Goa offers subsidy on LPG

PTI, PANAJI | 18 September 2012 14:02 IST

Goa government on Monday announced a subsidy on domestic LPG cylinders for people below an annual average income of Rs 3 lakh.

State civil supplies minister Dayanand Mandrekar told PTI that families below an annual average income of Rs 3 lakh will get additional six LPG cylinders per year on subsidised rates. 

He said 12 LPG cylinders, including six subsidised by the union government, would be made available to these families.

Goa has one lakh families whose income is below Rs 3 lakh per annum. The minister said it would attempt to ensure that domestic LPG cylinders are subsidised for lower middle class families. 

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Chamchas of Monu Patrao do not leave a single opportunity to cleanse his image through their praises and flattery.

BJP and Congress are the two sides of the same coin.

Both when in power try to score a political brownie against the other.

But the issue is their economic policies. Like in a recently concludes BJP conclave, Advani on the first day spoke about swadeshi and against FDI , on the last day Nitin Gadkari was gaga on inviting FDI in civil aviation.

Advani had aptly said once that now BJP is like Congress. Guided by economic and power benefits and ready to bend according to its convenience.

And what can RSS predict? If this organization had any analytical intuition, they would not be sitting in a dark hole in Nagpur with a remote control for BJP. Congress will go down if it continues to act anti people and will have adark future, but for RSS and BJP the past , the present and the future has been always dark except for a brief period of Atal Behari's rule.

So these worshipers of darkness should stop preaching and do some introspection.

- Rajan Kamat, Feira Alto, Mapusa | 08 th October 2012 09:26


Well done! The rich can afford the price rise.

Those who are poor need subsidies.

I appreciate your action for subsidies on domestic LPG cylinders for the low income group of people in Goa.

- Francisco G. Lourenco, London | 07 th October 2012 18:00


Bravo ! keep it up...Manoharbab was the FIRST C.M. to reduce the VAT ,last time when the prices were raised by the UPA...and now also he is the FIRST to do so ! meanwhile,Soniya Gandhi has asked the C.M.s of her OWN congress party ,to give 3 more cylinders extra 6 + 3=9 ..to the poor folks,per year ,at the prevailing price....I thank Mrs. Gandhi for this deserving gesture...but may I ask her '" WHY THIS DISCRIMINATION ? WHY NOT FOR ALL THE STATES ? WHY ONLY the CONGRESS RULED STATES ?" Does her congress represent only the states it rules or entire INDIA ?" All India Congress...must be reduced to the Congress of the congress ruled states !The political analists,and not the R.S.S. ,have predicted a v dark future for the congress in the forth coming elections ...I believe,its time Mrs.Gandhi wakes up from her somber siesta...

- Lina Vaz, Goa | 19 th September 2012 14:40


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