Parra incident wakes up Parrikar, Govt to deport illegal foreigners

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 31 October 2013 20:16 IST

Taking murder of a Nigerian due to drug trade as a ‘wake-up call’, Goa government has decided to crack down on all the foreigners staying illegally in the tourist state and deport them within a month.

“We will not spare even the police personnel involved in protecting these foreigners and the drug trade”, announced chief minister Manohar Parrikar at a press conference today evening.

Over 100 Nigerians living in Parra village took law in their hands, blocking the National Highway at Porvorim and even assaulting police personnel while pulling out dead body of the Nigerian and keeping it on the road.

Obina Poul Obirace, around 25 to 30-year old Nigerian, was found murdered today morning in Parra, hardly 500 metres away from the house of Calangute MLA Michael Lobo.

Parrikar, who was also caught up in the heavy traffic jam due to this sudden blockade, said almost 53 Nigerians have been rounded up following this incident.

Furious with this act of the hefty Nigerians, the stranded public also beat up Nigerians, two of whom have been hospitalized.

“People should also not take law in their hands like how Nigerians did. We have no other option than to file cases also against the public who were involved in this incident”, said Parrikar.

The police have filed a case against the Nigerians for rioting, assaulting public servants on duty, attempt to murder, destroying public property as well as blocking the National Highway.

The chief minister has ordered to crack down on all the foreigners and deport those who are found to have been living in Goa without any valid documents.

Parrikar said he is aware that many foreigners, mainly Nigerians, have been living in Goa while they are on study visa in metros and some have cases against them for ‘pre-planned’ petty crimes, using it as an excuse to live in Goa.

“I cannot disclose everything, but we are working out a different strategy to deal with these cases”, he said.

Lobo, while talking to, has alleged that the Nigerians were running a restaurant in his Parra village (also Parrikar’s native village), using a local lady as a front to run the business ‘illegally’.

“We will also not spare the foreigners involved in such activities as foreigners cannot run business in India, without permission”, said the chief minister.

The police reports indicate that not less than 150 Nigerians are living in Goa illegally and are involved in drug peddling, confirmed Parrikar.

When asked why Nigerians had blocked the road and had created ruckus in Parra as well as in Porvorim, Parrikar said he is still not aware of the demands they were making.

“I am told that they wanted Nigerian ambassador to come down to deal with the issue. But this is not the way to meet the demand”, he said.

“For us, it is a wake-up call and my government will not keep quite any more”, he added.

When pointed out that the illegal trade and terror tactics of Nigerians are going on in collusion with the police department for many years, Parrikar preferred to blame the erstwhile Congress government which was promoting the nexus between the drug peddlers and the police department. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Just like how the GARBAGE situation in goa is in a mess. So is the Political functioning....No matter how hard the politicians try to cover up, the stink has finally brought out on the road by the NIGERIANS.

- stan, goa | 02 nd November 2013 13:56


We have no problem with any foreigners who are in Goa with proper documents.

It is not only the Nigerians but any foreigner without proper documents should be deported.

If any foreigner wants to stay in Goa, they should be legally entitled to stay in our peaceful state. That is the point.

Nobody should think that Goans are against the Nigerians. Goans are against any foreigner who is in our state staying here 'illegally'.

We are peaceful people and welcome all the tourists to our beautiful state.

Regarding the 'murder' of a man, there should be proper investigations in the case and the culprits should be caught and punished as per the law of the land.

- Francisco, Goa | 02 nd November 2013 12:53


This is only a prewarning signs given by nigerians to goa police and home ministry. If the goa police react so badly as spectators to control the situation, there will be more in line , like the russians doing the same act in future. This will only spoil the name of Goa on the world map.

- melissa, st.cruz | 02 nd November 2013 11:31


Clear the Morjim area from the Russians. No Foreigners should owe land or apartment in Goa. They belongs to only Goans. Also the Business should promote for Goans. We Goans are treated like shit by the outsiders.

Its high time now......

- Sam, Mapsa | 01 st November 2013 16:27


There is a clear lack of will on part of the Government bodies/Agencies to do anythign about the menance.

This would not be tolerated in any part of the world.

It shows a weakness that is clear for all criminals to take advantage of.

It should not take more than 48 hours to round up these people, illegal or otherwise and deport them. A visa to study does NOT give you the right to break the law.

We have intelligent and non corrupt people in Government who can make this happen.

- Noel , Goa | 01 st November 2013 10:19


These Nigerians are a nuisance, you see them speeding on the bike on internal roads thus putting at risk, the life of the villagers. Why does the government keeping mum if they(government) know that they(Nigerians) are staying illegally in the state/country. Time will come when these foreigners will dictate terms to us Goans and today's incident is a big eye opener. Goans did a good job by assaulting these Nigerians who had taken the law into their own hands...look at the guts of these foreigners who are offenders yet they went ahead and blocked the highway. The took advantage of the law and police inaction in the State. Goa is gone to the dogs...with drugs, prostitution, rapes, murders, chain snatching and robberies taking place in broad daylight. Russians, Israelites and Nigerians are calling the shots. It's high time Goans should demand for 'Special Status' for Goa and stop selling their land (whatever little is left) for non-goans. Why all the successive governments do something to save Goa for goans????

- Joe, Abu Dhabi | 01 st November 2013 00:30


The Nigerians and all should be checked strictly with the passports and correct documents.

This incident was although with a instance, these should not allowed ahead...

Coming to bussiness of can any one allow them to do such kinda things...coz goan people themselves r facing problem right now....First Goykars..In Goa.

Goykarano Zage zaayat....!!

- Hrishikesh Shirsat, Bangalore | 31 st October 2013 22:37


This issue needs to be taken up on priority basis.

All the foreigners without valid documents should be deported immediately.

Goa cannot go soft on illegal foreigners. They are a danger to law & order as well as our national security.

This is a wake up call for the authorities and people of Goa are with the CM to take firm action on illegal foreigners living in Goa without valid documents.

- Francisco, Goa | 31 st October 2013 21:45


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