida waste is utilized to generate electricity

and compost. Builders have to be stopped from building high rise structures. First we do not have proper sanitation system and no garbage disposal in place and when new buildings come , all waste is thrown on the side streets creating a bad stink and health hazard. The new AAP should be given a try.If they deliver what they promise , please vote for them, Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

- Dom Pereira, Florida | 31 st December 2013 22:19


Unless the political volcano erupts earlier, the next Goa Assembly elections are over three years away. It’s a long period during which anything can happen in Politics. Today, in this game of political chess there are no permanent friends or foes with nothing ever being impossible.

It is too premature to predict whether the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will have an impact in the State of Goa. A lot will depend on how the party takes shape and performs in its now maiden seat of power in Delhi.

Politicians are known to promise the moon but miserably failing to deliver. Will AAP be different? Mesmerising people by making tall promises may be a piece of cake, but sincerely fulfilling those commitments is all together another ball game. In Goa we have witnessed over the last 21 months the current BJP government after having raced to power with a wave of promises now leaving all those who had voted for that Parivartan in a state of utter dismay.

One also recollects that 1977 phenomena where the then Janata Party rode to power in the Lok Sabha elections decimating the then Congress Party led by Indira Gandhi with Raj Narain becoming the king maker. That experiment soon miserably faulted, fumbled and failed. The political chaos and turmoil that followed is all part of history. In an era of coalitions and conglomerations, change is inevitable and is required on the political spectrum.

The people of Goa were disgusted with the Congress and are now sorely disappointed with the BJP. They would definitely look and yearn for an alternative. Whether a vibrant regional outfit will take roots or whether the Aam Aadmi party will fill the void will have to be seen. However, the redeeming factor of AAP appears to be its high value as a credible opposition even while in power because of the wide spread disgust with the Congress as well as the BJP. In Goa the AAP could combine the purely Goan regional votes with those of the migrants. Goa has been known for its fertile political soil and a proven laboratory for political experiments. In circumventing the Anti-defection law, Goa has shown India the way. Will AAP take off in Goa? Will that broom sweep the horrendous political dirt that this State is enveloped in. Will Goa see the AAP effect? Only time will tell.

- Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar | 30 th December 2013 07:14


Join the bandwagon. Join the winners.

- kaap aadmi, delhi | 29 th December 2013 18:44


Good to know that knowledgeable, honest, sincere and people who disliked politics are now having no uneasiness to join this political party called AAP.

- francisco fernandes, mapusa | 29 th December 2013 17:19


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