FFs to boycott Revolution Day function

PTI, PANAJI | 13 June 2011 19:45 IST

Nagesh Karmali

In a bid to register their protest against the state government decision of recognising English as the Medium of Instruction (MOI), the freedom fighters in Goa have decided to boycott the Goa Revolution Day function held by the state on June 18.

Like many others in the state, the freedom fighters, too, feel that the move would prove detrimental to the existence of Konkani and Marathi languages.

President of the All Goa Freedom Fighters Association (AGFFA) Naguesh Karmali today said that the freedom fighters would stay away from the government-held Goa Revolution Day functions in Panaji, Margao and Ponda.

Goa Revolution Day is celebrated to commemorate the day when state's liberation struggle against the Portuguese rule had got the boost as freedom fighters had given a call of action against the colonial power.

Karmali claimed that government's decision on MOI will enslave us to the colonial heritage.

However, the freedom fighters will pay homage to the freedom struggle martyrs, after the government function.

Through a cabinet decision on May 25, Goa government had recognised English as the MOI in primary schools.

The decision had sparked protests across the state.

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to MVG : what you just said does not make any sense @ all !

how does English being the primary language hamper the Goan culture ? Do you even know how many Goans are rejected jobs because of their poor grasp of the language ?

- sanad, Dubai | 21 st June 2011 10:55


MOI does not mean teach British or Portuguese history .. it just makes our kids have more spectrum ... how many of you who studied in English medium .. hate Goa or India, Do not want to be a part of the country and state. NONE !!

So what is the fear of losing ??? and what ??? hippocratic views ? which have held our development and just caused more hatred.?

- Amit, Goa | 20 th June 2011 05:59


Dear Mr. Karmali

you are a great person in all that you have done in your own field but sir with all due respect the world outside is much different and we Goan know how to protect our heritage.

Days are not the same the way they were in your time where a piece of bread was 10paise and rs 500 was big amount to run a family.

By making Konkani and marathi as a medium of instruction what do you want to prove and how are we helping our future generation to Catch up to the pace the world is moving?

Childrens days in the primary are the most crucial days in their lifes in where the mind is raw and is been waiting to be molded in the write direction and i dont really understand how my adapting konkani and Marathi as a medium of instruction going to help.

We goans hold a upper hand just because we can speak good english when ever we represent our self in the outside world which you propably dont understand i Guess.

Dont deprive out students from learning new things and dreaming big in life.

I Love GOA and Im Proud to be a Goan

Terence Sequeira

- terence, GOA | 19 th June 2011 21:44


Ok since u r in Dubai then you should wear The arabic costumes...

- MVG, Goa | 19 th June 2011 11:21


Karmali claimed that government's decision on MOI will enslave us to the colonial heritage.

this sentence does not make sense,why are you wearing pants and shirts? that too is western. before making such a statement wear what your ancestors wore dhoti and kasti.

- justin, dubai | 18 th June 2011 08:13


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