Parra Gram Sabha planning Nigerian boycott

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 04 November 2013 23:22 IST

While Goa government is reluctant to go all out against all the Nigerians living in Goa, the ruling BJP legislator Michael Lobo is planning a ‘mass boycott’ on Nigerians by denying any facility to them.

With his wife being the Sarpanch of Parra, where most of the Nigerians live, Lobo has mooted a Gram Sabha tomorrow to resolve this blanket NO to Nigerians.

Lobo has reportedly told a section of media that the Gram Sabha would resolve not to rent out houses to Nigerians.

A section of businessman running rent-a-bike business has already announced that they would not rent out their two wheelers to Nigerians.

After this news was published in, several Goans, Indians and even Nigerians condemned it as ‘racial discrimination.’

Lobo however plans to take yet another step of denying rental houses to any Nigerian, no matter he or she has come down legally to enjoy the tourist place or not.

He has also alleged that a local lady from his village, who runs a restaurant, is actually a front for the Nigerians, who are actually running the restaurant.

The Gram Sabha is also expected to discuss the issue tomorrow.

The issue of Nigerians has come to the fore after one young Nigerian was found murdered hardly 500 metres away from Lobo’s house.

Lobo had called it a gang war but had expressed total ignorance over the other gang involved in drug trade.

Nigerians on the other hand have alleged that the killer gang comprises of locals.

There are murmurs that the local gang is blessed by local politicians. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Goan’s peace, tolerance and kindness is priceless and not for sale. But these foreign and outer state criminals are exploiting and abusing what is priceless to Goans. Had the politicians and law enforcers acted earlier and nipped these criminals in the bud, we would not be in this situation. I too read that Radharao Gracias of UGDP expressing his concerns that the Nigerian Government may expel Indians. He has echoed Nigerian Diplomat’s threat “If we do not stop arresting Nigerian criminals Indians will be expelled from Nigeria” That too a dead line has been set. What they fail to understand is that these Nigerians are in the country on student Visas and are not enrolled in Goan Education institutes. Many are in Goa to ply their criminal trade. For one Nigerian killed over two hundred tried to bring North Goa to a standstill. The Dead person may have been killed by their own on turf war. Let us not forget the number of young Goans that have been killed consuming drugs that is being pedalled into Goa through these Foreign and Indian Criminals alike.

- D Fichardo, Margao | 06 th November 2013 00:38


In a press statement, Radharao Gracias ,a spokesman of the now defunct & "unlikely to win any election" UGDP Party claims that the Nigerians will react in a similar way to that of ..Big Dada Idi Amin, President of Uganda ,King of Scotland and conqueror of the British empire, who expelled Asians .

To put into perspective the reality, a deranged Idi Amin , as per his inner circle & reliable sources expelled Asians form Uganda, as his hand in marriage was refused by an Indian Girl from Gujarat. It is for this reason he expelled Asians from Uganda. Any other reason for the expulsion, is seen as purely lamentable.

It must be remembered, being a Muslim, Big Dada Idi Amin was entitled to have several wives.

Asians in Uganda were not expelled due to any Illegalities. Big Dada Idi Amins dislike was bourne out of a jealousy for the success of the Indian Business community.

In relation to the Nigerians, they are being targeted in Goa due to their nefarious and illegal trades(drugs/Prostitution) and worse in breach of Immigration protocols.

I sincerely hope Adv.Gracias, will also take note following the expulsion of Asians, that the Uganda economy suffered badly & lay in ruins and became a "Basket Case".

It was left to the newly elected President Museveni to then go begging to Europe & North Americas and India too, where many Asians emigrated to, to return back to rebuild Uganda and its economy.

The economy of Uganda is still in the doldrums till now.

I trust the Nigerians will be aware of this economic pit fall.

It cannot condone the illegalities of their Citizens in India /Goa or any other country for that matter. It should also take to task those Nigerians in Goa that bring a bad name to Nigeria and also in the bargain,malign/taint its own law abiding Citizens ,in Goa.

The expulsion of Indians from Nigeria, will have a greater consequence for Nigeria.

The expulsion of Asians /Indians from Uganda did not impact on India. On the other hand India and many other Countries like the USA./UK &Canada benefitted immensely.

- N.Fernandes, London | 05 th November 2013 20:26


Can a grampanchayat take such a decision? does it have powers to go that far. I think, people, all concerned, should think 100 times before talking or taking any hasty decisions. Very important is making the police force professional. Parrikar speaks as if he himself is the IGP/DGP, whatever. Much was expected from him to provide integrality, professionalism and strength to the police force, but he clearly failed in that, at least so far.

- JSB, Goa | 05 th November 2013 20:12


I had good opinion about Michael Lobo, BJP MLA of Calangute constituency till this Nigerian episode.

He showed lot of enthusiasm for development of his constituency but now I feel that he is acting like a frog in the well. His vision seems to be very restricted.

Any action pertaining to tourists has state, national and international implications.

It is not proper to impose a blanket NO to tourists of any nationality including Nigerians. NO should be only to those who are in Goa without proper documents (illegal ones) and those who are involved in drugs.

All these things are being watched and analysed in detail around the world.

He seems to make life difficult for the CM as well as his party BJP.

- Francisco, Goa | 05 th November 2013 16:17


Every single lie of Michael Lobo reveals that he is trying to save local drug mafias.He should be investigation for his source of income.

- Mario, Goa | 05 th November 2013 15:12


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