Goa to have helicopter tourism

PTI, PANAJI | 18 March 2011 19:31 IST

Tourists visiting Goa would be able to enjoy a bird's-eye-view of the state's beaches and thick forests with state government planning to develop 'helicopter tourism' in the state.

Presenting the budget, Goa Chief Minister Digambar Kamat today announced developing helicopter tourism in the state in association with private operators.

Kamat, who also holds the finance portfolio, said that central government's assistance of Rs.75 lakh will be utilised for the construction of helipads, adding that the state has an immense potential for helicopter tourism.

Goa attracts around 24 lakh tourists annually of which 4 lakh come from abroad.

The Goa budget for 2010-11 has also made provision of Rs.200 lakh for commencing a sunset cruise from Panaji to Cortalim.

Strengthening the tourism infrastructure, the budget also encourages countryside tourism and allows residents to construct self-contained rooms for tourists.

Kamat also announced a soft-loan at the rate of 8 per cent interest through the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and a onetime grant of Rs.50,000 per room constructed.

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Mr. Kamat - Congrats for thinking out of the box. If you say there is scope for helicopter tourism, there must be some feasibility study done on it. It would be wise to announce the statistics - what revenue? how many jobs? etc...

Reading by some comments made here... lets not mix cleanliness/ infra structure development with moving forward. We need to constantly provide more attractions to tourists - surely you will agree with that. We need both.

I am from south... it aches when i see the new market in Margao (fish & Veg.) that's open to cows,dogs,cats..rodents to litter overnight as they are not guarded. The fish market needs tiled flooring for easy cleaning. Public toilets - need more of them & well maintained. Tourists do see these places.. it reflects on all Goans.

- J. A, Dubai | 19 th September 2011 12:48


Goa need not be only a tourist destination, its going too much, every look and corner is a hotel / resort; I'm sure the government could start of in promoting automobile and medicine. The increase in tourist flow is one main reason for crime spreading across and some people talk non-sense having wrong thoughts of our state.

- Anthony Crasto, Chennai | 27 th March 2011 03:36


To Ramponkar::

This A/c toilet has been built..."not to last".

Give it about a year, and it will no longer function.

Digu Kamat, will then advise us there is no budget for its maintenance.

It will then pass over to the Hotel Industry to maintain & in return they can have their (Hotels) name on it.

This is Kamats temporary attraction for the Tourists and Tourism.

Foreign Tourists are unlikely to use it.

- N.Fernandes, London | 22 nd March 2011 17:14


In Margao there is A/c toilet which is built by the government, children in some village do not have proper bench and desk or urinary facilities for the kids. There is no salary paid for the staff and they want to built the A/c toilets, hope someone steal the A/c for good and put in his house atleast he will have relief from warm

- Ramponkar, Goa | 21 st March 2011 21:27


To Goan Imp::::That s not a difficult question.

After Helicopter Tourism, Kamat is going to insist on Space Tourism.The Hub for this will be Mopa Airport.

Dabolim will be made into a museum.

Once in space you will be able to see the decimation of Goa and all the garbage too.

- N.Fernandes, London | 21 st March 2011 14:13


After Sea-link, now helicopter tourism; next what?

Why do tourist come to Goa? Has the C.M. ever asked himself this question? A very rational C.M. we have here!

- Goan Imp, Margão | 21 st March 2011 10:29


Helicopter tourism is justified in places where there are natural attractions that are not easily accessible by normal routes of transportation. It is justified in places such as Grand Canyon, or Yellowstone in the US which are vast and huge.

Surely Goa is definitely not in that category.

Helicopter tourism smells like another scam in the making, in stead of going for such high flying schemes, why can't Digamber and his Kangress improve the basic infrastructure such as decently maintained toilets, urinals, roads and parks in Goa, ?

- SPN, USA | 21 st March 2011 03:38


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