Nigerians were right in protesting: Churchill

ARVIND TENGSE, MADGAO | 06 November 2013 18:01 IST

Former Congress minister and heavyweight politician Churchill Alemao finds nothing wrong in the way Nigerians created ruckus in Goa after their colleague was found murdered.

Addressing a press conference in Margao today morning, Alemao however felt that chief minister Manohar Parrikar should resign as the home minister but his government should continue.

After one of their colleagues was found murdered in Parra village, a group of over 60 hefty Nigerians, on 31 October, had chased the hearse van carrying the dead body, stopped it at O Coqueiro junction at Porvorim, pulled out the dead body and blocked the National Highway, keeping the body on the road.

When police intervened, the Nigerians had also attacked the police personnel and smashed police vehicles. Later, 52 of them were arrested and are still locked up at Aguada jail.

In retaliation, stranded locals had bashed up the Nigerians and two among them had to be hospitalized.

The incident was widely condemned by Goans worldwide, though many Goans also opposed deporting or banning ‘all’ the Nigerians.

The government however has decided to crack down on all the foreign nationals, including Nigerians, who have been overstaying in Goa illegally.

According to Churchill, the Nigerians had a right to protest if they felt that injustice was meted out to them.

He also recalled an incident years ago when Goans had protested in London when a Goan was attacked by the locals there.

“This was a protest just like Goans protested in London”, he quipped.

“If we continue behaving the way we have been reacting against Nigerians, it would be difficult for any Goan to travel abroad”, Churchill felt.

While has received many comments objecting to sharp reactions by Goans against Nigerians, quite a few also brought to the notice that Nigeria has around 35,000 Indians, including 10,000 passport holders, living in Nigeria.

According to Churchill, it was not right on the part of the police to shift the dead body of the murdered Nigerian youth without conducting any investigation.

“This action of police prompted them to stage a protest”, he said.

He also appealed to the government not to harass the foreigners without reason, failing which they would react against Indians and Goans living in their respective countries.

Churchill preferred to blame the police for not handling the whole situation judiciously, due to which, he felt, the incidents of gang wars, murder and even the road blockade took place.

“Why blame the Congress government for this? You BJP are in power for the last one and a half years. What are you doing then”, he asked.

The former minister also demanded that Parrikar resigns as the home minister.

However, toppling the government is not a solution to it, he felt.

“People have thrown out the Congress as it had failed to perform. Let Parrikar rule and perform since people have given him a mandate to rule”, said Churchill. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Does Churchill justify dragging a dead body from the hearse and dumping it on the streets as humane? If so then he must be a heartless person. It was a mob of Nigerians that created the commotion at Porvorim junction. Blocking the roads and bring North Goa at a standstill was tolerated by Goans . But Goans have proved that they too have a life. After seeing properties being damaged and the Goan police being attacked by these Nigerian thugs, the tolerance melted into thin air. The police cannot be blamed for not acting on time, because this was a mob’s criminal action that caught everyone by surprise. As for Churchill’s statement about Goan protesting in London, if they did take place it was conducted in a dignified manner. Also I would like to see Churchill take a mob to Nigeria and behave the same way the Nigerians did in Goa. Like the Goan police it won’t be lathi charge but bullets from a real gun. Churchill’s statement “why blame Congress party” the seed of corruption, Tug Culture, criminal enterprise, drug dons and destruction of Goa was sown by many of their heartless candidates. “History does not lie”. Goa has always been a soft target for international and Indian criminals alike. Unfortunately it is the innocent Goans that are the victims of this evil trade.

- D Fichardo, Margao | 08 th November 2013 00:10


looks like grapes are sour and what else more has he got up his sleeve to make a comeback from behind

- edwin, oman | 07 th November 2013 13:39


Its times for goans to wake up and fight against drug mafias , its not only foreigners , even goan youths involved in drug trade.

government has patiently handled the issue knowing fact that any harsh action on Nigerians will damage the image of goa .

at the same time government is slow to investigate and arrest the culprits behind murder

- snehal ghodekar, ponda | 06 th November 2013 22:20


As usual ,Not much sense can be expected from the Varca Buffoon Churchill Alemao.

Churchill Alemao is expected to be biased as he has Nigerian players in his football club. But these players are a decent bunch and earn their living through work.

Here is a News from Times of India report about Churchill`s Nigerian players.

Perhaps he has forgotten this ,due to his selective memory issues.

"Three players of leading football club Churchill Brothers, arrested for allegedly misbehaving with an air hostess and crew on board a SpiceJet plane, were on Wednesday granted bail even as the team's owners dubbed the incident as a "conspiracy".

Nigerians Odafe Okolie (25) and Ogba Kalu (20), and goalkeeper Arindam Bhattacharya (20) were arrested last night at the Mumbai airport for allegedly pushing and teasing an air hostess of the SpiceJet flight from Goa to Kolkata. The entire 23-member team along with them was offloaded here."


As for Churchill's reference to Goans protesting in the UK

over a murder, may I remind him that the Goans did not manhandle the Police, block any highways & neither did they disrespect a dead body. IN addition none of the Goans he claims protested were high or stoned on Drugs and none were assumed to be in the Drug Trade.

On a more positive note, I doubt any Goan anywhere in the world cares for anything coming out of Churchill`s mouth and that of his sociopathic daughter. They have become the laughing stock for most Goans.

- N.Fernandes, London | 06 th November 2013 20:06


Goa Priest and church was right if they had ask Goa's voters not to vote Churchill during last election.

- Julius, Dubai | 06 th November 2013 19:46


Chorchill-Bab pls note that those who protested in London a year ago are Portuguese passport holders of Goan origin. Hence they are not Indian Citizens and, as EU nationals, have rights to demonstrate in London. Those same Portuguese nationals are sponsoring your London trips and feeding you when you are in London.

- Goa for Goans, Goa | 06 th November 2013 19:28


EX Congress minister Churchill if you dont no any thing thats why you dint vin election.If you required this Nigerians then please take them to your house dont keep any where they are headic for goan batter to keep your house.

all Nigerians hed bought Congress government to make drug supply specially you churchill.

like Manohar Parrikar is like god for all goan he had make such changed.

- bhanudas, moira | 06 th November 2013 18:49


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