President Pratibha Patil arrives on 4-day visit

PTI, PANAJI | 03 January 2011 20:18 IST

President Pratibha Patil on Monday arrived in Goa for a four-day private visit.

Patil, who has put up at Raj Bhavan at Dona Paula locality near Panaji, will be in the state till January 6 and will be visiting several tourist places during her stay, official sources said.

The president would be visiting a five-star resort at Benaulim in South Goa on January 4 and will spend time on the beach, they said.

Patil is expected to attend a private function at Colva, a beach village in South Goa and is also likely to visit world heritage monuments in Old Goa.

According to police sources, 150 policemen are part of the president's security. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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The visit though private officially, did not seem to be so. Talk of shortage of police personnel, they were seen all lined up on the entire route. That is the privilege to be enjoyed in a Presidency.

- Ludovico, Old-Goa | 05 th January 2011 17:28


The Presidents entourage fiasco - I was one of those caught unawares and with me thousands of commuters on the Margao-Panjim-Vasco highway, some of whom missed flights, appointments, meetings, funerals, all for the sake of a holidaying President of India on a Goan beach in Benaulim.

These politicians and people meant to serve the people, have held the people to ransom and messed up people’s lives umpteen number of times and it is about time this protocol be turned upside down for that it what these SERVANTS of the people deserve in reality as they are SERVANT’s and not Demi-Gods which they think they are and we the gullible public make them to be.

Imagine the Indian President having a gala time in a 5 star beach resort and later on a Goan beach while keeping thousands of commuters waiting on the already jammed public roads for her entourage to pass by. Until she gleefully passes by watching the tamasha on the roadsides courtesy the 150 Goan policemen who are as rude as ever with their lattis, flexing their muscles at key points on the Highway.

Both these parties who are eating of the tax-payers money won’t care a damn about what the ordinary commuter is going through while caught in a vortex of confusion anxiously waiting to get to their destinations. Like I had this one police ‘dada’ telling me “Argue kornaka” viciously pointing his dirty finger at me…these are the cohorts of the Goonda raj that is the creation of a sleeping, gullible populace who prefer to stand as silent bystanders rather than question the damned system we have got entangled in by washing the feet of these demi-gods who are at their worst when it comes to wine-women-fun, in short ENTERTAINMENT. (Look at the damned parliamentarians who did not attend parliament for the whole winter session and instead of deliberating the future of the people of their constituencies and Indians at large, wasted our money without any qualms of conscience, worse than the proverbial ‘spoilt brats’.)

To cut it short it would be my strong suggestion to this SERVANT of India and the many other SERVANTS of India to stop, stop, stop inconveniencing their Bosses (the common people of Goa/India) even for a minute, rather they inconvenience themselves and even die for us if they have to…and they will die if they deserve it (Like the BJP legislator who was stabbed to death by the very women/teacher who he along with his goons had raped for three years).

Get this straight my SERVANT- you may be of any rank and position, there is no greater than the Bosses you serve- the people of India.

May ‘we the people’ – each of you- take this message to our SERVANTS very vociferously and upturn this deification of the band of politicians at the national and international level. Or else like me one day you will be the sitting duck, the exasperated and desperate commuter, raped, lathi-charged, cheated, looted, fleeced and most likely even killed – KEEP the SERVANTS in their PLACE or else they will DISPLACE YOU SOON as has happened to half our brethren.


- Randal, Goa | 04 th January 2011 23:06


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