Pak-made fake Indian notes in Goa

PTI, PANAJI | 04 November 2010 21:21 IST

Goa police today said counterfeit currency notes printed across the border in Pakistan is making its way in the markets of the state.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in its letter to the Goa police has raised concern about increasing instances of fake notes being traced through various banks.

"They are not printed in Goa. Usually they are printed in Pakistan and come to Goa via Nepal, Bangladesh, West Bengal," Sub Inspector Satish Padwalkar, Economic Offences Wing, Goa Police said.

Intelligence agencies have already alerted the banks about such notes.

Padwalkar said that they have been holding regular meetings with bank officials alerting them on the issue.

He said that they are not able to reach to the source circulating these notes as they are not found in bulk. "You will find one or two such notes and we cannot book the holder," Padwalkar said.

Economic Offences Wing (EOW), which has received a communication from the RBI, has initiated a drive for educating traders about the fake notes.

"We encourage them to have UV machine which can track the fake currency," he said.

RBI in its letter has said that printing of fake notes is an offence under section 489-A and 489-E of the Indian Penal Code.
The apex body has asked Goa police to investigate into the source of the notes.

Earlier, Goa''s Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar had accused the police of not probing the fake currency racket. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Control on Issuance of fake notes from ATMs and Banks’ Cash Desks & Infiltration of Fake Notes in banking Channel

In order to ensure control over frequent issuance of Fake notes from ATMs, Banks’ Case Desks

and Infiltration of Fake Notes in banking channel, it is imperative for Banks to understand and

recognize some basic but practical facts and fundamental technical differences with regards to

the two important operations and processes on Currency notes i e

a) Authentication of genuine notes cum detection of fake notes that could be hidden in the packets of genuine notes ( plus counting and value counting) &

b) Sorting Processes over genuine notes after removal of fake notes

Lots of Confusions, Misconception & Misunderstanding seems to have been prevailing amongst

most of the Banks, ( mainly due to technical complexities involved in the security features of

the notes,) with regards to the type of machines which are required for Authenticity

Check & machines that is required for Sorting of Notes; while grossly undermining the serious

differences in reality, practicality and technicality involved in both the operations.

Most of the banks have practices of using Sorting Machines for Authenticity Check with

Simultaneous Process of Sorting of the Notes, which could be one of the many reasons,

allowing the fake notes to pass through as genuine.

The Banks presumes that issuable notes passed by the sorters are 100% genuine only. This process allows fake notes to escape as re issuable genuine notes, simply on the basis of matching of fake notes’ images with genuine notes’ images, as scanned by sorters through image sensors.

Moreover, RBI is very clear in their guidelines to Banks that authentication is the pre requisites of sorting process but most of banks do not follow or understand the message issued by RBI!

Most of the Banks follow sorting first and authentication for sorted notes later as secondary process. They manually examine the unfit (non re issuable) sorters’ rejected notes to decide which one out of the sorted and rejected notes are fake; grossly ignoring the high probability of passing Fake Notes due to unsuspecting Sorting Parameters like orientation, face up, face down, denomination which could contain fake notes that could probably be passed for matching the said parameters.

Technically, both the operations on the notes are mutually exclusive for obtaining respective

accuracies in both these different operations on currency notes. However, both the

operations are misunderstood and taken as Synonymous and mutually inclusive is the basic

root cause of the problem.

The currency authenticity check has been absolutely and directly concerned to national

Economy, crime, loss of value etc; requiring high level accuracy of detection of fake notes

Vis- a -Vis less relevant currency sorting process which is concerned only with discrimination of

Notes on the basis of qualities, denominations, orientations, face up & face down arrangements

in the packets for convenient handling of genuine notes.

Currency sorting machine have not bee meant for detection of fake notes and validation of genuine notes; as good quality of fake notes with identical images to that of genuine notes can pass as “Genuine” on the basis of matching of images on the notes. Practically, the Fabrication of identical images on fake notes has become easy tasks now a days by uses of high quality of color scanners, color printers, computers etc.

The sorters just can discriminate the images and do not verify the physical and chemical properties used in printing the notes. There has to be substantial variation between the material used in the fake notes and materials used in the genuine notes even fake notes are made by specialists with high end infrastructures of generating the fake notes in bulk with other states supports. This is because every security features if examine in details has large number of their own independent technical specifications.

High Scanning Speed of sorters kills the accuracy of authenticity as with high speed large number of check points are skipped without any check of their respective authenticity, while absolutely depending upon apparent images only.

Evidently there has been large many instances happening, where in, although notes are said to checked through sorting machines, at the end have been turn out as fake consequently.

Consequently, Accurate Currency Notes Authenticity check process, through most effective and

Compatible- to-job Machines, has been an urgent need of time for our Banking Industry for

Installation at Bank branches, ATM centers, currency chests etc. in order to ensure that fake notes

do not infiltrate in banking channel

In case country’s Economy has to be protected properly against any superior level of forgery and against economy wars wage by other countries , the sorting machines are to be replaced by mini forensic lab type currency authenticators at all bank desks.

Concerned persons of all Banks should visit a web site for genuinely following the guidelines of RBI. The concept is very sincerely explained in the web details

- kirit Vora, Mumbai | 06 th October 2011 10:09


I have seen many Times in Delhi buses . some People pay 100 .just they take 50 rupees from passengers i.e People pay double . for your currency .

that means they are selling fake currency . i was not sure that time . Police need investigate it . this was happened near Nariana Delhi in 2008 . in Blue Line bus .

- raj, Delhi | 27 th March 2011 14:21


Have your ever check, from where the fake dollars came from, when one politician was caught red handed in one of the casino.

Don't blame overseas countries, blame our own politicians and government official.

- Marwin FF, Salcette | 05 th November 2010 18:45


How can a hapless, non-expert in fake currency, receiver of such cash, be held accountable, when even experts fail to detect a fake note embodied with all printed features except a couple of them ?

Even UV machines would fail to see such perfected crime. It was said earlier that note paper is produced in Germany and allotted to only independent States in the world, with the suspicion that the notes may have come from Nepal, which is a neighbour dependent on India.

It could be an act of war or terror against another State by the perpetrator whoever it might be. It has to be taken up with the leading countries of the world and our intelligence agencies and the police should be trained with the latest technology to track down the perpetrators.

- Ludovico, Old-Goa | 05 th November 2010 17:37


But unfortunately the same criminals repeatedly win the elections and sit on the throne to loot the public. Unless the religious institutions like temples and church come out openly against those criminals and tell the voters not to vote for the same corrupt and criminals- they would continue to plunder the common man and make Goa the hub for drugs, liquor, gambling, prostitution and supari murders!

The messengers of the God should not associate with or go with the devils!

- james silva, margao | 05 th November 2010 16:01


These notes are circulated more often through mostly those operating nefarious,illegal business and with those supporting illegal activities and its trades.

the first place is the widly and openly operating matka business in goa,illegal pertol pumps,hawala,Money lauderers,Fish Mongers, casinos, gambling dens and haftas.

I bet the cops from margao don't move with uv machines while collecting haftas from matka bookies ask kambli especially the constable pimp of sidhant shirodkar both are are partners in crime.well? Sidhant has to perhaps recover his Rs 20,lakhs bribe given to a minister to get his stars upgraded and to liveoff the illegal trade which is the main core activity of the home minister known as the 'Father of Dark Angels of Goa' The sponsor of all illegal and shady deals of Goa.

The Economic Offence wing should raid the home minister's residence and all their relations who are connected to him in some way or the other,If Drugs could go missing from custody of the police and sold in the markets,Counterfeits are also distributed throught drug trade which is pedalled throught pakistan,bangladesh and nepal.The dark angels are responsible for both the trades in goa..

Goans! watch out.Check your home minister who is the master of the Game and all those comments quoted as' politically motivated' when ever they are pulled up for seems to be the easiest phrase to escape their name as ridicule?

- massimo, emqon | 05 th November 2010 11:28


The common man pays tax to the Government and it is expected of the Government machinery to take care of the life and property of the common man. Corruption and crimes are on increase may be because the present system of detecting the crimes and awarding speedy punishment to the criminals has proved inadequate. It is the duty of the law enforcing agencies and the juduciary to prevent such infiltration of fake currency notes in the Indian economy.Just blaming the Pakistan/China will not solve the problem. The concerned agencies have to take all necessary steps to curb this anti national activity of the criminals. What can the helpless common man do?

The Hon. MPs need to look into this serious issue- affecting the common man and attract the attention at the highest level- to punish these criminals who want to play with the economy of the country!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 05 th November 2010 09:04


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