4 arrested for dowry death

PTI, PANAJI | 07 June 2011 19:46 IST

Suvarna Naik

A city-based businessman and three of his family members including aged parents have been arrested for dowry harassment, after their daughter-in-law allegedly comitted suicide here, police said today.

Brijesh Naik, who was married to Suvarna (26) for a year-and-a-half, was arrested yesterday along with his younger brother Abhijit and parents - Manohar and Sunita, two days after the victim reportedly hung herself to death.

While the two brothers surrendered before Panaji police, their parents were arrested from their flat in the city.

Suvarna's family has alleged that she was killed by strangulation.

According to them, her in-laws were demanding huge dowry and she even complained about the harassment to her father.

The Naik family, has, however refuted the allegation but were charged with dowry harassment and abetment of suicide, police said.

Police said Suvarna, a mother to their seven-month-old girl child was found dead in her bedroom at her in-law's place.

The family members claimed that she hung herself to the ceiling fan.

Since the death occurred within seven years of marriage, the sub divisional magistrate (SDM) has begun inquiry into the incident.

The inquiry report is expected to be submitted within next two days.

The accused have been booked under sections 498-A (husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty), 304-B (dowry death), 306 (abetment of suicide) and 34 (common intention) of the Indian Penal Code.

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Very true what you say Maria, But sadly its hapenning in Goa.

What I dont understand is an agreement is always done before marriage. Sometimes the boy and his parents like a girl and agree not to take dowry, sometimes the girl will take a small amount of dowry. But what bothers me is that after the girls gets married, the groom and his parents start demanding more and get greedy. what kind of animal are this people that they all gang up on the poor girl and start harrassing the girls parents.

Why is there no law to protect this poor women. This is one case, but there are thousands of similar cases going on in Goa.


- Dave, UK | 28 th June 2011 01:01


people are greedy and dirty mind they don't know how to read and write must be and if they read any kind holy writing like bible and may religious books they will never do this harassment and more over husband fly are eyes are bigger then the normal size i can say. when girl given dowry { that gold and money} is her share which parents gave her as payment which she help in her house while working with her parents side by side. After man married he should live his father and mother and stick to his wife because wife is a complement of him. But this man listen too much greedy talk from his fly side. How can man like him walk in the street in Goa openly ? And did he can get married again? All those wife showed will hunt him everyday rest of his life and he will never have mental peace.God almighty is going to judge him on judgement for his bad deeds and fail his marriage vow.

- maria s v rodrigues, macau | 27 th June 2011 17:07


Are there not enough laws, to protect the girl-child and women from harassment and bride-burning, and other methods of harassment, causing mental agony, driving them to madness and to commit suicides or murdering as a direct act?

If dowry, which should be illegal is the reason, then why do not the groom and his household,m decide before getting married? Why is it always have to be within a period of 7 years or earlier?

This social injustice of dowry should be removed completely, from human midst. The laws should be applied without any tolerance and the punishment harsh, as a deterrent. Why don't the women's groups pay social visits, in their locality to find out, call it interference, but the moment there is a complaint it should be immediately pursued.

- Ludovico, Old-Goa | 20 th June 2011 17:34


Its disgustting to know that this type of acts are still happening. The accused should be severerly punished.

- maria, goa | 18 th June 2011 21:58


This reminds us that dowry still exists in families where by the girls are subjected to harrassment and are treated very unfairly.

There is need for a womens organisation to be set up to look after abuses on women. Its sad to note that this is happening not only in poor or middle class but in rich class people who use and abuse women as a cash grab.

I feel sad for the child and her parents who have to bear the loss.


- dave, UK | 09 th June 2011 20:45


My condolences to the family.It is really shocking to hear this type of dowry incidents happening in a state like goa, there should be fast track courts to deal to incidents like this.if the culprits are guilty they should be shot or hanged or let them rot in the dirty goan jails till death.

- justino, dubai | 09 th June 2011 00:15


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