Goan contractor killed labourer couple, tried killing children

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 14 May 2013 22:18 IST

Oswan Fernandes arrested for heinous double murder

A labourer was killed and buried in Ribandar, his wife was strangulated and thrown in the valley at Anmod Ghat and their two children – four and six-year old – were thrown in a half-dead condition in the bushes…

The heinous crime was committed by a Goan - Oswan Lucas Fernandes, a Ribandar-based contractor, along with his accomplice Ramesh Bagwe.

Both of them have been now arrested by the Goa police today for the heinous crime that took place on Saturday and Sunday nights.

DIG O P Misra has congratulated Verna-based Bonaventure D’Souza for helping the minor kids thrown in the bushes and alerting the police about the double murder.

As informed by DIG Misra, Oswan, supplying construction material, had a verbal clash on the night of 11 May, with his labourer Shivaji Naik, originally from Kolhapur.

The clash resulted into Oswan, along with his accomplice Ramesh, killing Shivaji and getting rid of the dead body by burying him at his godown site, digging a pit using his JCB.

When his wife Sujata came next day morning to enquire about her husband, Fernandes told her that he is in the hospital.

He then put the whole family – the mother and her little children - in the vehicle and took them all around roaming from place to place.

In the evening, both Oswan and Ramesh drove down the whole family across Mollem on Anmod Ghat, strangulated Sujata till death and threw away her body in the valley.

As children started crying with this horrifying incident that took place in front of their eyes, they drove away the vehicle little further, strangulated her younger four-year old brother and threw him away in the bushes down the valley.

Little further, same action was repeated for the six-year old girl, throwing her in the bushes, thinking that both the children are also dead.

Fortunately, however, the six-year old girl gained consciousness and managed to climb up to the road by Sunday morning, when Bonaventure D’Souza located the crying girl on the road at around 7 am as he was returning from Belgaum.

While he rescued her in the car, she said that her brother is also being thrown into the bushes and they managed to find him in almost a half-dead condition.

D’Souza then drove them to Mollem police out post and then to Collem police station, filed the FIR  while the police also located Sujata’s dead body down the valley.

As the police were bringing both the children to Panaji, on Ribandar Patto road, the girl identified Oswan and his car and alerted the police.

The police immediately arrested Oswan and then Ramesh, who was roaming in Panaji market.

Based on the information, the police have also exhumed the dead body of Shivaji from the pit late tonight.

DySP Dinaraj Govekar told goanews.com that the condition of the boy is still precarious, though the girl is completely fine.

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Previous Comments

These guys should be given life term. Sad to see that a Goan has been involved in this crime. I am sure that this guy will be in touch with Babush and jeniffer Monserrate for favors.

I dont know how the legal procedure works and who is going to take the case of the victims. This case should be brought to its logical conclusion. The media should put pressure on the Govt.

I think people will forget this case because the victim are non Goans.

- Mahi, bangalore | 18 th May 2013 21:27


Message from Youth of Goa to

Government and Peoples of Goa………….

‘If we are tough on crime, if we punish crime, then people get the message’

Crime is a crime, no Religious or Political support to Criminal.

If Criminal is Goan or Outsider, Punish them.

No Death Penalty,

Hang criminals “Lucas Fernandes and Ramesh Bagwe” right away.

Guys Please Join Together to make Crime free Goa.

- Gurudev NAik, vasco | 15 th May 2013 11:49


It is sad to hear this incident and its all happening in Goa in front of our eyes.in spite murderers are caught red handed nothing has been done.laws are made for only poor people who are caught plucking tender coconuts ,urinating in public places n been fined for not wearing helmets,LAWS are biting the dust n only in the books and that day is not far when GOA will become like Bihar and Delhi.Goa is loosing its identity so PLEASE WAKE UP.

- json ferns, Bermuda | 15 th May 2013 11:34


I am sure, he (OF) has done it at least once before. Looks like he was not so lucky this time.

- JoeGoaUk, Agassaim | 15 th May 2013 01:46


These 2 murderers deserve nothing less, than a Public hanging.

I also hope this case is brought to a swift conclusion.

However knowing the calibre & usefulness of Goa Police, it would not surprise me if these murderer get an acquittal.

Goa Police have a better rate of acquittal's than convictions.

After all the murderers are moneyed Contractors and I am sure at this very moment, their relatives are busy running around various Police higher -ups & Politicians asking them to do their best to prevent or delay Justice.

As I write, I am sure the talk of money(Bribes) will be at the forefront of this case.

Regrettably , the life of a poor man/woman , has no value or is not sacrosanct in Goa/India. They are as disposable as toilet tissues or litter one sees around Goa.

In the next few days we will hear the CM Parrikar(as Home Minister), condemning this crime. In the next few days the CM will promise the full weight of Justice will be brought to bear on this murder. But sadly it is all words an no action.

Some NGO`s too, will no doubt, want their 15 minutes of self-fame & TV appearances. In the scheme of things they are not effective.

In most Countries such cases would be concluded within 1-2 years.

In Goa ,we can expect this case will take a minimum of 5 to 10 years to see the light of day .

- N.Fernandes, London | 14 th May 2013 23:34


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