I don't want Modi as PM: Amartya

PTI, NEW DELHI | 22 July 2013 17:38 IST

Coming out strongly against Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, Nobel laureate Amartya Sen on Monday said he does not want him to become India's prime minister as he does not have secular credentials.

The prominent economist also criticised Modi's model of governance saying he did not approve of it.

"Yes, I don't want him," Sen told CNN-IBN in reply to a question on whether he wanted him as his prime minister.

"As an Indian citizen I don't want Modi as my PM... He has not done enough to make minorities feel safe," he said.

On being asked why he did not want so, Sen said, "He could have first of all been more secular and he could have made the minority community feel more secure."

"No, I don't approve of it... I don't think the record is very good. I think I don't have to be a member of the minority in order to feel insecure... We Indians don't want a situation where the minority feel insecure and could legitimately think that there was an organised violence against them in 2002. I think that is a terrible record and I don't think Indian Prime Minister as an Indian citizen... Of who has that kind of record. No, I do not."

Sen said physical infrastructure in Gujarat may be good but Modi has not done enough for minorities or for the majority. He also said that the Gujarat model needs to do much more on the health and education sectors and bring equity.

He said Modi could have made the majority community feel that they are not maltreating the minority and going against the long Indian tradition of being tolerant.

"He could have also taken both of the facts that Gujarat record in education and healthcare is pretty bad and he has to concentrate on that... as much as he is concentrating quietly as it has happened on physical infrastructure," the Nobel laureate said.

BJP recently anointed Modi as chairman of its election campaign committee.

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Previous Comments

Not only Prof. Sen but many other ' sane' people can see through the games Modiji is playing .

Read this: http://kapilpatilmumbai.blogspot.in/2013/07/blog-post_23.html

- rajan kamat, Mapusa | 25 th July 2013 08:39


Mr. Uday seems to be a decent bloke supporting Narendra Modi alias Namo alias Feku, according to a large section of media and public.

Like several other supporters of Modi, he too seems to find out faults with Amartya Sen and his work rather than countering facts stated by Prof Sen. But despite his typical Sangh type of argument of deviating from the main point in the message and shooting the messenger, he has not accused Prof Sen to be the Congress agent . Uday must be from the older breed of Sanghis as he has not used any foul language against Prof. Sen, unlike the younger Sangh supporters who are no different from Shiv Sena guys who love to abuse. The amount of expletives used by these so called educated apologists of Sangh on various wb based platforms is baffling.

If these guys are capable of being so aggressive, intolerant, violent minded and arrogant now, what will happen if at all they come to the power?

Average Indian is smart and can well see through this air of arrogance.

Prof. Sen has a right to express his opinion like several Modi Bhakt who leave no opportunity to denigrate Congress leaders ( Not that I support them and their party). Why can't they take criticism from the other point of view? Or is it the inbuilt fascist 'ideology' of the Sangh that is on the display.

Hail 'Ek chalakanuvartitv' and see it displayed in the behavior of the likes of Monu Baab, Narendra Bhai and Yeddi Anna who are totally averse to even constructive criticism and have a ' know all' attitude.

- Gajendra Tari, Ponda | 25 th July 2013 08:32


Amartya Sen's economic models are similar to the ones India had been following till 1992. India grew at 3% and went bankrupt twice. He claims growth is not so important but fails to answer Panagariya and Bhagwati how he is going to fund the socialistic programmes that he is prescribing, without growth. Sen claims Lee Kuan Yew, the father of Singapore, as a model politician but conveniently forgets that Yew was authoritarian, decisive, polarising figure and Muslim hater. Moreover, Singapore's success (which he alludes in book) is by running fiscal discipline and often fiscal surpluses and not fiscal deficits which he prescibes. No wonder Sen refuses to debate Bhagwati despite Bhagwati's repeated calls for debate.

- C Prabhu Desai, Goa | 25 th July 2013 03:18


Yes, successive governments have failed India on many counts! But it is not only the politicians but also the various intellectuals, analysts, etc. It is in this context; Prof Sen should tell us who exactly these groups are! I think that those responsible for the problem can be part of the solution only if they genuinely accept that they have made mistakes in the past.

Yes, Prof Sen had undisturbed time to write the books, and make a living of it. However, in his books, did he write anything about the lack of hygiene? As an India, has he offered any suggestions to make minorities feel safe? And has he anytime offered any solutions for betterment of India?

For time being forget about India, has he offered any solutions for betterment of minorities in West Bengal – his birth state!

He spends more than 70 % of his time staying out of India, and instead of offering solutions he offers criticisms! To such person, I give no respect even though he is a Nobel Prize winner.

- Uday, Margao | 24 th July 2013 07:39


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