Photo journalists summoned for clicking Prez photos on beach

PTI, PANAJI | 05 January 2011 20:51 IST

President's photo by Arvind Tengse (TOI)

A photograph of President Pratibha Patil on a beach surrounded by bikini-clad women and men in swimming trunks carried in newspapers today has angered officials in Panaji who summoned three photo-journalists and questioned them.

Police called three local photo-journalists, who had shot Patil's pictures on the beach, andrecorded their statements. Since the president is on a private visit, picture-taking was not allowed, police said.

Deputy superintendent of police Umesh Gaonkar said that taking pictures of the president was strictly prohibited as she was on a private visit.

But the police action has angered the photo-journalists in Panaji.

The state-level union of photojournalists called it harassment.

"The photo-journalists were just doing their job. They were nowhere near the president. The pictures were taken with 400 mm zoom lenses," Rajtilak Naik, president, Photo-journalists' Association of Goa (PJAG) said.

Three photo-journalists, Ganadeep Sheldekar (The Navhind Times), Soiru Komarpant (Gomantak Times) and Arvind Tengse (a freelancer) were called by police and their statements as to how and why they clicked the pictures were recorded. However, no case has been registered.

The president arrived in Goa on January 3 and will be leaving the state tomorrow.

DSP Gaonkar said that earlier the photo-journalists had been specifically asked to remain away from the president.

"We summoned them as we just wanted to know how far they were from the president," he added. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Arvind should be awarded for that clip infact.

It isn't funny you know,That was the President of India and not a small time politician.There are security parameters for a President. what Arvind has pointed shows the security lapse in the presidential security measures in fact the first ring should be her personal body guards second ring should be the black cats(NSG) Infact THE CITIZENS OF INDIA should demand the resignation of the entire department responsible for the presidential security,when the center is issuing terror alerts in the country in Mumbai and Goa,Why weren't there adequate measures taken? Even if its her personal visit.she 's still a President of India and not a small time politician,She is the President of one of the leading economies of the world and not once that of a Third world.If the people responsible for the president security aren't capable or proud to adopt the best preventive measures then why do we need them?.In the first place all communication within 1km radius should have been jammed and the area condoned and measure such as traffic control, Close Protection, Force Protection with a special vehicle for equipped with Special Command and Control System and a dedicated team of professionals monitoring everything for least 10km in radius from satellite communication to all electronic gadgets should been inducted as a part of the Presidents Security System.

Instead it was bought to light to the citizens of India how they look after our president for the security we pay for.

THE SECURITY:HOW COME THEY IGNORE A SEMI NUDE MAN foreigner posing IN FRONT OF THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA and that too when she's a lady while the female security is admiring the semi nude man standing before the embarrssed president of INDIA.

Its an unforgiving security lapse for seeing a semi nude man posing before the president of Indian and a semi nude women posing before the lens man of India.all should be sacked with immediate effect..So much for the security .

- massimo, emqon | 07 th January 2011 13:00


Someone wanted to be seen as being very concerned about the closeness of the camera and security. It is comical, to think, that there were people mingling around the President, freely, not being security threat, rather the zoom camera being one. It is laughable! People around seem not to know what is going on, moving about freely, without even being curious about the proximity of our country's Prez..

- Ludovico, Old-Goa | 06 th January 2011 12:29


Dear Editor,

Thanks for bringing up this clip for the readers.

I feel, rather than harassing the photographers for having a photograph, why didnt the police Vaccate the beach as the President Of India was visiting the place? Or why didnt the police tell the Public that they should not move around the President in Bikinis and swiming trunks?

Isnt it Insultinmg for a President of the Country? As a Citizen of India I find it Insulting!! Had it Been the President Of US Mr Obama, in her place, would our Indian Police,have had the same arrangements?

How did the Presidents Office allow this public Behaviour on the beach?

Editor, can u get the comment of Presidents Office upon the arrangements, and Security Lapses the way they have been handled during the prezs visit on the beach?

The journalists have done their job: of Bringing the things in the Dark during the broad daylight to the Light.

Thank You

Dinesh Manerkar

- Dinesh Manerkar, Sanguem Goa | 06 th January 2011 06:56


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