Aa la Digambar, Vishnu also 'suffocates' in BJP

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 06 September 2013 23:10 IST

After Digambar Kamat, St Andre MLA Vishnu Wagh is also now feeling suffocated in the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.

“I am feeling suffocated in the BJP and I felt it right from the beginning”, claimed Wagh, while talking to the media today.

His statement gains importance while the country goes for Lok Sabha poll any moment.

It is rumoured that Wagh may quit the BJP and may contest on the ticket of the Nationalist Congress Party.

Till he became the BJP MLA, Wagh was with the Congress, in fact a close confident of then Congress chief minister Digambar Kamat.

Kamat, in 2005, in a similar manner had complained of suffocation in the Manohar Parrikar government and had quit to form alternate Congress government.

It is rumoured that Wagh may follow the footsteps of Kamat, though political analysts feel it would be difficult to topple Parrikar government when the BJP had 21 seats, besides support of three MGP, two GVP and four independents in a 40-member House.

Wagh however said he does not find any difference between the Congress and the BJP as far as the administration is concerned.

“I am not getting proper treatment in the government from some ministers and quite a few departments just don’t work properly”, he complained.

Wagh also raised the issue of Medium of Instruction, stating that he is not happy with the government’s decision.

Incidentally, the CM had announced the government decision to provide grants to Church-run 130 English-medium schools in the presence of Wagh.

When asked about his rumoured plans to join the NCP to contest Lok Sabha election, Wagh claimed no party had approached him in this regard. 

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- John Ferns, Goa | 07 th September 2013 19:29


Vishnu should start 'Bhandari Samaj Party' along with his Hoble, Koble brethren.

- Kolo, Goa | 07 th September 2013 18:40


With his now frequent to daily pronouncements/announcements in the Press and Interviews, mostly directed towards his personal self interests, it can be concluded that Vishnu Suray Wagh suffers from a weird neurosis called.

"Self, Attention- Seeking Disorder.

His constant desire to attract attention to him self, reminds me of a children's joke found in Christmas Crackers...

Question: how do you get into the "LIMELIGHT"

ANSWER: by Standing under a Lime- Coloured Bulb"...!!

Birds & animals are known, to perform "Pre-Mating" rituals, to attract the opposite sex.

I wonder & am never sure too,what a back-ward thinking Vishnu Wagh is hoping or desiring??

Sometimes one must wonder if Vishnu Wagh really knows, who he really is, or what he really wants?

Unfortunately it is well known that "Rolling stones Never gather Moss"

- N.Fernandes, UK | 07 th September 2013 13:12


There is a saying in Kokani which means in English, ‘when pearl starts weighing more than the earlobe, one must throughout the pearl….. no matter how costly the pearl is…. or else it (pearl) will cut off the earlobe!’

It’s time for BJP to get rid of Wag. Secondly, too much is too bad…..one should not blackmail anyone using minority cart or personal brains! The stepping stone that is given to Wag by BJP is more than enough. Now let Wag show his metal and let him shine out on his own.

- Uday, Margao | 07 th September 2013 08:24


This will be Wagh's first and last election to assembly or any house of power. Last time he got elected on the anti-congress wave. He is clearly a nuisance and disgrace. And now he has already kicked on the ax. Instead of building his career gradually, he has become over ambitious zealot and will soon explode. Remember the story of frog and the oxen? At least Digamber has some base in Margao!

- Anirudh, Goa | 07 th September 2013 07:23


Wagh has proved time and again that he is utterly casteist, party hopper narcissistic dork who can do anything and everything for selfish gains. Except bhondari samaj he has no loyalty or professional ethics.

Shame on you wagh you should change your name to fox or KOLO.

- Jean, Goa | 07 th September 2013 07:13


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