GMC allowing costly 'private' blood test without approval, Govt admits

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 24 October 2013 13:48 IST

The government has finally admitted that the Goa Medical College hospital allows outsider pathologists to conduct blood tests “unofficially” without any system laid down in this regard.

“It is a practice for over 10 years and we need to formulate a proper procedure now”, admits health minister Laxmikant Parsekar.

A racket of private pathologists in the GMC hospital was recently exposed, after which even chief minister Manohar Parrikar agreed that the irregularity exists.

Though he refused to term it as a scandal, in reality, the private pathologists were charging more than double rate for ‘private’ blood tests for the GMC patients.

When asked in this regard, Parsekar initially tried to justify it, stating that the practice pertains to some blood tests conducted by private pathologists as these tests are not available at GMC hospital.

“The representatives of metro-based pathological laboratories come to the hospital early morning to take blood samples and get reports by e-mail within 24 hours”, said Parsekar.

However, when media cornered him, Parsekar admitted that local pathologist are also allowed in the hospital for the same tests, which are available at the GMC blood bank.

“Sometimes, the GMC doctors feel a second opinion is needed from another blood bank and these tests are conducted by outsider pathologists”, he said.

But, at the same time, Parsekar admitted that no proper procedure or mechanism is laid down when a second opinion is needed.


There is absolutely no mechanism to decide who should approve a decision of second opinion and after how many repeat tests in the GMC blood bank, a decision is taken to test the blood by an outside private agency.

In addition, Parsekar also admitted that there is no provision to allow outsiders in the GMC hospital for any such kind of blood tests.

According to him, over 1000 blood tests of various kinds are conducted in GMC hospital every day, some of which are conducted by private pathologists without formal approval.

Most of these pathologists charge almost double the rate for blood tests than the normal market rate, where the GMC doctors are allegedly getting commission from the pathology laboratories for overcharging.

While Parrikar said the practice had started 10 years ago, NCP vice president Trajano D’Mello said it means the blood test racket had started when the BJP was in power last time.

Parsekar however has now assured to lay down proper procedures for outside agency conducting blood tests, if required.

“We are conducting inquiry into the whole unauthorized system after which a proper mechanism would be laid down”, he assured. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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It is time, such external Blood Test personnel are given Official Name Badges with the name of their Labs and a licence no. issued by either the GMC or Govt.

There are plenty of Fake Police/ Fake astrologers/ Fake recruitment agents,Fake everything, in Goa these days. what is there to check fake Blood Testers?

These external Blood Testers should also be made to wear a Uniform & Medical Gloves, indicating they are officially recognised personnel.

They should also be made to sign a Register of their daily presence & issued a daily PASS, before loitering & roaming around the wards like start dogs,collecting Blood... for both security & other ancillary purposes.

Patients to must be advised of the Tests that the Hospital are unable to perform and for which they will incur a small cost. Part of the costs could be subsidised by the Govt. too

The various issues/scandals at the GMC reek of scams.

We frequently hear the Chief Ministers and MLA`s constantly mention the phrase "STATE OF THE ART" or even "World Class".

Goans have heard about State of the Art/ World Class Bus stations, Railway Stations/Airports/ Ravindra Bhavans, Football grounds/ Garbage plants etc.

All Goans ever see in the end are "State of the Art " scams and "World Class " cartels of Ministerial crooks.

Goans should not expect much from Mr Laxmikant Parsekar. He is rather busy with his personal enrichment.

I suggest he change his 1st name to "I-CAN`T" ( I cannot)Parsekar.

- N.Fernandes, UK | 24 th October 2013 16:20


Joker Mera Nam,Joke Karna Mera KaM

- Goenkar, Goa | 24 th October 2013 14:48


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