DGP Arya transferred for targeting Russian mafia den of Morjim?

GOANEWS & PTI, PANAJI | 23 December 2011 23:18 IST

Director General of Police Aditya Arya, an upright police officer, appears to have been transferred since he was planning to blast the Russian mafia in Morjim.

Citing no reason, Arya was replaced with Kishan Kumar, former IGP of Goa.

Kishan Kumar was promoted to the post of DGP within 12 hours and was transferred to Goa.

Though Arya does not wish to speak about it, he disclosed that President of India Pratibha Pati had instructed him to clean up beaches like Morjim and Mandrem and put to an end anti-social activities going on there.

Before joining Goa service in May this year, Arya was working at Rasthrapati Bhavan.

During the farewell function at Rashtrapati Bhavan, she had told me clean up the beaches in Goa and (get rid of anti-social activities going on there) adding it is for my successors to do the job.

Arya said that President Patil was also of the opinion that we should retain the national pride in the coastal areas like Morjim and Mandrem, where Indians were not allowed in the beach shack.

"I had heard from several visitors who come to Goa that these shacks were not allowing Indians.

Now I have heard that they allow you to sit but they don't serve you (food)," the DGP said.

"Now it is for him (new DGP) to take up the matter and do something," the outgoing DGP said.

The DGP who was recently in the news for raiding prostitution dens in coastal areas was abruptly transferred from Goa ending his tenure that lasted only for seven months.

Arya's transfer from Goa was also seen as the handiwork of a lobby, which was angry with him for tightening noose around Sunburn 2011 Festival scheduled to happen in Goa between December 27-29 and for seeking donation.

"I had asked for donation (from organisers) for police welfare. There is nothing to hide about it. We had said that when police struggle to keep law and order for the party, they should also get donation for their welfare fund. It was not an under-table deal or something like that," he said. 

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Citizens of Goa are responsible....

When DGP aditya sir was transfered ,for doing some good for Goa the citizens should have gone on strike & should have demand'd his return...

The govt. can only see clear things when the Citizens start playing up..Stop going to work resulting in closure of banks(that cant be closed for more then few days), hospitals,hotels & dont encourage any Russian at your door step.

We dont want the Russians to leave Goa but we dont want them to even spoil our goa....

thanx to the Congress Govt...

- Zoras, Goa | 24 th August 2012 01:19


Sad news for goa. Russians are extremely dangerous and hazard for citizen of Goa. I can imagine the hideous mafia - mla nexus. I have personally observed russians offensive behaviour and open drug dealing in Goa and reported this. I am suspicous of Sonia Gandhi's visit and subsequent outing of Arya. I also know of Italian and Israeli mafia operating in the coastal belt with impunity and responsible for several murders i suspect. I hope the honest citizen can wrestle power back from the corrupt neta=goonda alliance. Corruption is rife and there is little or no respect for indian life.God save Goa.

- W.S, UK | 26 th December 2011 06:42


Our forefathers have tasted the rule of the Portuguese and the British and the Mogals and the Adilshahs.... looks like its time for us to taste the rule of the Russians.

- Vekatesh Prabhu, Mapusa | 25 th December 2011 15:16


This is a toxic mixture of Vodka from Mosco and Feni from Madgao

- Kalidas Sawkar, Panjim Goa | 24 th December 2011 15:48


Upright and honest Officers are never in the good books of the corrupt Politicians. Only those spineless Officers who can be bent at will --receive the awards and hours and medals....But our country runs only because we have still many Officers who are honest, who love their country and who know what is their duty...

The antisocial corrupt criminals have a very long reach...Their hands could reach from Goa to Delhi and could make use of their ill gotten wealth to punish and transfer any honest upright Officer who comes in their way.

Why the Politicians in seats of Power are reluctant to part with CBI should now be clear. Why the Administrative control of the CBI is kept by the DOPT and the Govt is not willing to give it Autonomy or bring it under Lokpal --one can easily understand the reasons and also draw one' s own conclusions...Long live our so called democracy...

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 24 th December 2011 12:26


Will this move of transfering DGP Arya help to unveil the hidden connections of Goan politicians with Russian Mafias?

- Anjali Amonkar, Goa | 24 th December 2011 06:00


It is a well known fact that MLA`s control the drugs and prostitution rackets.Land is now an issue in Morjim too.Purchases are funded by Russian corrupt / blackmoney and title deeds created in the names of Goans /Indians or fake Companies.

The Russians view Indians as sub-human.

They are not liked in the UK either.They are viewed as being mafiosi (Mafia).

- N.Fernandes, London | 24 th December 2011 00:26


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