Haste on Modi cost us Advani-ji: Shripad

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 10 June 2013 18:07 IST

Goa’s veteran Bharatiya Janata Party leader and North Goa MP Shripad Naik felt the party would have not taken a decision on making Narendra Modi the campaign chief in such haste.

Following party patriarch L K Advani’s resignation from key posts, Naik said there is scope to believe that there was haste in taking a final call on Modi at the recently concluded national executive meeting held in Goa.

“May be Advani-ji was hurt the way the decision was taken”, he told goanews.com.

Naik, also the member of the national executive representing Goa for several years now, also said that Advani’s resignation would not only affect the party but also the whole nation.

“Crores of people of India would now get disappointed”, he said.

However, he did not comment on whether Advani’s exit would ultimately affect the election prospects of the BJP.

“It is really unfortunate that a leader who worked day and night to build the party takes such a decision. It would be a great loss to the party as well as the country”, said Naik.

Contrary to this, Goa state BJP president Vinay Tendulkar was not prepared to comment on anything.

“We were told by our senior leaders that the decision on Modi was taken after consulting all the top leaders, including Advani-ji”, he said.

He also expressed hope that the leaders would succeed in persuading Advani to withdraw his resignation.

Chief minister Manohar Parrikar, who was the first one to publicly demand at Goa meet to take a decision on Modi, was however not available for comments. 

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Well said Rupesh baab.I'm fully with you. And I appreciate you as very few have the guts to take on the mighty brahminical mentality that has corroded the fabric of this culturally rich and diverse country. This class monopolized the knowledge due to which others were defamed. History, Puranas and Vedas were written by them to justify their suoperiority. Many scholars like Jyotiba Phule, Ambedkar, Periyar Ramaswamy Naikar, D D Kosambi, D P Chattopadhyaya and in recent times D N Jha did demystify the evil deeds of this class but like the age old saying, सुंभ जळाले तरी पीळ राहतो.

Keep it up.

- rajan kamat, Mapusa | 18 th June 2013 11:24


What Gandhi ji said while dying is immaterial but what the Retrograde Scumbags Shorts (RSS) parivaar did in Ayodhya in the name of Ram is shameful.

Also do read गांधी हत्या आणि मी and one can read between the lines how an evil group organized to propagate Brahminism turned a daylight murder into वध in connivance with mercy petition champions.

कालाय तस्मै नमः . Like Yadavs ( Not Lalus and Mulayams of today) were cursed of infighting and elimination, the curse of Mahatma is perhaps haunting the parivar , which is now plagued by infighting and has lost its face in the wake of sibling वध. Ultimately they are not ordinary mortals of bahujan samaaj, they are great ( Maha) people (Jan).

All in the name of Ram who started it by slaying Shambuka and other great non Aryan heroes like Vali and Rawan. The rich legacy continues in a different guise.

- Rupesh Jhamli, Malbhat , Margao | 17 th June 2013 13:19


Uday, you are a great entertainer .According to you ,whoever objects to the obvious communal overtures of ' Khaki Chaddidhari Clan and their variants through their party BJP, who brand that person either as Congresswalla or Communist..

These kind of schmucks are all over social media nowadays. They refuse to look within but fire a salvo of slander and abuse at the person expressing differing views.

I hate to debate with over zealot blind supporters. That's not my style. I give damn for either Congress or BJP because I do not differentiate the two in terms of quality. But all you guys do is to try to hide your sins by pointing out at others' follies. And I repeat. I am not interested in waking those who pretend to be asleep.

- rajan kamat, Mapusa | 17 th June 2013 12:20


Rupesh Jhamli, your concluding words “Hey Ram (or is it Hi Ram?)” reminded me of great controversy created by congress party! This party plays politics even at the cost of dead bodies of their leaders! Here is a short take of “Hey Ram” controversy (if you do google search you might unearth ‘Hi Ram’ controversies!):

Wikipedia writes, “Gandhi’s ‘final words’ have been a matter of controversy! In the days before his death, Gandhi was constantly chanting the name of Rama. Gopal Godse, brother of Nathuram Godse who shot Gandhi to death, says that ‘the government put these words in his mouth to pacify Hindus, since some of his actions had been seen as pandering to the Muslims.’

But the main point is common sense. Is it possible for someone who was shot in the chest, and died immediately, to say anything at all? Such things happen only in films. Gandhi had ended a fast only a few days back, and so even under the unlikely assumption that he did say something no one would have heard him.”

- Uday, Margao | 16 th June 2013 19:21


Rajan Kamat, a typical congressman in Goa with communist mindset, baselessly accuse others and prefers to give thoughtless answers! Such persons are seen as: धोबी का कुत्ता, ना घर का ना घाट का! When such persons don’t have “to the point” answer they attack all round - बंदर क्या जाने अदरक का स्वाध! Rajan’s philosophy, including irrelevant pointers, fell short to cover up exposed scams, scandals, corruptions of congress party – a party with सौ चुहे खाके बिल्ली हज को चाली attitudes! And Rajan’s shortsighted defense, proved himself - चोर तर चोर; पण "पडला' कमजोर!


Take 1: What happened to the controversial land deals and charges made by Arvind Kejriwal against Congress chief Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra? If the land deals are ‘transparent deals’ why PMO refuses to divulge the information from that file?

TAKE 2:What happened to following Genocides that took place under congress rule: 1. 1964 Communal riots in Rourkela & Jamshedpur - 2,000 Killed; 2. 1947 Communal riots in Bengal - 5,000 Killed; 3. August 1967 - 200 Killed - Communal riots in Ranchi; 4. 1969 - Communal riots in Ahmadabad - More than 512 Killed; 5. 1970 - Bhiwandi communal riots, Maharashtra - Around 80 killed; 6. April 1979 - Communal riots in Jamshedpur, Bengal - More than 125 killed - Ruling party CPIM; 7. August 1980 - Moradabad Communal riots - 2,000 Killed; 13. Feb 1983 - Communal violence in Nallie, Assam - 2,000 killed - PM – Indira Gandhi CONGRESS; 8. May 1984 - Communal riots, Bhiwandi - 146 Killed, 611 Injured; 9. Oct 1984 - Communal riots in Delhi - 2,733 Killed; 10. April 1985 - Communal riots in Ahmedabad - 300 Killed; 11. July 1986 - Communal violence in Ahmedabad - 59 Killed; 12. Apr-May 1987 - Communal violence in Meerut, UP - 81 killed and 13) 1984 anti-Sikhs riots or the 1984 Sikh Massacre which happened under the reign of the party with “Hand” symbol and were more than 11,000 deaths as reported by CBI.

TAKE 3: What happened to the following Scams of Congress party since 1947”: Jeep Purchase (1948); Cycle Imports (1951); BHU Funds (1956); Mundhra Scandal (1957); Teja Loans Scam (1960); Kairon Scam (1963); Patnaik's Own Goal (1965); Maruti Scandal (1974); Solanki Exposé (1992); Kuo Oil Deal (1976); Antulay Trust (1981); HDW Commissions (1987); Bofors Pay-Off (1987); St Kitts Forgery (1989); Airbus Scandal (1990); Securities Scam (1992); Indian Bank Rip-off (1992); Sugar Import (1994); MS Shoes Scam (1994); JMM Bribes (1995); In a Pickle (1996); Telecom Scam (1996); Fodder Scam (1996); Urea Deal (1996); Hawala Diaries (1996); CRB Scam (1997); Mehta's Second Coming (1998); Vanishing Companies Scam (1998); Plantation Companies Scam (1999); Match Fixing (2000); Ketan Pareks Scam (2001); Tehelka Sting (2001); Stockmarket Scam (2001); Home Trade Scam (2002); Stamp Paper Scam (2003); Oil-for-Food Scandal (2005); 2 G Scam (2010); Commonwealth Games scam (2010); VVIP/VIP Helicopter purchase scandal; Niira Radia tapes; etc.

Rajan, can I expect answers to above questions from you?

- Uday, Margao | 16 th June 2013 13:37


Just because Modi promises you to continue the power of the so called UPPER class people like udey are promoting him. afterall modi is 1 man the organisation for whom he stands do not make shripad naik cm. it makes parrikar and not only him it makes only his relatives chiefs of all govt positions. about criminal nature of modi there are several supreme court and gujrat hc reported decisions. just keep gujrat riot aside. the main story is amit shah modis no. 2 is as per supreme court a mafia, extortionist who runs a criminal gang. soharabuddin sheikh was believed to be amit shahs gangster and tulsiram prajapati was his sharp shooter. amit shah through soharabuddin killed haren pandya home minister of gujrat who was the main competition of modi. after that sorabuddin was murdered. finally tulsiram who was the actual sharpshooter was murdered. now you guys want to make modi PM and amit shah Home minister of india. after how many people are murdered by this gang your eyes will open?

- shivaldona, aldona | 15 th June 2013 19:45


Arre patrao Uday, Whoever opposes communal politics need not be a Congress party supporter? And who is playing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? मुंह में राम , बगल में छुरी यही संघ परिवार की असली बीमारी.

I would say your love for communal forces only prove an age old Marathi proverb चोर तो चोर वर शिरजोर .

Actually your comment is related to another article on this website and you seem to be confused where to attack after getting completely flummoxed by the expose. It happens to many who are employed by current power brokers to clean their defecation in the public.

- rajan kamat, Mapusa | 15 th June 2013 08:40


Uday baab, Thank you for your compliments. If you open newspapers or watch TV, you will fin Sonia and Rahul's stories about corruption every day. And corruption the second name of CON gress. The entire India knows their 'deeds.' My concern is with the champions of Hindutva who claim to be different from CON gress.

In essence both are same . And please ask the ALL MIGHTY in your heart.He will advice you not to use any agents to reach out to him as our ancestors did by creating the ' middlemen' who still operate from temples, ashrams and now even the legislative houses in the name of RAM... Hey Ram ( or is it Hi Ram?)

- Rupesh Jhamli, Malbhat , Margao | 15 th June 2013 08:21


@ Rupesh, Thanks for letting us know that even a Ghanchi (Teli) can rise in RSS/ BJP. And that Shripad Bhau is a mannequin and therefore deserves what he got. This increased by respect for Parivar, despite some of my ideological differences with them.

Even Hindustan Times on web poll claims Modi has 76% support for PM vs Rahul 8%. All these Modi supporters need to learn the ‘real analysis’ from you.

- Modi for PM, Goa | 15 th June 2013 02:22


Rupesh Jhamli, you are very good at sketching profiles of individuals including their thinking logic - which even almighty won’t be able to predict!

May I request you to please sketch similar profiles of Sonia Gandhi and also of her son Rahulbab!

- Uday, Margao | 14 th June 2013 18:40


The hegemony of upper caste is a common phenomenon in Sangh Parivar and Modi for PM is obviously a blind follower who will always oppose the real analysis of the parivar that wants to ultimately bring a Hindu rashtra of Manu ( Not U turn fame Monu Pa).

Modi is a Ghanchi ( Teli) but undoubtedly several notches higher in manipulations and shrewdness( basic qualities of today's politicians) than a mannequin like Shripad Bhau.

Gang of oldies sitting in Nagpur has been trying hard to undermine him for quite some time. Considering the clout that he has, Sangh Pitaashrees of Reshim Baug have no guts and are incapable of clipping his wings and now that they have no option, Modi is their perfect choice. First;y because they can shout from the rooftop of not being unjust to the lower castes, secondly because they know that Modi is the only leader within their fold who can match Hitler in his dictatorial approach.And thirdly,

thay have no choice because everyone knows that after Pramod Mahajan, only he can manage the moneybags like Ambanis, Adanis and other party donors . RSS needs him badly.

- Rupesh Jhamli, Malbhat , Margao | 14 th June 2013 08:16


@Rupesh, Modi is OBC. Do you think he is ornamental head? Where is your upper caste logic apply here? Or you are saying this OBC is enjoying fruits of labor of higher caste leaders such as Vajpayi and Advani?

@Savio, more Muslims in Gujrat have voted BJP in last election than ever in the history. What is your definition of divisive?

When all opinion polls are suggesting sweeping support for Modi for PM position, his ascent is but natural process in a democratic system.

- Modi for PM, Goa | 12 th June 2013 23:59


Rajan Kamat says, “I too feel Congress is the most corrupt and immoral party and has been curse on India” and goes on writing in support of Congress party.”

I know many persons from Goa playing such ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ game and extracting dole from Congress party for personal gains!

These persons have ‘Communist’ mindset but since their trusted party is not operative in Goa, they behave ‘Atypical Congressman!’

- Uday, Margao | 12 th June 2013 20:32


Shripad Bhau is from Bahjan Samaaj and is used as mere ornamental leader like many other OBCs, Dalits and Muslims in BJP.

The real cream of power is tasted only by those with brahminical lineage.

This is not a new story. The upper caste social order in India has historically exploited those on the lower rungs and like they claim that Bharatiya Sanskriti had already invented many so called modern scientific advancements, the consumerism of use and discard is also a great gift of Hindu Sanskriti to the world.

- Rupesh Jhamli, Malbhat , Margao | 12 th June 2013 09:03


Savio’s ideas shakes IDEA cellular network! He indirectly suggests: Congress, not any other party, should rule India and Goa without any opposition! Thereby Congress will get license to loot & plunder India and Goa!! And they will not be questioned for their corruptions and scams!!!

Hope likeminded Congressman recommends his name for Nobel Prize! Bharat Ratna award in any case will be given to him by Congress for suggesting great IDEA!

- Uday, Margao | 12 th June 2013 06:50


now the difference in cultures of both bjp and congress is clear. 1st the similarity, both are corrupt money making machines. the difference is in congress there is no use and throw of people and there is no leadership issue everyone knows who the boss is. sonia gandhi has done something for every leader. if manmohan is pm pranab mukharji is president of india. even after a congressman dies something is done in his memory. like narsimharaos name is given to hyderabads longest flyover, roads in delhi and bombay are named after congress leaders etc. but in bjp its all use and throw. bjp leaders do any thing to come to power, make money by corruption and talk highly about themselves. congress corruption is corruption and bjp corruption never happened. and when a person is no longer useful to come to power be it advani who in 5 years from 2 MPs turned the party of 100 mps or shripad naik who turned the party from 0 MLAs to 21 MLAs overnight become "Rancid Pickle" and "another fool".

- Bharatmata, hindustan | 11 th June 2013 20:42


Modi had divided Gujarat and created a issue between Muslims and Hindus. God knows what he would do when he rules India. We may have another divided India in the new future.

BJP should be thrown out from all forms of Politics and Parrikar for sure.

- Savio, Goa | 11 th June 2013 17:59


Another *fool* who himself was sulking at the time of assembly elections for more and more powers. Cannot keep your mouth shut?

- Netaji, Bharatmata | 10 th June 2013 22:12


Shripad is similar to Advani and Parrikar is similar to Modi in their thinking and style of functioning.

The maturity in Advani on national level and Shripad on Goa level is missing in most of the other BJP leaders of Goa.

It is time for all in the BJP to introspect on whether there was need for such a haste as the elections are quire far.

Haste is waste and this case proved it.

- Francisco, Goa | 10 th June 2013 19:00


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