Mickky sentenced to 1-yr imprisonment

PTI, PANAJI | 27 April 2011 22:17 IST

Former Goa Tourism Minister Fransisco Mickey Pacheco was on Wednesday sentenced to one-year imprisonment for assaulting a junior engineer of the state electricity department.

Judicial Magistrate First Class in Margao town ordered the imprisonment, which was suspended for 30 days, allowing Pacheco to appeal in the higher court.

Pacheco, an NCP legislator, had been arrested in connection with the death of his lady friend Nadia Torrado last year. 

In the current case, he had assaulted junior engineer Kapil Natekar by calling him in his office on July 16, 2006.

Police, in their charge sheet, said that Pacheco had also threatened the junior engineer with dire consequences. 

Pacheco, however, had denied the charges claiming that the allegations were politically motivated. 

The former minister has been in news for wrong reasons several times, including during the investigation by CBI against him for allegedly trafficking humans beings in the United States. 

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wow these political developments in goa are so messmerizing, its like every week we see a ballistic move by some politicos launching thier strenght of political armour for a malicious showdown.

these god damn parriers of the lesser kind are taking our blessed goans moral for a ride ?so what the..... are we doing?

I ve seen it all,I know it all, and we! all goan, those in goa and those abroad. u will have good news very soon. no comments ,as barking dogs don't bite, I ve seen people write a lot, no doubt, its a readers mind who can't prove physically but their literate gesture perhaps they think can voice their anger. so........................??/

I kid u not guys, its time we have to make the change and I will do it on behalf of all the goans...........

and oh when I do please don't emotionally get blackmailed.Get on the streets and voice the deed,what will to be done was long over due,so to hell with all the so called experienced hard core goan suckers. b 4 111111..

Till then watch your back man?????? to all goans

these guys are known to be loaners, groaners,this time beggars will never to be chosen. smile and keep your hopes alive all you goans your messiah is about to dawn.

mog assum.

- massimo, emqon | 30 th April 2011 01:07


Hi Chetan-Ribander:

Thank you for your comment written in Urban & text English.

I alone, cannot change the situation in Goa.It has to be a collective effort.

However rest assured I am in SOLIDARITY with my fellow Goans, on the issues that concern them and hamper their progress.

I have friends and relatives in Goa and hence express my views and concerns.I also visit Goa very often.

Being in the UK allows me to be as neutral as is possible and not coloured by Politicians, Political Parties or outdated dogmas(beliefs).

I have better research & communication facilities in the UK, and hope I can share my views / opinions with everyone.

- N.Fernandes, London | 29 th April 2011 12:48


Hi LONDON MATE.. its look very concerne w.r.t GOA.. y dont u Come N Change a little thing that Can du for GOA .. A Clean GOA.. Vote for A Clean Person ....

- Chetan, RIBANDER | 29 th April 2011 02:51


One down and 39 to go.

Next Babush Monseratte,followed by Ravi Naik.

Churchill the most corrupt will self Implode.

- N.Fernandes, London | 28 th April 2011 01:16


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