Nigerians block road over murder, Lobo demands deportation

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 31 October 2013 16:26 IST

A new kind of history was created in Goa today with foreign nationals - over 150 Nigerians – staging a road blockade on a National Highway, in protest of a murder of one of their national in a coastal village of Parra, near famous Calangute beach.

The irate mob of Nigerians, who live in Parra village, also beat up some villagers earlier, alleging that the Parra villagers have killed their Nigerian colleague.

Calangute MLA Michael Lobo, who is also a resident of Parra, has countered the allegation stating that the murder has occurred out of a gang war between drug dealers and the villagers are simply dragged into it.

The body of the unidentified Nigerian was found lying hardly 500 metres away from the house of Lobo, the ruling BJP legislator.

The furious Nigerians, after manhandling the villagers, chased the police jeep, blocked it at Porvorim, pulled out the dead body and staged a road blockade, keeping the dead body on the road.

The police were taking the dead body to the Goa Medical College hospital for postmortem.

While police cleared the blockade almost after one hour as it resulted into heavy traffic jam, the Nigerians then went to the Mapusa police station, demanding arrest of the murderers.

The tension created by the foreign nationals compelled chief minister Manohar Parrikar to rush to Porovorim as well as Mapusa police station to calm down the situation.

The police later detained some of the protesting Nigerians.

Lobo told that he has spoken to Parrikar, demanding that all the Nigerians be immediately deported.

“Either they live here illegally or get involved in some petty crimes so that they cannot be deported. Some of the Nigerians are students studying in metros of India but are actually found in Goa for almost 10 months”, he said.

Besides running a drug racket, he says the young Nigerians also run a restaurant in Parra village with a local front, creating nuisance with loud music till early morning.

“Even police are scared of them. The whole police machinery as well as all the governments, including my BJP government, has failed to control the menace of these rowdy Nigerians”, Lobo told

He also alleged that most of the Nigerians are involved in huge quantity of Cocaine, spoiling Goans youngsters – both boys and girls. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Racism springs from the lie that certain human beings are less than fully human. It's a self-centered falsehood that corrupts our minds into believing we are right to treat others as we would not want to be treated.

- Alveda King

I wanna start of by conveying my deepest regret and heartfelt sympathy to all those who lost their brother and friend in this heinous act . We cannot put aside the fact that a human life is lost and talk about irrelevant matters like visa and deportation.

Our so called Goan ''politicians'' and self-righteous individuals here commenting, think well before you say something, Ask yourself would you say the same thing if this man was your Father,Son,Brother,Relative or Friend? Would you justify him being killed so brutally?. I am a Goan very happily married to a Nigerian man for many years.

''Not all Nigerians are Thieves,Crooks,and Drug Dealers''

I was so proud of where i came from till i saw some of the demeaning comments from my fellow Goans . My brothers and sisters of Goa and India, We are world citizens, we travel all the world for better opportunities and a better life, what happens if our family members start getting killed and their death is justified because of the nature of their job?.. I am not justifying the illegal activities that some of the Nigerians are doing here in India , but that does not give any one the power to take matters in their own hands. The fact of life is that they would never be able to do so all the illegal acts without any local help.

There is no denying that our lazy worthless uneducated politicians are going around making useless,unethical ,demeaning and racist comments without thinking of the repercussions.Let me end with a quote

“Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and happy to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.”― Arthur Schopenhauer.

- Steffi, India | 08 th November 2013 11:15


Hi dear friends of Nigeria and India,

We all did finish our frustrations out here when actually we dint try to find out the situation happening in Goa. I have many Nigerian friends in Goa. The calangute bike rentals have refused to give Nigerians bikes anymore and also taking back the bikes from them. So its been for them to commute.

I had to call the bike owners and request them to please give my friends bike and I am an Indian and i will take the responsibility of them returning. Still they refused asking me to stay away from this.

The embassy people did visit and they are talking with the government to settle things in peace.

Me being a common citizen is ready to help my foreign friends, I think we all should help our friend to have a hospitable environment in our country.

Do We indian realise the pain when Gandhiji was illtreated by the foreigners and made him sit on the footboard of the train... We indian shudnt do the same mistake to the other people.

I would say we all should work together and make things peaceful. I request associations like Jaago re and youth federations to work in hand with Nigerian associations to make things fine.

And you know when we youth stands togther the govt will have to change their decisions


- Beenu Thomas Thottathil, Bangalore | 06 th November 2013 19:17


Its very shameful but its true that under the Peace Loving Goan Skin there lies strong sense of discrimination. It is not spoken in public but be it local situation in salcete or community gathering in Dubai or kenya or UK, division are seen on basis of beliefs , community , region and so on.... just because there is no tussle it does not mean we respect each other full heartedly. Actually this dual personality is carried by many within themselves but most of us are diplomatic enough to hide it in general conditions.

Nigerian Scoop is just an eye opener , it made things evident . If a group of Nigerians are doing wrong thing its not fault of the whole Community or Nation , How can be we judgmental about the whole nation based on act of 200+ young youths. we ourself are very much responsible for this situation as we have created conductive atmosphere out of our negligence and corrupt non responsible behavior, thats the reason drug peddler from more than 10 different countries have made GOA their safe DEN. Our Airport Security , Border Police , Home Patrol ...OUR Collector, Our Panchayat our Own neighborhood are equally responsible as they try to shy away from their duty towards the society when they see personal gains. I am also responsible as our MLA after getting representation in Assembly on my vote takes decision more for himself then for my village my town or my people. iTS time to grow up in bright light with a clear vision of Beautiful Society , Beautiful GOA.

- Damodar, Dubai | 05 th November 2013 01:11


Kelvin joe;new delhi india

I have been fortunate in my life to have lived in East Africa, Goa, and now in the UK.

It is rather unfair to accuse Indians( per se) of being Racist.

In East Africa it self the Natives have their own racial words/phrases/slurs for people of Indian descent.

In the UK ,though much less now, Indians are refereed to as "Pakis" or "WOG`S".

The Urban dictionary describes this as;


{ /wäg/ (n.) offensive slang. 1925-30, from 'Golliwogg': a 19th century blackface doll; or alternately, an acronym of '(W)orthy (O)riental (G)entleman' }

British English:

1. *racist* a black African or dark-skinned South Asian (usually Indian or Pakistani)

From my interactions with other Nationalities, I have learnt much more.

In the West Indies (eg Jamaica), Indian are referred as "Coolies"

In Australia Indians are referred to as Curry-Munchers.

From experience & in reality, Goans around the world are not seen as being Indians. They are seen as being a unique or distinct race due to their westernised ( Portuguese) culture. If known to be from Goa, they receive a greater level of respect/ tolerance.

Racial slurs, definitions, terms, slang etc are used in every country in the world. It is not a "one way Traffic" or unique to Indians.

I am sure the Nigerians have a derogatory term for Indians too.

Nigerians must accept their behaviour in Goa in General has been viewed as suspicious and detrimental.

Their behaviour following the murder incident too is unacceptable.

People of other Nationalities have been murdered in Goa too. But they have not reacted in such a despicable manner as the Nigerians did.

All in all it is time the sleepy & lethargic Governments of Goa, take notice of some of the crimes & criminal activities taking place in Goa in cahoots with its Politicians and Police and listen to the voices & concerns of its people.

Personally I do not hold much hope that Goa Governments will change anything. I see /envision much worse for the future. The rot is rather chronic.

Goan Legislators, Goa`s Bureaucrats & Goa Police are deeply immersed in criminalities themselves.

- N.Fernandes, UK | 05 th November 2013 00:33


Indian will for one day regret the way they are treating foreigners because India is most traveling country all over the world but when peoples come to their country they start treating the peoples with much hatred and racist specially blacks but i know one day the judgement will take place may God help Nigerian all over the world specially those living in India where you can find a living devils in human being

- Kelvin joe, new delhi india | 04 th November 2013 18:59


Why does the Goa govt not DEPORT them did they in and settle down in the first place?

- alberto martins, ajax | 04 th November 2013 18:31


A lot of ignorant comments coming from a number of Indians.....RACIST I call them..

- Wise man, UK | 03 rd November 2013 21:49


Lobo or what ever they called him is a racist and a wicked person if indeed he is a person. He is sad when foreigners are happy. He should come to Nigeria and see what his citizens have turned the country into. Let the Indian government try and deport the Nigerians there for protesting the gruesome murder of our brother in barbaric manner then you will know that we are smarter than Indians.The Indians in Nigeria will have stories to tell back home. This is a promise. Your citizens are here in Nigeria doing all sort of questionable work and businesses without work permit. Look through their passport you see them coming into Nigeria as a tourist. Since when have India become superior over Nigeria for God sake?

- John, Lagos | 03 rd November 2013 20:02


I read some comments i feel shame to be human, some said if it's in Dubai , their visa will be block some said throw them out of Goa, i just get one question brothers and sister who on this earth would be happy if his brother or sister is killed and police did nothing. you can not or will never deport someone without him konwing what he or she did wrong. Indians also do road block or riot if they feel that what Goverment did was not right. so my question is what did these guys do that warrant Mr Lobo to say that they should be deported. for me i would said deport any of them that does not have valid documents. and please while doing anything to them you should know that you are deporting them to their country where Indians are also. if to deport ok fine but do it in the right way not that they are do drug racket. it's duty of police to crack down anyone who is invlove in any dirty business. on the point of Police are Afraid of them. who say shit like that. police. if police wanna arrest any Nigeria he will. so stop using the word" POLICE ARE AFRAID OF ARRESTING NIGERIAN"

- Jmmy, BANGLORE | 03 rd November 2013 07:53


Naija boy,Naija boy and all nigerians. On behalf of all Goans its was wrong for the public to beat the Nigerian. The anger was not necessary. Its a shame that Peace loving Goans have to vent their frustration on one Nigerian by beating him. Instead Goans should direct their frustration towards the Govt. May Peace be with all our brothers all over the world. Peace and apology.

- olivera, Dubai | 02 nd November 2013 22:44


am a 9ijerian residing in mumbai.i hv never seen country wid racial abuse and intimidation lik india.we live in fear cos their is nothing like human rights here cos there cops can arrest u wthout warrant an tell u dat ur nothing.they call us kalia(black. an b/4 this problem erupted,nigerian has been complaning 4 intervention cos they hv brutalized countless tyms.not long a nigerian was matcheted in this same goa an d injury was stiched in 34 places even here in mumbai not long ago they killed a nigerian along masjid train station an nothing was don about it.they complain most of the people are not working but when u want 2 buy licence 4 business is like waiting 4 d second coming of our lord jesus crist.jus 4 kitchen licence dey r demanding 3,000,000.but in nigeria they hv every thing ranging 4rm shoping mall,car companies,construction companies e.t.c.i pity d indians i will meet in nigeria cos there shall b retribution

- mandela, mumbai | 02 nd November 2013 21:41

by: webmaster |February 21, 2013

Three Indians and their Nigeria conspirators, charged with criminal conspiracy and felony against the state for illegal dealership of petroleum products and pipeline vandalism, were yesterday remanded in Kuje prison, pending the ruling on their application for bail on February 25th, 2013.

- Akhabue, Federal Republic of Nigeria | 02 nd November 2013 21:16

By National Standard

NIGERIA might not agree with India on certain isms in religion, marriage, or politics. There is, however, a language they both speak and understand in business and politics. That is bakshish - the Indian word for bribery.

And the Vaswani brothers, the Indian owners of the Stallion Group for the past three decades, have used it so effectively that they are now one force to reckon with among the Asian imperialists said to be controlling about 30 percent of Nigeria's economy - thanks to globalization. The Vaswani brothers now speak the said language as they face myriads of fresh investigations into their business activities by several institutions, including a National Assembly Committee, the Police, at the Special Fraud Unit, SFU, of the Force Criminal Investigation Department, FCID, States Security Services, SSS, and the Presidency.

- Akhabue, Federal Republic of Nigeria | 02 nd November 2013 21:13



" India is currently Nigeria’s second largest trading partner. With a population of 168 million and considerable revenue from oil exports, Nigeria is the largest trading partner of India in Africa. Nigeria is also the largest market in Africa for Indian exports. A large number of Indian companies have footprints in Nigeria, which have made substantial investments in Nigeria. Bilateral annual trade turnover was over US$ 17.3 billion in 2011-12 registering the growth of over 34%. During 2012-13, our exports further grew by 1.33% even though the bilateral trade slightly declined to $ 16.8 billion....

"NRI/PIO Community: Total Indian community in Nigeria is estimated to be 35,000 persons. Out of these about 25,000 are Indian nationals and about 10,000 are thought to be foreign passport holders. In general, Indians in Nigeria are well off and enjoy largely non-controversial existence. The community runs a CBSE affiliated Indian Language School in Lagos with over 2,000 students. It also has two temples in Lagos and a number of cultural and ethnic associations, most prominent of which is Indian Cultural Association. ...

- Akhabue, Federal Republic of Nigeria | 02 nd November 2013 21:09


Naija boy, Abuja

Are the Indians there involved in unlawful activity? drug and sex trade? living without a visa or documentations? taking law into their own hands? attacking police property and general public at will?

- Goa Boy, Goa | 02 nd November 2013 20:10


Indians live peacefully.. Do not trade in drugs and prostitution... or block nigerian highways!!!

- Lewis, Goa, India | 02 nd November 2013 18:42



- KELVIN JONES, USA | 02 nd November 2013 17:56


I am appalled the way some educated Indians talk and act.Let's not forget that Nigerians never import drugs from Nigeria.Let's not forget that no drug business or fraud would take place without an Indian in the forefront.Let's not forget that the number of Indians involved in drug cartel and fraud are twice or more that of overall Nigeria population.Let's not forget that these Nigerians and other nationals procure the so called drugs from Indians.Let's not forget that,whether it is in Canada,Australia,Nigeria etc.Indians are also involved in drug cartel and massive fraud.I do not tend to say bravo to any Nigerian whose motive in India is to indulge in illegal drug.So if any Nigerian is apprehended an Indian must be apprehended too.If a certain aspersion is castigated against Nigerians,Indians too must be roped in.Criminal slogan should be directed to the culprit and not a whole Nation.The same also goes to criminal investigation,it must be comprehensive.The accusation given to Nigerians and action being taken against Nigerians in India is going out of proportion.If the educated Indians are talking out of proportion,one would imagine what the villagers and the illiterates do?.My humble request to the authority concern is,take on the criminals alone and punish them.Every country has crude slogan for every country.A stitch in time saves nine.

- joseph, new delhi | 02 nd November 2013 17:04


It’s only a country like Nigeria that keep silent when her citizen been killed or mistreated home and abroad, I wonder what our diplomatic mission are representing us for, only for their political and business interest, I thank all commenter’s here who identify these point, Nigerians Government and her people respects foreigners and there are so many Indian’s in Nigeria living peacefully without hurt from any community even when they commit crime, Nigeria journalist and government covers them up. I charge fellow Nigerians living in Goa, Delhi, Mumbai,bangorle ,Hyderabad to protest at all Nigeria high commissions and consulate outlet in India to demand for their rights and equal treatment. Enough is enough let Nigeria diplomatic appointee know his/her duty for betterment and value of every Nigeria citizens.

- Izuchukwu, Enugu Nigeria | 02 nd November 2013 16:45


Several Nigerians have studied in the past and are still studying at Goa University. One cannot label all Nigerians in the State of Goa because of a silly out of hand emotional incident. They have every right to know what happened to their comrade and be there for him and his family. However the manner they decided to express this was not warranted. By staging this drama they did not achieve the objective for which they were protesting. All foreigners cannot be blamed for promoting drug and prostitution culture in Goa unless they don't have the blessings of the State Government and the citizens of Goa. If every Goan cares about their State, than the state of affairs in Goa would not have been reduced to this mess. It is sad Goa once a beautiful and peaceful place is slowly dying a slow death like the other rotten cities of India. I still maintain Goa was much better off without the Indian Administration. I wonder if this is what the so called Freedom fighters envisaged of Goa.

- Jose Fernandes, London | 02 nd November 2013 15:01


stupid indian racist-nationalist mentality.

human rights are to guaranteed to all without regard to race colour or sex. when will india understand that?

here is the example of one community standing up for their rights. indians should learn from this.

police and government should be scared of the public and not the other way round as we have it in our 'democracy'

- shiva, india | 02 nd November 2013 13:14


There are a lot of indians here in abuja don't for get

- tom, 9ja | 02 nd November 2013 13:02



- lvan, fine | 02 nd November 2013 12:50


I am surprised to read the comments of people here. Almost immediately, people just started the blame game on each other's country. In all this, everyone has forgotten the person who has been murdered. Instead of accusing and calling names, why arent you asking the authorities to take immediate action to find out what really happened and punish the guilty. Everyone forgets the fundamental trait of the human being which is sympathy and apathy.

For sure the Nigerians will react since one of them was murdered, dont you and me if one amongst was killed?? Not having more details I cant comment if the way they chose to react was a sensible one or no. But nevertheless, why not show some sympathy and invesigate before jumping to conclusion??

- Hilda, India | 02 nd November 2013 12:48


Politicians only want political mileage. They should refrain from making stupid comments.Some one please tell Lobo that there are 000's of Goans in Nigeria and millions world over .No one is above Law its a Murder needs to be investigated culprits booked irrespective of the work the victim did. you never know it could be one of our politician involved in this as well trying to cover-up his links in the EVER FLOURISHING drug trade in Goa.

How can Lobo make a statement like this very Immature.

- Wilbur, Dubai | 02 nd November 2013 12:21


See how this stupid Indian's that is commenting rubbish here and they forget that almost 1.5 millions of Indian"s are in Nigeria,if Nigerian's citizen's that harassing them over there will they be happy. If Goa Govt want to deport Nigerian's then Nigeria Govt will also deport Indian's and moreover last 2 months in Mumbai,Bombay police deported 13 Nigerian's and Nigeria Govt responded them back by deporting 30 Indian's in the same week. The bombay where force to force to calm down and release others which they planing to deport...

- ken, mumbai | 02 nd November 2013 10:58


@ L N Roychoudhury of Kolkata, for saying that 95% of Nigerians are undesirable, you either very stupid, ignorant or both! Nigerians are very resourceful people. There are Indians all over the world. Indians make up the largest numbers of non eu migrants in countries such as the UK and there is a HUGE number of undesirable elements among this lot. You must get your facts right rather than acting very daft and childish. No unexplained extra judicial killing is justified! Efforts should be made to fish out the killers and bring them to justice. You CANNOT just take a life and expect Nigerians to fold their arms and watch.

- SK-SK, Berlin | 02 nd November 2013 09:51


You do not talk of who is the killer and you are talking of deportation? Indians should be careful how they treat foreigners in their country. It is becoming a daily occurrence how visitors are maltreated. The will feel the pain most if there should be a retaliation from other countries.

- ONYEMAOBI, Nigeria | 02 nd November 2013 09:39


Thanks to u @vasanth and @ Beenu Thomas Thottathil you two are the most sensible Indians i saw in this forum pls you guys should keep it up but before i go i would like to remind my India friends that we have more then ten thousand Indians in Lagos Nigeria alone am not even talking about others cities like Phortcourt and Abuja and other cities so if you Indians start killing Nigerians be rest assured that your own citizens will also be killed in thousands in Nigeria. You people should ask your follow indians living and working in Nigeria how they are been treated by Nigerians they all enjoy there lives no body i mean no one dears to harass then for any reason unlike what we Nigerians face on daily base here in India .

i call on the Nigeria Embassy to take action immediately .

- Don , New Deihl | 02 nd November 2013 09:10


Everybody to Nigerian and Indian,

In nigeria there are good and bad peoples and same in india.

As i know Educated nigerian are good and understandable. I have worked in nigeria and i stay in india.

Goa government has to do something over it and should catch the person who has killed the nigerians.

and we indian should see that our foreigners are treated well please.

As i said we are small bad guys and good guys in india, because of one indian guys all indians name are raised, what is see on the comments. please need to do something fast and gain the confidence of the nigerians, if they are dealing with wrong thinks it should be proved with the embassy and take action, thanks and sorry on behalf tks

- satish, goa | 02 nd November 2013 03:39


Goans are the most uneducated people in India, this is why they lack even a basic transportation system in the tiny state.. most of them are uneducated, work as low paying cleaners in ships across the world..

Those demanding foreigners be deported are the dumbest of the lot because the only economy in the state is tourism.

- canadian , toronto | 02 nd November 2013 02:33


There are a lot of indians here in abuja and all over Nigeria so if anything happen to our brothers over, be rest assured that we will retaliate in kind.

- Naija boy, Abuja | 02 nd November 2013 01:48


Most of you indians writing comments her are really stupid and ignorant, do you think nigerians on live in india and indians dont live in nigeria? lagos is filled with hundreds of thousand if not millions of indians.the following area of lagos is almost an indian village..Ilupeju, Oba akran, Agege, ogba etc and they comit lots of crime and sabotage against our citizens here, we dont kill them.if this news spread in lagos and people see these foolish comment indians are making here, hopefully it will not spark reprisal attack...if nigeria block visas for indians too, your ecomomy will feel the effect too.

- Femi, lagos-nigeria | 02 nd November 2013 01:07


I am an Australian and i have been to nigeia. Nigerians treat foreigners in their country with love. There are a lot of Indians in nigeria. There has never been a case of murder. do you expect them to be calm of losing one of their own in that manner. American govt will throw a missle into that village if you kill an american.

And now without investigation, all you say is that they are drug dealers. Shame on any human beign that sees murder as a normal thing.

- Hillary, Australia | 01 st November 2013 22:52


It is a pity that Nigerians can be easily insulted by Indians after the murder of a Nigerian by there so called Indian citizens.

For God sake how can an Indian use such statistics to qualify Nigerians?(Considering 95% of Nigerians are undesirable & merely 5% neutral, it is not clear why Govt of India allows visa to them so indiscriminately)India Visa to Nigerians indiscriminately?is India better than Nigeria?if your answer is yes,in what sense ?

It is time our Government stand up to there responsibly and start to treat matters like this with urgency.

This Indians are into all kind of crimes world wild even in Nigeria ,e.g. Drugs,Rape as in they can even rape a Goat, they do rape there mothers and sisters so i ask the local police to deal with the case of murder and not to start castigating the name (NIGERIA).

- castro, England | 01 st November 2013 21:01


the most stupidies country i have seen is india, a land of racism, a land of taut and dirty people, what is indian calling them self after killing a nigeria man and lobo have the mouth to talk any how, pls kindly send a letter to your people that base in nigeria to start coming back to india bcos many are their for prostitution and scam work, it is now we are ready for u people, stupid lobo bjp

- ken, hydrabad | 01 st November 2013 20:39


Its wrong what you here. Nigerians come to India, whatever the work they do they do contribute to our foerign money flow. There are 100s of Indians in Nigeria who lives happily doing their work and business. The govt there safeguards the foreign people's right. I believe Indian govt should make sure that the foreigners do not face any infringement of their rights and interest in our country. Do you know tat there are many pubs in hyderabad and bangalore who stops Blacks enetering. Why this discrimination. They are human. If they indulge in wrong activities its cos their economy is weak. Tell me doesnt Indians do scamming or drug trafficking. Dont generalise just cos of the 20% of their people.

I totally request our governament to make our country a hostile place for all foreigners irrespective of their colour and creed.

- Beenu Thomas Thottathil, Bangalore | 01 st November 2013 19:53


Its wrong what you here. Nigerians come to India, whatever the work they do they do contribute to our foerign money flow. There are 100s of Indians in Nigeria who lives happily doing their work and business. The govt there safeguards the foreign people's right. I believe Indian govt should make sure that the foreigners do not face any infringement of their rights and interest in our country. Do you know tat there are many pubs in hyderabad and bangalore who stops Blacks enetering. Why this discrimination. They are human. If they indulge in wrong activities its cos their economy is weak. Tell me doesnt Indians do scamming or drug trafficking. Dont generalise just cos of the 20% of their people.

I totally request our governament to make our country a hostile place for all foreigners irrespective of their colour and creed.

- Beenu Thomas Thottathil, Bangalore | 01 st November 2013 19:52


Why are the Nigerians going to study n India does India have a better Education system? If they do why are they schooling in Ukraine to promote there Educations.. the so called Governor can call Nigerians Menace what will he say about the stupid Indians that cause stupidity in Ukraine killing themselves in hostels?

- Alan, Ukraine | 01 st November 2013 19:41


Every nation attracts the type of immigrants it deserves

- Goldstein Lee, South Africa | 01 st November 2013 19:01


Will the Chief Minister, using his favourite figures of speech , now acknowledge that Goa has:

1. "World Class" Drug Cartels and Drug Lords/Drug Gangs operating in Goa

2. "State of the Art" Drug Cartels, Drug Wholesalers & Retailers and pushers ?

3. Goa has now overtaken or will overtake Columbia, Mexico and Afghanistan as the Drug Capital of the world.

4. That some of his own MLA`s are involved in the Drug trade....mostly in the Northern Constituencies.

Goans are well aware that Ex Home Minister, Ravi Naik had an eye ailment and ear infections, medically referred to as a "Cataract" & "deafness".

He could see" No drugs in Goa. Nor could he hear any rumours about this

Hopefully the Current Home Minister , has eyes ...and ears which are "In the pink of health"!!

- N.Fernandes, UK | 01 st November 2013 16:40


When the MLA knows the spiralling problem with such precision, why does not the government take strict action against the Nigerians in particular and the others illegal inhabitants around Goa? The Government needs to respond to this emergence.

- Jimmy Mendes, Goa | 01 st November 2013 16:32


For God's sake get these brutal Nigerians out of Goa immediately and deport them out of India. How can our police force be scared or silent? Most pathetic!!! Wake up all our politicians before it is too late, our own people and mostly importantly villagers are mistreated.

- A.M. Lobo, Doha | 01 st November 2013 15:30


For God's sake get these brutal Nigerians out of Goa immediately and deport them out of India. How can our police force be scared or silent? Most pathetic!!! Wake up all our politicians before it is too late, our own people and mostly importantly villagers are mistreated.

- A.M. Lobo, Doha | 01 st November 2013 15:29


please throw all the nigerians and Russians out of goa..they dont belong there..goa is for the goans. Government has to do something about many young kids have destroyed their lives becoz of these people supplying drugs,,in a few years goa will belong to them rather than the goans. please have some sense and throw them out

- Maxima Kwatra, Dubai | 01 st November 2013 15:04


If it was the UAE (United Arab Emirates), it would be deportation and blocked visas for future entrants. No questions asked and no one can protest. Over here in UAE, they do not tolerate sh*t like this/these

- Conrad, Abu Dhabi, UAE | 01 st November 2013 14:41


we r talking about murder. stick to the topic.

- vasanth, bangalore | 01 st November 2013 14:37


Considering 95% of Nigerians are undesirable & merely 5% neutral, it is not clear why Govt of India allows visa to them so indiscriminately

- L N Roychoudhury, Kolkata | 01 st November 2013 12:47


This can happen only in India where a foreigner can throw their tantrum and get away with it. Also thanks to the local people of India for accepting this muck.

- Andrew Pinto, Mumbai | 01 st November 2013 12:35


These Nigerians are a big problem with Law everywhere in India , i wonder how authorities provide them Visa ..i have noticed there nos. are increasing day by day in Metros like Mumbai , Bangalore , Hyderabad etc .... Wonder when the Authorities will wake up and take action ... I am sure after this in Goa they are going to have a tough time ... After all Parrikar Sir is the CM ...

- Amit, Mumbai | 01 st November 2013 10:26


no country will tolerate such an act of an non citizen in a country in any situation. I say that this is a terror act. This people are to be imprisoned for investigation and deported without any delay before it get any worse cause they are a treat to the state and they challenged the state law which is not tolerable at all. So please act before its to late

- john ferns, Goa India | 01 st November 2013 00:51


shame on the bjpgoverment in goa saying that the police are scaredof the nigerans shame on you

- blandino afonso, southall uk | 31 st October 2013 22:34


shame on the bjpgoverment in goa saying that the police are scaredof the nigerans shame on you

- blandino afonso, southall uk | 31 st October 2013 22:33


I hope the Goa Government now take serious action against these criminally intentioned Nigerians.

A check will need to be made on their College/school/University or Study attendances.

Obtaining Student Visas seem to be a front for their anti -social activities ,criminal activities and other scams in Goa/India.

Their College/University funding should be checked thoroughly. Those that have no remittances from Nigeria are most likely to be funding their stay in Goa through scams and other criminal activities.

The UK/USA have special Security designated teams within their Security \Agencies to deal with al the scams perpetrated/committed by Nigerians all over the world.

- N.Fernandes, UK | 31 st October 2013 20:12


Why is Lobo acting so defensive? It just shows that he may be involved in the crime. Here a person has been killed and nowhere does Lobo talk about finding out who the killer was or how the man got killed. Lobo knows that his goondas were involved in the killing of the innocent Nigerian man.

- Maria, australia | 31 st October 2013 20:04



- अरविंद पां.सायानेकर, डिचोली | 31 st October 2013 19:53


Goa does not belongs to Goan. all these Nigerians are working as bouncer for big shots. its like tourist are always right. noughting will happen everything will be closed down after some time. even in goverment offices, outsider work is done with 01 document but for goan we have to give 10 ducuments. Hope Parikar will take action on this.

Do you'll know there is open web site runned by outsider in goa for prositution. i called once and its true.RS 10,000.for 2 hrs, 20,000 for night.

- mario, Goa, Verna | 31 st October 2013 19:37


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