Mickky gets tiatrist Francis arrested

ARVIND TENGSE, MADGAO | 09 August 2013 23:14 IST

Based on a complaint of extortion and defamation filed by Nuvem MLA Mickky Pacheco, Verna police today arrested tiatrist Francis de Tuem of Mapusa in Margao.

Plain-cloth police arrested him as the tiatrist was entering Ravindra Bhavan for a tiatr show.

In a complaint, Mickky has alleged that Francis had threatened to tarnish his image publicly in the Tiatr “Apunn Apleak, Dev Somestank”, while demanding Rs 10 lakh to avoid it.

As Mickky reportedly did not comply with his extortionist demand, Francis on Thursday evening at the tiatr made comments regarding his children.

Based on Mickky’s complaint filed Friday morning, police picked up Francis from Ravindra Bhavan where he had come to perform in Rosefern’s tiatr Que Sera Sera…Zaunchem Zatelem.

Francis has been arrested under section 384 (extortion) and section 500 (defamation) of the Indian Penal Code.

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Most of these Tiatrist are creatively bankrupt. They use politicians as a fodder day in and out and make a mockery of them often passing cheap and third class remarks which a segment of Catlique society enjoy.

Tiatrist should elevate significantly their class in presenting tiatr in satirical, eloquent and classic and not in a crude way they are quite adapt at.

- Pedro Tarvoti, Florida Taru/boat | 18 th August 2013 19:41


Sanjay Kumar , Margao

You are absolutely correct.

Mickky Pacheco is allowed to roam freely and permitted to destroy the lives of many people.

Committing a crime is Mickky Pacheco`s annual celebration.

- N.Fernandes, London | 17 th August 2013 16:53


Antonio Pereira:

Defamation is a Civil Matter and not a criminal matter.

The Tiatrist should complain to the Human Rights Commission of India for mis-treatment by Goa Police.

The general opinion of every Goan & foreigner too is; that Goa Police are the biggest goondas and many, criminally inclined.

Goan Politicians use Goa Police as their "Handy Tools".

I also wonder what the "cash value" was for this transaction, between Mickky Pacheco & Goa Police?

Goa Police are not well known for doing anything for FREE.

If not CASH...it is often in KIND.

- N.Fernandes, London | 17 th August 2013 16:47


Mickky defaming himself.



Criminal Justice and Civil Infraction Cases - Case List

Last Name: PACHECO First Name: FRANCISCO Middle Name: XAVIER Sex: Male Race: Unknown Date of Birth: 12/12/1964

** Click on the Case to see more details **

Case :M-98-034527

Filed Date :07/04/1998

Closed Date :03/10/1999


M-98-034527 07/04/1998 03/10/1999 PROSTITUTION

- N.Fernandes, London | 17 th August 2013 16:34


Mickky Pacheco have no shame. So many months spend

in jail even then never leave meddling public affairs. He is

elected Nuvem constituency blind people. Matured and

well educated will never elect such goons.Pleople must

think next election before cast their vote to skip Mickky,

Babush, Churchill Alemao,Ravi, Digamber,Arlekar,Rane.

and lover of Marathi in Goa.

- Sanjay Kumar, Margao | 17 th August 2013 14:37


Its really sad to know that Francis was badly beaten by cops was kept with just underwear. what is the legal remedy one can take for such a act by police

- Antonio Pereira, Goa | 16 th August 2013 22:49


Francis de Tuem is a good artist. No one believe that he will do such an extraordinary thing. Everyone knows Mickey's real picture.

- Hazel , Canada | 14 th August 2013 02:01



- JOSE ROD, GOA | 11 th August 2013 15:41


Tiatrists must support Aam Aadmi Party. Arvind Kejriwal is Secular & Honest. Goans must vote Aam Aadmi Party. Aam Aadmi Party is Honest and Secular.

- John Ferns, Goa | 10 th August 2013 16:05


Mickky Pacheco is well known in Goa and abroad too, for his nefarious and criminal activities.

It is quite strange and quaint how Mickky Pacheco can accuse others of defaming him , when he is in the business of conducting criminal activities thus defaming himself.

His criminal records both in Goa and the USA speak for themselves.

In the USA he was charged with soliciting Prostitutes.

His records are available in the County Dade , Miami Court Police records.

He has been accused of Money Laundering and Immigration scams by the USA/ FBI.

He has not done any better in Goa. He will forever be associated with the suicide and subsequent of Nadia Torrado, still in the prime of her life.

Has Francis de Tuem learnt about extortion from Mickky and Matthew Diniz? Maybe the Manager of Majorda Beach Resort Hotel will have a "certified" opinion on this.

Are many other Goans,specially the youth, learning this ART of EXTORTION from Mickky Pacheco? I am more inclined to think so.

I sometimes wonder how the already defamed be defamed.

It is well known ,2 negatives never make a positive.

Psychopaths, have great difficulty in understanding basic human values. Mickky Pacheco more than often demonstrates this.

Defamation in Legal and prosecutable Terms is the act of causing loss to ones reputation.

I wonder if Mickky Pacheco has any noteworthy or noble reputation left.

Only his BOUNCERS would like to think so.

- N.Fernandes, London | 10 th August 2013 13:13


I am sure this is a bogus complaint.

Francis de Tuem is an artist and artists have their own way of entertaining people.

I know Francis de Tuem for long. He is not the person to resort to extortion.

Something is wrong somewhere. The truth will come out.

All Goans know who is who is Goa.

- Francisco, Goa | 10 th August 2013 11:30


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