FFs boycott, BBSM court-arrest on Revolution Day

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 18 June 2011 14:09 IST

Artists courting arrest at Azad Maidan

Freedom fighters boycotted while activists of Bharati Bhasha Suraksha Manch courted arrest after shouting slogans at Goa Revolution Day functions in Panaji, Margao and Ponda today morning, in protest of government’s decision to given grants to English medium primary schools.

A convention of writers and artists held in Panaji yesterday had once again resolved to intensify their agitation against the government’s decision.

Chief minister Digambar Kamat, in the presence of Governor S S Siddhu, had to face the wrath of large section of Goans at the 18th June function held at Azad Maidan in Panaji.

Large number of writers, youth, students, political activists and freedom fighters had gathered outside the Azad Maidan today morning. The state had deployed heavy police force, fearing protest.

The chief minister was taken to the venue with tight police security. He spoke for a while, amidst slogan shouting by the activists from outside the Azad Maidan compound.

The police arrested the protesters and later released them.

PWD minister Churchill Alemao, in a similar manner, was harassed the BBSM activists in Margao at Lohia Maidan. They also burnt a copy of the circular of the education department outside Lohia Maidan.

In Ponda, home minister Ravi Naik also had to face the music.

At all the three places – Panaji, Margao and Ponda – the freedom fighters went the venue and paid tributes to the martyrs after all government functionaries left the venue.

The martyr’s memorial of Panaji was washed water before the freedom fighters paid floral tributes to their martyr colleagues.

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Why church is playing this dirty game, people of this state / country have fail to understand, moreover what church has done is it hold some uneducated ministers and MLA who are again Christians and trying to bully their agenda. This type of divisive politics by Christians uneducated ministers and church(who is supposed to be with the truth) will take Goa at least 100 years back and also is some communal tensions are built than Christians uneducated ministers and church will be responsible for that and end of the day what will happen is congress will vote out of the power. Churchill will turn his back and support whoever is in power , his history suggests so….

- Domnic, Ponda | 25 th June 2011 10:10


Those People who call them selves freedom fighters are actually not even having the idea of what they are talking .If they really want to do something to Goa they should fight against curruption without which nothing is working in Goa See the people cutting down all the trees and building hotels .If any Goan wants to extend their house than all that laws will be applied crz and all.Well there is something this brothers and sisters who are supporting this parties should understand this ministers who are fighting againts this english medium are having their childrens studing in the finest schools and colleges .think about this guys your kids will end up no where if they cannot speak english it is so imb.Konkani is our mother tounge .do we forget our mother when we work abroad?No same way we will never forget our mother tounge if we study ENLISH OR ANY OTHER LANGUAGE

- clayton, arpora | 21 st June 2011 18:57


i cannot understand why these BBSM want grants only to marathi and konkani. if given a chance yourl would have only given grant to marathi.giving grant also to konkani is just to hyponotise goans. till now who are benifiting from this. all the migrants from other states at the expense of the goan taxpayer.every department you see people from other states. Housing, rationing is benefitted by all these outsiders and our people are happy about it. I DONT SEE ANY PROSPECTS FOR GOA, POLITICIANS WILL BE ELECTED , THEY WILL MAKE MONEY, EDUCATE THEIR CHILDREN IN ENGLISH, BUY PROPERTIES IN PALM ISLAND DUBAI AND KEEP OUR CHILDREN UNEDUCATED ,AND KEEP YOU PEOPLE BUSY FIGHTING FOR ILITERACY.

- justin, dubai | 21 st June 2011 06:24


Does giving a grant to a school which educates the next generation weighs more over fighting for MOI specially for languages which are regional ... Its like IIMs & IITs make a clause stating we will teach only in HINDI since that is the national language. DUMB Idiots change with time it does not matter if you were a freedom fighter .. just look at the future and make a wise decision.

- Amit, Goa | 20 th June 2011 05:51


Good to see some of the alert citizens protesting against the decisions of the elected representatives on the MOI issue which they think is not in the interest of the State and its people. Such protests do attract the attention of the authorities and many times help them in taking corrective actions.

In the interest of the State and it's future generation--similar mass protests and public resentment needs to be shown against the rampant corruption , nepotism, regime of cuts and commissions and exploitation of the State by the mining activities---as all these are directly affecting the future generations.....

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 19 th June 2011 09:27


A dramatic way to celebrate Goa Revolution Day 2011.

- B Brother, Earth | 19 th June 2011 05:41


Mollbacho mattov pinzun

Kupam foddun, goddgoddun

Zoglachea zhogzhogant

Ghiss korun zhogzhogun

Doddkevori lottun, futtun

Ienv di porot Otthra Jun!

Bhava tuka iad asa?

Tea disa ugddasan

Hodd'ddem mhojem pett'ta aaz.

Bhava tuka iad asa

Otthra Jun?

Tumi aaj goenchim ani chod korun Lohia-chi loz rakhli. Tumka amcho salaam. Jai Hind!

- Samir Kelekar, Bangalore | 18 th June 2011 18:07


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