BJP disowns workers protesting against Advani

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 08 June 2013 20:22 IST

BJP workers' protest in Delhi outside Advani's house

Bharatiya Janata Party has disowned the workers protesting outside party patriarch L K Advani’s house in Delhi in support of Narendra Modi.

“They don’t belong to us and we condemn such action”, said Nirmala Sitaraman, the party spokesperson at a press conference today evening.

The BJP was claiming that no rift exists on the issue of projecting Modi as the campaign chief or prime ministerial candidate and that Advani has not attended the national executive only because he has been advised rest by the doctors.

But the pro-Modi workers did not rest but went to Advani’s house today afternoon, chanting slogans in support of Modi since the party is now confused over declaring the Gujarat chief minister as the campaign chief due to Advani’s objections.

The BJP never indulges in such kind of pressure tactics and we disassociate ourselves with such actions, said Sitaraman.

“The BJP does not endorse such kind of action”, she said.

The action of Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar however was also different as he spoke publicly in support of Modi, demanding this national conclave should take a final decision in this regard.

Even his public statement was brushed aside by party leaders, stating that he is free to speak what he feels, as the chief minister. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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No problem Uday baab, keep rejoicing. I too feel Congress is the most corrupt and immoral party and has been curse on India.

But your Bha Ja Pa is not a Pativrataa.

Now after writing some fictitious stories fit to be taught in Sangh tun Shishu Mandirs, do rejoice and celebrate the resurrection of Don Tondanchem Mallun called Advani.

Blind supporters of a party lead by a Feku who invents stories and spends millions of tax payers' money to hire

PR agencies and to buy moles in media must first rejoice that party with a 'difference' is nothing but Judwa sibling of the Congress, lost in a Kumbh Mela. Viva ! Haha!

- rajan kamat, Mapusa | 12 th June 2013 08:53


Rajan Kamat, yes I celebrate overwhelmingly if any damage takes place to congress party at the center! And I equally enjoy every time when their scams after scams; scandals after scandals surfaces up like mushrooms!

Do you have any problem(s) with my rejoicing on such issues!

- Uday, Margao | 11 th June 2013 17:13


Let me start with two stories I recollected as I was about to key in this message!

One fine day, all of a sudden, John, 80 plus year old and father of Anita and Amina, started digging his house to demolish. Seeing this, Anita asked, “Daddy, what are you doing”, “Idiot, don’t you see I’m demolishing the house I built?” prompt came the reply from John. “We will see that you can’t do this” replied Anita forcefully. Meanwhile Amina called the police and got the self demolishing idea of John stopped. This was John’s third attempt to demolish the house he had built! And all the time children stopped him from doing so.

The MORAL OF THE STORY: Just because John built the house in his youthful days this does not give him any right to demolish the same after he is married, after he has his own family members taking shelter in the same house! In short, “Creator(s) can’t be destroyers later”

Secondly, I was told by my father, to “fix leak now.” If not, I might need to replace the whole engine later. Fixing the leak costs Rs 100, but you need to pay at least Rs 60,000 – 70,000 to replace the engine. This is stitch in time, you know! Moreover, it is much easier to do something to prevent a problem than to deal with it after it has happened!

While concluding let me say, “Any elderly figure in any family prefers to step aside on his own guiding way for other youngsters in the family to run the show of the family.” While Advani, at 84, instead of playing the role of guiding father says, “Budha hoga tumara bap! Mai abh bhi jawan hu. Mai banunga pantapradhan.” On his resignation issue, most Goans and Indians say, “The recent resignation is his third emotional tactical resignation. He thinks he being an elderly figure and person responsible for bringing up the party everyone will listen to him! This time, definitely, BJP must forget him…….and march ahead.”

- Uday, Margao | 11 th June 2013 16:58


The position of Advani is like a cow which was milked till blood began to come out of its udder and then given to the slaughter house.

This is not the way such senior persons are treated. This does not fit in the Indian culture.

Leaders of BJP quote Ramayana and Mahabharata. What have you done to the man who from raised BJP's tally in the parliament from 2 MPs to 180?

Usage of words like 'dead wood' do not go well with right thinking people.

Is this the way old people are treated after they have brought you to this level?

If he said, let us wait for more time, should have waited. Ignored by one and all including the RSS, it is right that he has resigned. He is left with no other option of self respect.

All these leaders who are now rushing to him, should have gone to him before taking hasty decision.

- Francisco, Goa | 10 th June 2013 19:15


Uday-bab, if this kind of situation had occurred in Congress, like of you would have rejoiced at their plight and said this is due to their lack of Indian ness.

According Bharatiya Sanskriti, elders are worshiped and respected and not DUMPED after their utility gets diminished. BJP is just another POSRO like Congress that ultimately wants to sell only the salable items.

However, I pity the grand old man and the pioneer who began the communal era of politics in India.

The self proclaimed foot soldiers of Hindutva conveniently go into their rat holes or gloss over the matter to avoid criticism when their leaders are murdered by their kin ( Playboy Pramod Mahajan) , or caught accepting bribes ( Bangaru) or dumped by their own party members ( Advani) or implicated by courts for involvement in mass killings( Mody) or caught watching porno during assembly session ( Karnataka) or ....... oh the list is endless though nit as long as that of the Congress. But so what? They got only ten years to plunder Bharat Mata.

- rajan kamat, Mapusa | 10 th June 2013 15:13


People always consider “Enemy’s enemy as their close friend” when in fact it’s a stop-gap arrangement to push ones thinking logic on others/general thinking! This goes well with yet another saying in Konkani, which means in English “If one recognized baker dies….does not mean people will not get good breads……in such cases, most of the time ….people do get much better breads from another baker.” And we are experiencing the truth of this saying in our everyday life! And most importantly, OLD need not always be GOLD! Today’s thinking logic says,” MODIfy”, while older generation still keeps suffering from “NAMOnia syndrome!”

- Uday, Margao | 09 th June 2013 21:49


Those who are protesting against Advani may not be BJP workers but they are Modi supporters.

Advani has done a lot to bring BJP to the present level and his contributions cannot be ignored just like the contributions of Shripad Naik who contributed so much to bring BJP to the present level in Goa.

It is a pre-planned strategy of certain BJP leaders to ignore Advani and give a push to Modi and one of them is CM of Goa. Such persons have the blessings of RSS.

If Advani is insulted this way, Modi will remain just PM candidate and will never become PM.

Nobody can ignore the clout of Advani in BJP.

- Francisco, Goa | 09 th June 2013 11:55


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