Did South Collectorate harass Bhave & others illegally?

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 21 September 2012 23:50 IST

Was it legally right to make the suspended mine officials to sit at the South Goa collectorate is the question being asked now after Dattatray Bhave, assistant geologist in the mines department, committed suicide.

The six officials, who were suspended soon after Shah Commission report was made public, were told to report to the South Goa Collectorate every day.

South Goa collector D N Agarwal made them sit in the control room of the collectorate building in Margao as all the passerby people looked at them with strange gestures.

Ponda Deputy Collector Johnson Fernandes, who is conducting magisterial inquiry into the suicide, said the family members have contended that Bhave committed suicide due to the mental torture, harassment and humiliation he faced during his suspension period.

“I am told by Bhave’s family members that they were paraded in the collectorate as though they were criminals”, said Fernandes.

Chief minister Manohar Parrikar has told the media persons that suspension is not a punishment for being guilty and Bhave should have faced the inquiry.

However, the question still remains why Bhave and five other officials were treated as criminals even before charges against them were proved.

“They did not even frame chargesheet against them till date,” pointed out Adv Suhas Naik, a labour lawyer and former judge of administrative tribunal.

According to him, making them report at the Collectorte was completely against the procedural rules.

Either people report at the Headquarters or made to sit at home and summoned for the inquiry, he added.

Meanwhile, Congress spokespersons Jitendra Deshprabhu and Sudip Tamhankar have declared that they would file FIR against Parrikar as being party to abetment to suicide. 

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i like dear bhushan and tari...their comments..but i fail to understand why do they not furnish their full names ,addresses and mobile [ contact ] nos ? i wd appreciate if they do the needful and oblige us the readers..wd love to meet them ..next time soon ..when i propose to visit my ancestral goa..thanx..

- gilbert fernandes, 17,rua d`afriq,lisboa. | 30 th September 2012 22:06


Bhushan, if you have proof that Bhave committed suicide because he was forced to do so by government or by Manohar Parrikar and his goons (as you have say) please forward the same to crime branch or the investigating SDM at Ponda. Let the government or Parrikar and his goons be punished as per section 306 of IPC that you have quoted.

Bhushan, you have not answered any of my questions raised. Instead you preferred to directly jump to conclusion saying since Parrikar and his goons are involved in the case he should be penalized as per section 306! But Bhushan, you must also remember that in the absence of “any proof” / “any evidence” court of law will call it a “rumor” which has no standing in eyes of any law and therefore the section 306 of IPC will not be applicable.

Lastly Bhushan, for your information Sudip Tamhankar has already confessed that he has no proof and that he filed FIR based on news that appeared on local dailies and TV channels, that too immediately after Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Subhash Shirodkar gave a press conference distancing himself and the party saying “Tamhankar has filed FIR in his personal capacity and Congress party is not party to it”.

- Uday, Margao | 26 th September 2012 09:56


Mr uday under indian penal code forcing someone to commit suicide is also a type of murder. It is called abetting the commission of suicide, section 306 of the Indian Penal Code. (Punishment imprisonment for 10 years and fine). This is the same offence for which haryana minister gopal kanda is in jail. you are saysing this becasue parrikar is involved. what you are not saying is this is 4th such forced suicied of a govt. servant because of harrasment by parrikar and his goons. It is only the innocent who commits suicide because of harrasment. criminals either of bjp type or congress type or any other type are always proud of their crimes.

- Bhushan, Panaji | 25 th September 2012 17:56


It’s wrong to point figure at any person(s) saying he/she is responsible for ‘x’ suicide. Suicide is something which is beyond once control! Therefore I’m compelled to tell Jitendra and Tamhankar that don’t hold strong opinions about the things you don’t understand!

Now my question to both: Who told you that Bhave committed suicide? How confident you are that it’s a case of suicide and not a case of murder? Remember, these illegal mining mafias can do anything to push any innocents into unwanted mess. For their only objective is to restart the mining in Goa at any cost!

Finally, some questions to Jitendra: What’s your personal experience about illegal mining which you were carrying out in your property? How much doll you had to give to do that illegal work? Were you not in touch with those 5 – 6 suspended persons from mining department when you were carrying out illegal mining? If yes, what’s your personal opinion about these suspended persons?

I’ll conclude by quoting two things: 1) Sometimes you need to run away just to see who will follow you; 2) It's hard to answer the question "what's wrong" when nothings is right.

- Uday, Margao | 24 th September 2012 14:36


Seems like Parrikar is trying to hoodwink the goans and bell the wrong cats in the illegal minning issues while stashing cash received from the real culprits especially the MGP Ticklo.

Parrikar why are u acting so dumb with your much appreciated qualifications?

Those days of bluffing goans are gone unless you are testing waters once again and this time goans won't hesitate to get you out from that seat again,Your seat ybelongs to us and we the people of goa decide its fate,hence bet fit or else we'll make you quit.Action, result rokda chahiyeh.where is your tranperancy????

- massimo, Panjim | 23 rd September 2012 11:40


the duty forces becomes negligible compared to the outside forces, and shows its ugly face, These type of incidents can be avoided mainly when political forces stop riding on the government / innocent staff.

It may be difficult to remain honest in the department, because its so arms are so big and strong it does not leave any on outside its arms.

The government should give shelter to the honest people.

because majority of some departments habituated to corrupt culture. one solution could be transfer,mixing the staff, by transfer north to south etc., etc.,

- readersreply, goa | 23 rd September 2012 10:45


Ratikant , UAE...You make a fair point about Jitendra Deshprabhu.

It seems like he talks through his illegally earned "money power" rather than his "brain power".

You may have noticed a new political fashion in Goa recently in Goa, where all the Ministers & ex-Ministers are shouting aloud from their Pulpits,Citadels and Minarets about the criminality of others when they them selves are buried deep in it.

Jitendra Deshparabhu is after Parrikar.

Mickky Pacheco is after Digamber Kamat & Police Insp. Allen d`sa.

Failed Politician and now a "one day only & non-smiling" fashion Model, Valanka of Varca, is gunning for Caitu D`silva.

Valanka`s father Churchill Alemao has not found another criminal to hit at just yet....so he is busy attacking EVM`s & Priests.

I wonder if Apple Inc. will invite him to design the next Apple I-Phone 6,since he thinks he is a Master Tech. Expert.

And Vishnu Wagh, who was nearly caught dishing out money during the elections (but ran like hell) ,is after all the Colonialists (British & Portuguese) who have long gone. I wonder when he will mouth-off about the new age Colonialists, the Russians and & Israelis.

But the most amusing is Naguesh Karmali.He is now seeking to liberate Tibet from the Chinese.If he believes the Chinese will be a walkover.....he is deluded.

His walking stick made from a coconut tree, against Chinese Missiles, built from Goan Iron ore ,are surely a mismatch.!!!

- n.fernandes, London | 22 nd September 2012 21:20


As much as it is sad to see a life lost and a family left in sorrow,I think we should expect many more such suicides will take place in the ensuing months.

Sometimes , ordinary workers want to go about, doing their jobs with honesty & intergrity .

However many come under undue influence to be corrupt from their superiors & even worse blatant theiving Ministers.

Currently it is mining.But we should expect, should Mr Parrikar keep his promise to every Goan,to punish criminals of the PWD dept like Churchill Alemao & his side-kick cum collection agent,Valanka Alemao, that many more suicides will follow.

The RTO is another scam riddled department.

- n.fernandes, London | 22 nd September 2012 16:00


It is so sad that one of the suspended officials,committed suicide. As correctly said by the CM, Suspension is not a punishment. A thorough enquiry should be carried out against this suicide. There might be something else. As far as Goa's Deshprabhu, a frustrated and failed politician, and illegal mine owner, he should go to his madam's Durbar for consultation and blessings before filing FIR. Tamhankar is a lost case. Na eedhar na udhar. Jidhar malai milta hai vo apna ghar. Anything to clamp down on Parrikar will do for these guys to come into lime light and media attention.

- Ratikant, UAE | 22 nd September 2012 08:55


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